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Jaffna Stallions 150/10 (20 ov)
Kandy Tuskers 151/4 (19.1 ov)
Tuskers won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Asela Gunaratne
So that brings us to the end of this terrific game of cricket, but we have another one coming up for the night from the Lanka Premier League 2020. Do stay tuned to catch all the action from that game and more live cricket updates from all across the globe as well! This is Rishab, along with my partner, Prashanth Satish, taking your leave. Have a great time! 
151 wouldn't have seemed to be a tough chase at the half-way mark! But this game went right down the wire! The Tuskers eventually getting home with Gunaratne finishing it off in style. A much-needed win for the Tuskers. They need to win every game to make the playoffs and this win against the table toppers will give them lots of confidence going ahead. 

It almost looked like the Tuskers wouldn't make it after losing the wicket of Perera! But credits to Gunaratne and Irfan to pull out a brilliant partnership under pressure and scampering their team home. They were in real trouble losing wickets and the runs weren't coming as well in the middle! The Stallions gave away quite a few wides that proved to be costly for them. They've now lost two of their last three games. Even though they've qualified they have some thinking to do if they'd like to finish in the top two at the end. 

The Tuskers did well with the ball to restrict the Stallions first and then got home in the last over! What matters most for them is those two crucial points! They will take positives from the bowling and the way Gunaratne and Ifran finished this game under pressure! 

A terrific game of cricket in the end! That went right down the wire. The Tuskers more desperately needed this win and they'll be happy with it. 
  Kandy Tuskers have won this game by 6 wickets! Gunaratne and Ifran getting a match-winning partnership under such tremendous pressure! Gunaratne getting to an unbeaten fifty! Finishing in style! The Tuskers badly needed this win and they stay alive in the race to make the playoffs
Kandy Tuskers win by 6 wickets
There were some issues with the stream towards the end and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. 
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 5 1 1 0 4 Bowler: Usman Shinwari Score: 145/4
18.6 Usman Shinwari to Irfan Pathan, FOUR! Pathan finishes with a boundary and takes the Tuskers side closer to a victory.
Olivier bowled really well in the previous over and Shinwari keeping it quiet tight too. A controversial moment in the game! Did Gunaratne get his bat in the way intentionally? Well that doesn't matter, it's five crucial runs and probably the game for the Tuskers. Pathan has played a brilliant innings as well supporting Gunaratne under pressure. It's 6 off 6 now
18.5 Usman Shinwari to Irfan Pathan, dot ball, BOUNCER and Pathan is unhappy that's not called a wide
18.4 Usman Shinwari to Asela Gunaratne, single, that will bring Pathan back on strike
18.3 Usman Shinwari to Irfan Pathan, slower ball on a length and Pathan lobs this one over the bowler's head and picks a single to the long-on fielder.
18.2 Usman Shinwari to Asela Gunaratne, YORKER! Terrific delivery in the blockhole and Gunratne digs that one out somehow and Hasaranga who throws that one towards the bowlers end and it gets the blade of the batsman on the way and races away to the boundary. Absolute drama here at Hambantota. 

The decision of adding the five runs has been sent upstairs to check for obstructing the field and it's given not out. FIVE to the total.
18.1 Usman Shinwari to Asela Gunaratne, full-length right in the blockhole and it wraps the batsman on the pads. They can't get a run, that ball was inch-perfect.
Shinwari to bowl the penultimate over 
Olivier was poor there and got hit for a boundary. Much needed for the Tuskers that. Gunaratne is playing a good one under pressure here. But Olivier has finished well and a brilliant over under pressure this. It's 17 off 12 now. The Tuskers should fancy themselves to get this from here! 
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 4 0 0 1 0 Bowler: Duanne Olivier Score: 134/4
17.6 Duanne Olivier to Irfan Pathan, BOUNCER! Excellent delivery and it beats the batsman for pace as Pathan is late onto that one as it goes into the keeper's hands.
17.5 Duanne Olivier to Asela Gunaratne, slower once again just outside the off-stump and it's played to the fielder at third man for a single.
17.4 Duanne Olivier to Asela Gunaratne, slower one again and Gunaratne can only defend that straight into the ground. Back to back dots!
17.3 Duanne Olivier to Asela Gunaratne, slower ball, well bowled as it holds it's line just outside the off-stump and beats the batsman
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