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Malmohus Cricket Club 134/7 (10 ov)
Karlskrona Cricket Club 70/9 (8.3 ov)
Malmohus Cricket Club won by 64 runs.
The Malmohus Cricket Club manages to win this game easily and stay undefeated in the tournament!!!

The Malmohus Cricket Club bowlers manage to win this game by a huge margin of 64 runs. The Karlskrona Cricket Club had a good start having lost 2 wickets early into the chase and had scored 48 runs in the first 4 overs but after that in the 6th overs, the match shifted back towards Malmohus Cricket Club as Ashish Rajput manages to get 3 wickets in that over and creates a turning point in this match and gives the knockout blow to the Karlskrona Cricket Club. The Malmohus Cricket Club though extended the game bowling a lot of wides but manage to seal the deal in the end.

The top bowlers for Malmohus Cricket Club were Ashish Rajput and Shahbaz Hussain who took 3 wickets each and followed by Usman Dafi and Dheeraj Malhotra who took 1 wicket each!!
For Karlskrona Cricket Club with the bat, only Sanjeev Sharma manages to get off to a start and scored 31 runs in 15 balls he faced.

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the match between the Malmohus Cricket Club and the Karlskrona Cricket Club. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
And that was the last off KCC batters as their no. 11 is not going to come on to bat due to an injury faced while fielding and thus KCC perish at 70/9.
8.3 A. Rajput to V. Gudipati, OUT! Tapped to square leg and Duggal is run-out at the striker's end!
8.3 A. Rajput to V. Gudipati, Another wide outside off and the wide continues all they need to bowl in the line a simple ball!!!
8.3 A. Rajput to V. Gudipati, wide delivery outside off. Too many wides by MCC here totally unnecessary !!
8.2 A. Rajput to V. Gudipati, Length delivery on off-stump tapped to covers
8.1 A. Rajput to V. Gudipati, Full toss tapped to point.
At the end of the 8th over KCC is 68/8. The KCC now need 67 runs in 12 balls at 33.5 RPO. KCC tail-enders now just fending off the balls now to try and keep away from getting all out!!
7.6 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, Full delivery on middle stump pushed to covers
7.5 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, Full delivery on the stumps pushed back to the bowler
7.4 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, This time it was on the pads and Duggal missed the awkward sweep
7.4 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, Another wide. Poor poor stuff indeed as the bowler really has no pressure here!!!
7.4 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, Similar delivery
7.4 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, wide ball outside off, unnecessary. MCC definitely doesn't need these at the moment as it is just extending the game!!
7.3 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, Similar delivery left alone outside off!!!
7.2 N. Madhavan to B. Duggal, Short delivery outside off turning away from the batsman and Duggal misses the cut
7.1 N. Madhavan to V. Gudipati, Short ball outside off punched to deep covers for an easy single!!!
At the end of the 7th over KCC is 64/8. They now need 71 runs in 18 balls at 23.66 RPO. KCC loses another wicket at the last ball of the over and are now on the verge of defeat!!!
6.6 S. Hussain to D. Appaji, OUT! Full delivery missed by Appaji right in front of the stumps and is given out LBW!
6.5 S. Hussain to D. Appaji, Full ball outside off cross-batted to long-on and a good effort by the fielder allows only two!
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