PS-W won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Marizanne Kapp
That is all that was written for this contest then with another triple-header coming to a close in WBBL 07. The next set of games are set to be played on Tuesday after a day's break as the competition heats up in the tournament. It was a pleasure bringing the coverage of this game to you today and we hope you enjoyed it just as much. Thank you so much for tuning in to Sportskeeda and do make sure you keep yourselves updated with all the other cricketing news and action from across the globe, including the double-header at the ICC Men's T20 World Cup later today. For now though, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha signing off and humbly reminding you to mask up and get yourselves vaccinated in case you haven't already. Bye-bye, take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
It was a game that had the Perth Scorchers written all over it. And haven't they treated their home faithful at the iconic WACA Ground to a delightful performance!

Chasing a modest 97, skipper Sophie Devine was up and running in a hurry and with Beth Mooney for company, the Scorchers were keen on wrapping this up quickly. However, a fiery spell from Tayla Vlaeminck saw both openers dismissed with Devine in particular getting an unplayable outswinger that nobody would have had an answer to. The runs kept coming at a brisk pace though with Chamari Athapaththu looking in sublime touch. That was until Vlaeminck trapped her plumb in front with a full in-swinger from around the wicket.

It was always going to be a far cry though for the Hurricanes even as they tightened the screws on the scoring rate. Heather Graham and Chloe Piparo knocked the ball around and reduced the deficit to a good extent before a horrible mix-up in between saw the former fall short of her crease. 

Piparo too departed soon after but Marizanne Kapp came out and finished the game with a couple of handsome blows to finish the contest with plenty of time to spare. This, after it was her opening spell in the Powerplay that blew the Hurricanes away to smithereens, shutting the door on them to a point of no return.

What a spell it was though from Tayla Vlaeminck as she ran through the Scorchers top-order with pace and movement. She may have well sent down the ball of the competition as well with that out-swinger that left Sophie Devine completely flummoxed. Molly Strano was the only other wicket-taker for the Hurricanes who are now staring down the abyss with their qualification chances taking a massive dent. The Scorchers continue to surge ahead with 11 points from 9 games, taking them to third in the points table.
It was Marizanne Kapp who orchestrated this dominance from the Scorchers with her four-wicket burst with the ball, and poetically, she finishes it off with a powerful stroke down the ground. Perth Scorchers pull one back over the Hobart Hurricanes - they win by 5 wickets with 27 deliveries to spare!
15.3 Ruth Johnston to Marizanne Kapp, FOUR! FITTINGLY, IT IS KAPP WHO FINISHES IT IN STYLE! Tossed up full at the stumps, Kapp sits low and launches it straight over the bowler's head and doesn't even bother to run as the ball blitzes its way down the ground and to the boundary. What a thumping victory this has been for the Scorchers - they beat the Hurricanes by 5 wickets with 27 deliveries to spare!
15.2 Ruth Johnston to Marizanne Kapp, flighted back of a length delivery just outside off, Kapp makes room and scythes it again but this time it goes straight to backward point.
15.1 Ruth Johnston to Marizanne Kapp, FOUR! TOP SHOT! Flighted into a back of a length radar outside off, Kapp rocks back and scythes it firmly into the gap along the point region as the ball races to the ropes.
Another wicket falls but again, it is only a matter of time before the Scorchers wrap up this contest. Just one big hit away now!
91 /5 score
cricket bat icon Marizanne Kapp
10 (12)
cricket bat icon Mathilda Carmichael *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Molly Strano
1 /25
14.6 Molly Strano to Mathilda Carmichael, tossed up full outside off, Carmichael gets forward and pushes it straight to cover.
14.5 Molly Strano to Chloe Piparo, OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! Tossed up into a length around off, Piparo steps down the track and pumps it straight into the hands of the bowler who pouches a sharp one to her left. Too little, too late but the Hurricanes are delaying the inevitable at the WACA.

Chloe Piparo c & b Strano 29 (33b, 3x4, 0x6)
14.4 Molly Strano to Marizanne Kapp, flighted into a full length outside off, Kapp sits low and shanks it high over mid-off before the fielder pouches it in the deep. It doesn't count though as the batters cross over.
14.4 Molly Strano to Marizanne Kapp, NO BALL! Flights it very full outside off, Kapp jams it out towards the bowler who has overstepped! Dear me - free hit loading!
14.3 Molly Strano to Marizanne Kapp, FOUR MORE! EASY PICKINGS! A touch short and speared into the leg-stump, Kapp sits on one knee and helps it around the corner through the vacant fine leg region as the ball races to the boundary.
14.2 Molly Strano to Marizanne Kapp, FOUR! WHIPPAGE! Flighted full around off and Kapp steps down the track and whips it off her wrists over mid-wicket as the ball races through the outfield to the fence.
14.1 Molly Strano to Chloe Piparo, tossed up full at the stumps, Piparo steps down the pitch and works it through mid-on and into the deep for one.
Just the formalities remain, one would imagine. The Scorchers would have loved to have finished this by now though given the boost it could have given to their net run-rate.
80 /4 score
cricket bat icon Chloe Piparo *
28 (31)
cricket bat icon Marizanne Kapp
1 (8)
cricket ball icon Nicola Carey
0 /16
13.6 Nicola Carey to Chloe Piparo, fuller this time at the stumps, Piparo comes forward to turn it with a closed bat face through mid-wicket for a single.