178/6 (20)
182/2 (19.1)
JSK won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Faf du Plessis
That brings us to the end of our coverage of the SA20 for today! We've witnessed a truly wonderful game today, and we are hopeful that the competition continues to provide us with more of the same in the coming days! Join us tomorrow for plenty of white-ball cricketing action. This is Rajarshi, signing off on behalf of myself and Arya. Good night, see you tomorrow!
Faf du Plessis (Joburg Super Kings skipper and Player of the Match): Yeah, it was important for me to convert those scores. I try and get some hundreds on the belt and it feels good when it comes off like this. It was a nice wicket, a little bit sticky but a typical Wanderers wicket. Yeah, it was tricky, the ball was swinging, Reece Topley bowled very well, and Keshav got the ball to stick. We were behind the eight ball, I was trying to say to Reeza just give me the strike. It is all about partnerships. We knew that the back end will be a little bit easier. Generally, when you are a little early, I encouraged him to play a little late and that worked. It’s unbelievable. It’s so good to be playing cricket in South Africa. Almost every day is a full house, the people looking from the outside will call it a great tournament. The Bullring is on fire.
Faf du Plessis (who else?) is the Player of The Match
Quinton de Kock (Durban Super Giants skipper): Yeah, Faf was outstanding today. We had a chance upfront but all his knowledge and experience was on display today. We didn’t take early wickets, even if we had got a few wickets later it could have made a difference. It has been tough, the guys came out and showed hard and that is all I can ask for. It will be unbelievable if that happens.
Time for the post-match presentation ceremony with Mark Nicholas. 
Match summary:
Joburg Super Kings won the toss and opted to bowl

Durban Super Giants 1st innings 178/6 (20 Overs)
Heinrich Klaasen 65(48) | Gerald Coetzee 3/21 (3)

Joburg Super Kings 2nd innings 182/2 (19.1 Overs)
Faf du Plessis 113*(58) | Wiaan Mulder 1/8 (1)

Joburg Super Kings win by 8 wickets with 5 balls to spare

The run-chase was about one and only one man! Faf du Plessis was due for a big, big knock in this tournament, and he shows up with the bat right at the time when his team needed a kick-on to get close to a semi-finals spot! The South African veteran lights the SA20 up with the first hundred of the tournament and bosses the run-chase! The wicket didn't seem like the easiest to bat on, which was evident with the manner in which several of the batters struggled to get the timing right throughout the game. Reeza Hendricks, in particular, was having a really hard time to score runs, but the calming assurance of his skipper at the other end made everything right!

The Durban Super Giants bowlers started off their quest to defend a total of 178 in the perfect fashion. The first three overs went for just 8 runs as Kyle Mayers, Keshav Maharaj and Reece Topley kept the lid on the JSK openers. While du Plessis broke the shackles and took Holder for a 16-run over at the end of the powerplay, the flow of runs were mostly stemmed by DSG. Quinton de Kock rotated his bowlers frequently, and while Reeza Hendricks was unable to get their timing right, du Plessis managed to find the boundary on occasions and keep them in the hunt.

The tide turned massively when du Plessis targeted Hardus Viljoen's full-length deliveries in the 15th over. That was a major momentum-shifter for the home side, and the crowd at the Wanderers finally found their voice. They screamed in awe and sheer happiness upon seeing the captain of their side get to a memorable hundred and celebrate it like it was his first. Reeza Hendricks, having struggled for most of the night, finally managed to time a few to the fence, but just as he was starting to look good, he departed. But that wasn't a problem for JSK anymore, as du Plessis, completely in the zone by then, calmly steered his team to victory, sealing it with a six over cover, fittingly, off his brother-in-law, Viljoen.
Francois du Plessis, you absolute champion! That is a knock for the ages! He took the chase by the scruff of the neck midway through the innings, and despite Hendricks struggling at the other end, never made the home crowd feel that they were out of it at any stage! What a knock, surely the best one in this competition!
19.1 Hardus Viljoen, SIX! That has been deposited well over the deep cover fence for a maximum. A full one a shade outside off, Faf in his trademark style goes over covers and comfortably clears the fence. What a knock this has been. 
The match goes into the last over with 3 needed off it for the Joburg Super Kings to seal the deal. It wasn't the worst of penultimate overs from Mulder, though, who just bowled his first over of the night.
176 /2 score
cricket bat icon Leus du Plooy *
6 (3)
cricket bat icon Faf du Plessis
107 (57)
cricket ball icon Wiaan Mulder
1 /8
18.6 Wiaan Mulder to Leus du Plooy, that was a slower short of a length delivery outside off, Du Plooy is happy to let that go through to the keeper. 
18.5 Wiaan Mulder to Leus du Plooy, nudges away the length delivery on middle towards the square leg region, in the vacant spots and has enough time to return for a brace. 
18.4 Wiaan Mulder to Leus du Plooy, FOUR! That is beautifully played by Du Plooy. On a length a tad outside off, a check drive there, a high right elbow and finds the gap past the mid-off fielder. It gathers pace and the fielder has no chance in the end. 
Leus du Plooy, LHB, comes to the crease
18.3 Wiaan Mulder to Donavon Ferreira, WICKET! Donavon Ferreira has to depart, he was trying to end the game with two strikes but doesn't manage to execute his plan. Mulder sticks to his plans and manages to keep the Supergiants afloat. On a length well wide outside off, Ferreira throws the kitchen sink at that only to get a thick outside edge which has been safely taken by Quinton de Kock behind the stumps. 
18.2 Wiaan Mulder to Donavon Ferreira, Ferreira goes for the ramp over the fine leg fielder but doesn't make contact. Was a length delivery and it was quite close to the off stump. 
18.1 Wiaan Mulder to Faf du Plessis, a wide yorker outside off, Faf swings across the line and ends up getting an inside edge towards the short fine leg region for a single. 
18.1 Wiaan Mulder to Faf du Plessis, Mulder misses his radar, full and wide well outside off, missing the tramline by comfortably and he has to reload that. Just landed inside the cut strip. 
Wiaan Mulder, right-arm medium-fast, comes into the attack
Tremendous, absolutely tremendous stuff from the JSK skipper! He was due for a big one, and he stepped up in a crucial juncture of the tournament for his team! That has to be the best knock of the SA20 thus far! Du Plessis' brilliance has brought the equation down to under a run-a-ball, surely they'll end it in this over?