Indian Cricket Club 133/5 (10 ov)
United Cricket Club 133/3 (10 ov)
Match Drawn
Right then, that brings an end to our coverage of this ECS match. Switch tabs and join us for the third match of the tournament and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries and the latest news. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off. Stay safe!
United Cricket Club win the match on the Golden Ball!

What a contest we have witnessed today! The game kept tilting in both the teams' favours but none of them could capitalise on it. In the end, it was upto the Golden Ball to decide the outcome of the match. United Cricket Club got off to a flier courtesy of skipper Ramesh Satheesan and Moiz Muhammad. Their score stood at 60/0 at the end of 3 overs just when Sami Ullah came into the attack and turned the game on its head, picking up two wickers in quick succession, sending Muhammad back for 27(10) and Imran Haider back for a duck.

The game was slowly slipping away from UCC's grip but skipper Satheesan kept going. Just when things looked completely in favour of the ICCB, Shantanu Vashisht showed his class and smacked 22(17). However, with a solitary run required off the last delivery, he could not connect and was stumped off the last delivery to take the match to the golden ball. The skipper held his nerve and tapped one to long on and the fielder at the sticks could not collect a decent throw from the boundary, allowing the batsmen to scamper across for a couple of runs. Sami Ullah was the only bowler who performed well, finishing with figures of 2-12 from his two overs. The other bowler's figures were nothing to write home about. 
GOLDEN BALL Sukhbinder Singh to Ramesh Satheesan, tossed up, full delivery, Ramesh comes down the track and drills this one straight to Rajesh at the non-strikers end and ball lobs up and goes across to the mid wicket region and they scamper a single, there was no way they should've given a second as the fielder at the non striker's stumps fumbles to collect and makes a mess of it as Rajesh comes back for the easy second to SEAL THE WIN for UCC! They are ecstatic, WHAT A GAME OF CRICKET we've witnessed!
GOLDEN BALL! After 20 overs of topsy-turvy cricket, there is nothing that separates the two teams. All right then, the rules are simple: 1 ball, a minimum of 2 runs to get!
9.6 Sukhbinder Singh to Shantanu Vashisht, OUT! ANTI-CLIMAX in the end for UCC! Short delivery, fired it in and Shantanu comes down the track to cut that one hard and misses and keeper whips the bails off in a flash! Shantanu is gone and the MATCH IS TIED! WHAT AN END! GOLDEN BALL COMING UP! 
9.5 Sukhbinder Singh to Shantanu Vashisht, full on the off stump, Shantanu looked to gently dab it on the off stump and he doesn't clear the fielder! DOT BALL! 1 run required off the final delivery!
9.4 Sukhbinder Singh to Ramesh Satheesan, short delivery this time, Ramesh comes down the track once again and hits straight back past the bowler, single taken. SCORES ARE LEVEL!
9.3 Sukhbinder Singh to Ramesh Satheesan, SIX! WHAT A HIT from Ramesh! Comes down the track and CLOBBERS this one straight down the ground to long off boundary for a maximum! Just 1 needed!
9.2 Sukhbinder Singh to Shantanu Vashisht, tossed up, Shantanu comes down the track and punches it down the ground and just a single.
United Cricket Club are 124/2 at the end of 9 overs, needing another 10 runs from the final over.

Shantanu Vashisht delivers under pressure and moves on to 21(14) while the skipper's score stands at 74(29). This match promises to go down to the very last ball!
United Cricket Club are 110/2 at the end of 8 overs, needing another 24 runs from 2 overs.

Sukhbinder Singh comes into the attack but connate constrict the batsmen and ends up giving 13 runs off it. Some big fireworks from the well-set skipper Ramesh and UCC stand a good chance of winning this contest form here on.
7.6 Sukhbinder Singh to Ramesh Satheesan, SIX! Tossed up on the good length, Ramesh on the front foot SMOKED it over long off fielder who jumps to stop that one and doesn't get hold of that and that sails over the boundary for a maximum!
7.5 Sukhbinder Singh to Shantanu Vashisht, tossed up nicely agaain, Shantanu pushes this one on the off side for a single again.
7.4 Sukhbinder Singh to Ramesh Satheesan, tossed up on the middle and leg, Ramesh drills this straight to the long off fielder for a single.
7.3 Sukhbinder Singh to Ramesh Satheesan, FOUR! Tossed up, it was full on the leg stump, Ramesh flicks this one hard and that goes straight to the long leg fielder who makes a mess of this one, goes to the boundary.
7.2 Sukhbinder Singh to Shantanu Vashisht, tossed up, it was short, Shantanu dances down the track to hit it big but gets a bottom edge, runs to the mid wicket, just a single in the end.
7.1 Sukhbinder Singh to Shantanu Vashisht, short and it was flatter delivery as well, Shantanu rocks back to cut it and misses. DOT BALL!
United Cricket Club are 97/2 at the end of 7 overs, needing another 37 runs from 3 overs.

A decent over by Bevinje as his clever variations do not allow the batsmen to score runs at will. A couple of boundaries off the outside edge in that over as 13 runs are conceded off it.
6.6 Adbul Bevinje to Ramesh Satheesan, FOUR! MUCH NEEDED BOUNDARY! Full delivery, Ramesh looked club it on the long on region and gets a good edge, flies away from the keeper and races to the third man region for a boundary!
6.5 Adbul Bevinje to Shantanu Vashisht, lower full toss on the 4th stump line, Shantanu looked to hit that one on the off side, gets a bottom edge which runs to the mid wicket region, just a single.
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