Janjua Brescia Cricket Club won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Zahid Ali
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What a finish to the game, thriller it turned out to be in the end. Waseem Ahmad holds his cool and then finishes the game with a maximum and Janjua Brescia comes back to snatch the victory out of the jaws of defeat right at the end.

Ghulam Farid wasn't the hero Jinnah Brescia were looking for and gave away 15 runs in that final over and with a delivery to spare Janjua Brescia comes back to win this from nowhere.

Zahid Ali set the tone for the chase with some lusty blows in the powerplay, he ensured he threw his bat at anything wide and full and kept sending those in the gaps for boundaries.

Naeem Ahmad just couldn't get going on the other end as Zahid Ali perishes after the powerplay. Nasir Ramzan gets together with Naeem and get their team half-way mark to 60+ but they both make their way back as Rukhsar Ahmed, the skipper bowled terrifically well to get Jinnah Brescia back in the game.

Right then Janjua lost their plot for a while, until the 10th overs they failed to score a single boundary and Jinnah Brescia were right back in the game.

With over 15 runs to defend Ghulam Farid comes into the attack on the final over but Waseem Ahmad clobbers him for a maximum to finish things in style and in the end Janjua get over the line just in time.

Not to forget impressive spells from Muhammad Imran and Rukhsar Ahmed who brought their team into the game out of nowhere with brilliant lines and lengths at the end but Ghulam Farid just couldn't hold the nerve.
Waseem you beauty, finishes the game with another delivery to go in style and Ghulam Farid crumbled under pressure in the final over and fails to defend 15 runs and he's distraught. Janjua Brescia win the game by 7 wickets in the end!
9.5 Ghulam Farid to Waseem Ahmad, SIX! What a finish, jeez ice cool stuff. Full and outside the off-stump, Waseem pumps this one away over deep extra covers for a maximum and ends the game
9.4 Ghulam Farid to Waseem Ahmad, slower one, full and outside the off-stump and Waseem tries to heave this one away over the leg side but fails to connect
9.4 Ghulam Farid to Waseem Ahmad, WIDE! Oh, harsh call as it just goes past the stumps but the rules are tight and such is the margins
9.3 Ghulam Farid to Waseem Ahmad, full-length ball outside the off-stump, Waseem drives it hard down to the long-off fielder for a couple this time
9.3 Ghulam Farid to Waseem Ahmad, WIDE! Slips down the leg side this time and there is a lot of confusion in the middle. They try to scamper through for a bye and ends up getting an over throw as well
9.2 Ghulam Farid to Waseem Ahmad, FOUR! Full and down the leg side this time, Waseem takes a step across to get inside the line and helps this one away past short fine-leg for a boundary. Need 10 runs off 4 balls!
9.1 Ghulam Farid to Suleman Ali, slower one, full and outside the off-stump and the batsman misses out on the heave. The ball is fumbled by the keeper as they scamper through for a bye
Ghulam Farid to bowl the final over, can he get his team over the line with another tidy over?
Jinnah Brescia are right back in the game with some tidy overs at the end which means Janjua suddenly are looking to climb the mountain in the final over. No boundaries scored in the last three overs and that means Janjua will definitely need to connect something out of the willow.

The game has turned on it's head and Janjua with wickets in hand need far too many.

Janjua Brescia need 15 runs in 6 balls.
Over: 9 | Summary: 2 2 0 2 1 1 Bowler: Faheem Nazir Score: 81/3
8.6 Faheem Nazir to Suleman Ali, full length delivery on off-stump, Ali punches this one hard and fast down the ground but straight to the fielder as they take a single
8.5 Faheem Nazir to Waseem Ahmad, length ball on off-stump, Waseem is early into the pull as it takes the bottom of the bat and ends up on the off side as they take a single
8.4 Faheem Nazir to Waseem Ahmad, slower one, full and outside the off-stump and Waseem waits for this and chips this one over the infield for another couple
8.3 Faheem Nazir to Waseem Ahmad, short of a length this time, Waseem tries to pull again but the direction of this one is good and he failed to make any contact
8.2 Faheem Nazir to Waseem Ahmad, short of a good-length on stump line, takes the top edge on the pull and goes over the keeper's head and once again they are able to run two comfortably.
8.1 Faheem Nazir to Waseem Ahmad, full and straight, Waseem sends this one down to long-on and they run hard to get two off the first ball.
Faheem Nazir to bowl the penultimate over and he has to be on the dot to give themselves a chance in the final over.
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