Minhaj CC 154/3 (10 ov)
Kharian 81/10 (9.2 ov)
Minhaj CC won by 73 runs.
Player of the match: Asjad Butt
That was it from this game folks! Thank you for joining us for the coverage. You must switch tabs for the live action between Bangladesh Kings and Skyways which starts in 8 minutes. Till then, you can read the preview of that match. I, Vasudev and my friend Sooryanarayanan sign off! 
So Minhaj are just one more win away from the top spot on the table. In this match, they might have bowled out Kharian on 81 but their bowling was not that impressive. Jahanzhaib Asghar knew it and utilized that to prove his team management that he can bat up the order. Minhaj bowled even more extras than Kharian. Kharian gave away 21 runs in their 10 overs whereas Minhaj gave away 23 runs. They really need to work on that, not everytime will their batsmen score more than 150 runs.
Done and dusted. Did not think that Kharian will be bowled out. An excellent show of cricket by Minhaj CC. They set their platform while batting first. Hit humongous sixes and reached a huge total of 154. They lost just 3 wickets in the course of play. While casing, Kharian lost 2 wickets in the first 3 balls itself but then managed to score 22 runs in that over. Amar Shahzad was the bowler. who got 2 wickets but gave away 22 runs and hence did not come back to complete his spell. Jahanzhaib Asghar was the highest scorer for Kharian, having scored 29 runs off just 18 balls. Qaiser Zulfiqar scored 14 runs and apart from them no one even reached double digits. In the bowling department of Minhaj CC, Amar Shahzad, Yasin Javaid and Yasar Hussain got 2 wickets each. Khalid Mehood and Uneeb Shah got a wicket each as well. Asjad Butt the star batsmen for Minhaj also bowled 2 overs but did not get any wicket. Khalid Mehmood was the most economical bowler giving away just 6 runs in his two overs. Yasar Hussain bowled just 2 balls, got wickets on both of them, but bowled a couple of wides as well.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1w W 1w W Bowler: Yasar Hussain Score: 0/0
9.2 Yasar Hussain to Danish Abdullah, OUT! BOWLED HIM! ALL OVER FOR KHARIAN! A harmonic progression in the final over as yet again a wide is followed by one on a length at the off-stump, Danish, much like Asghar did a couple of deliveries ago, heaves into the leg-side but makes no connection. The ball crashes into the stumps to give Minhaj CC a comprehensive 73-run victory!
9.2 Yasar Hussain to Danish Abdullah, WIDE! Way too wide outside the leg-stump as Abdullah sways out of it
9.1 Yasar Hussain to J Asghar, OUT! BOWLED HIM! Slower one on a length at the off-stump, Asghar aims for the mid-wicket fence but misses on connecting with the ball as the ball crashes into his stumps! Nearly over now for Kharian!
9.1 Yasar Hussain to J Asghar, wide! Yasar too, starts with a poor one down leg and the batsman sways away
Excellent yorker by Muhammad Uneeb on the last ball of his over. Left Mirza Baig stunned.76 needed off 1 over haha.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 W 4 1 W Bowler: Muhammad Uneeb Shah Score: 79/8
8.6 Muhammad Uneeb Shah to Mirza Baig, OUT! Last rites here at Barcelona! This was full and aimed at the off-stump! The batsman swung and missed while the bowler hit!
8.5 Muhammad Uneeb Shah to J Asghar, slogged over backward point without much control, just a single
8.4 Muhammad Uneeb Shah to J Asghar, in the slot around the off stump, Asghar swings over the top through extra cover! The two fielders tried to keep it within the field of play but were unable to do so
8.3 Muhammad Uneeb Shah to Mirza Baig, 1 run, back of a length on off, bunted through mid-off and they cross over
Just 2 overs more and Kharians will be handed their 5th defeat of the tournament.
8.2 Muhammad Uneeb Shah to J Asghar, full at the stumps, swipes across mid-wicket for a single
8.1 Muhammad Uneeb Shah to Mirza Baig, 1 run
Over: 8 | Summary: 2 1 0 1 1 1 Bowler: Asjad Butt Score: 72/6
7.6 Asjad Butt to Mirza Baig, single behind square on the leg-side
7.5 Asjad Butt to J Asghar, LOTS OF ACTION THERE! Dipping yorker on the pads as he follows the batsman who gives himself room, tapped towards the leg-side and the bowler has a shy at the stumps as the batsman was out of the crease! He misses and they eventually pick up a single off the overthrow
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