Joves Units CC 109/8 (10 ov)
Hira CC Sabadell 108/7 (10 ov)
Joves Units CC won by 1 runs.
So, that is it from me, Karthik Raj and my co-commentator, Sameer. Join us for the forthcoming matches in this ECS Barcelona tournament for some more exciting cricket.
What a game of cricket!!!! Joves Units CC have sealed a victory by a mere one-run. The keeper held his nerve to throw down the stumps even as the Hira CC Sabadell batsmen looked to steal a bye. It should have never come to this situation as Anwar Ul Haq and Bakhtair Khalid got HCCS off to a 58-run opening partnership. However, even after that Bakhtair Khalid's sensational hitting meant that HCCS were the favourites to win the match until he ran himself out in curious circumstances. Out of nowhere, Mohamamd Ur Rehman bowled a brilliant penultimate over by giving away just five runs while having taken two wickets. HCCS required 15 off the last six balls and Mubashar Irshad brought the equation down to seven runs off four balls. However, the JUCC skipper Babar Basharat came back strongly and bowled Irshad off the very next delivery. After getting a single off the fourth delivery, Harjot came on strike and scored a pivotal boundary. Only two runs were required off the final ball but Harjot missed it and tried to steal a bye. The keeper, Abdul Rehman was alert and helped his team reign supreme by one run. 
9.6 Babar Basharat to Harjot Singh, OUT! Misses the full delivery outside off and the keeper nails the throw at the striker's end! Joves Units CC win by 1 run!
9.5 Babar Basharat to Harjot Singh, FOUR! Full delivery well outside off races to deep backward point off the bottom edge on the slap
9.4 Babar Basharat to Sharanjit Singh, drives the full delivery on middle stump to long-on but gets only a single for it
9.3 Babar Basharat to Mubashar Irshad, OUT! Attempts a cross-batted heave on the full delivery on his stumps and loses the woodwork
9.2 Babar Basharat to Mubashar Irshad, SIX! Full delivery on middle stump dispatched over long-on for a much-needed six!
9.1 Babar Basharat to Mubashar Irshad, misses the heave on a full delivery outside off and the keeper lets it go through for a couple of byes
Whoa! A drop catch off the last ball. Will that cost Joves Units eventually! Harjot took a second run after that reprieve. HCCS: 95/5 off nine overs. They require 15 off six balls.
8.6 Mohammad Ur Rehman to Harjot Singh, lobs the length ball to long-off and gets back quickly for the second
8.5 Mohammad Ur Rehman to Mubashar Irshad, gets an inside edge on the slog to short fine leg for a single
Two wickets in three balls!
A yorker from Mohammad Ur Rehman and Adnan Abbas couldn't get bat on ball. HCCS are five down now.
8.4 Mohammad Ur Rehman to Adnan Abbas, OUT! Rehman nailed the yorker and Abbas slogs himself out of balance but gets nowhere near the ball!
8.3 Mohammad Ur Rehman to Harjot Singh, pushes the full delivery on off-stump to mid-off and takes the single
Manan Ayub is gone now!
Manan looked to heave the ball over the leg-side but Shahid Nazir takes a comfortable catch at square-leg. Suddenly, Hira CC are losing the way here.
8.2 Mohammad Ur Rehman to Manan Ayub, OUT! Heaves the full delivery on his pads to the man at deep square leg and the fielder makes no mistake!
8.1 Mohammad Ur Rehman to Harjot Singh, drives the full delivery over the bowler's head for a single
A twist in the tale for JUCC. Bakhtair Khalid ran haywire and the keeper run him out. He had already scored 20 runs off the over but JUCC might have a way into this match. HCCS: 90/3 off eight overs. They require 20 off 12 balls.
7.6 Ali Raza to Bakhtair Khalid, OUT! Dances down again and misses the slog. He tried to steal a single and Harjot refused. The keeper hit the stumps and Khalid has to walk back!
7.6 Ali Raza to Bakhtair Khalid, the bowler is clearly under pressure as he drifts outside the tram line outside off
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