Islamabad United 143/9 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 144/5 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Rashid Khan
Well, we could not have asked for a better game to restart the PSL could we? A low scoring thriller, going right down to the final delivery as Lahore Qalandars eventually walked away with the two points, courtesy the brilliance of Rashid with the bat in that final over. 16 needed and the man smashes three boundaries on the trot to turn things around and how! 

It did look like 144 could get difficult to chase with the wicket slowing down as well and Islamabad United did well to take it down to that final delivery. They would have thought they had the game in their pockets as well and that decision to bowl Hussain Talat is something they will have to probably rethink on. 

Lahore had a decent powerplay despite losing Fakhar Zaman early but it was in those middle overs where Islamabad really came back well to give themselves a chance. It still looked good for the Qalandars with their skipper Sohail Akhtar and Mohammad Hafeez in the middle, whom they would have expected to be the one's to take them past the line. Akhtar in particular batted really well for his 40. However, once both of them were gone is where it started to get really tight. 

The likes of Mohammad Wasim, who was very impressive with his spell, and Hasan Ali, keeping it tidy at the end set it up really nicely for Islamabad. The spinners in Fawad Ahmed and skipper Shadab Khan also did their job well to build that pressure and they nearly did everything right but the final call. 

It needed some effort for Qalandars to pull it back as they were under immense pressure requiring 23 off the last two overs. While it was the heroics of Rashid Khan in that final over that helped them seal the deal, one must also not forget the innings Tim David played, remaining unbeaten on a crucial 23, that included the six off Hasan Ali's final delivery. A hard fought win for Lahore then as they also move to the top of the table for the moment. 

This is the PSL only getting re-started and the action will get better and bigger from here on. That's all we have for the now but we do expect many more of such games going ahead. Do make sure you join us for all the action from the second leg of PSL 6. We'll be back tomorrow and until then, this is Rishab and Prashanth signing off. Have a great night folks!
Sohail Akhtar, Captain, Lahore Qalandars: I think we can gave away 10-15 extra runs but overall our bowlers did a good job. They did not allow the batsmen to score freely and our batting was also good at the end. We have spinners in the bench and we will pick them looking at the conditions. We have the best fast bowlers in the world as well and we will pick the best combination according to the wicket. 
Rashid Khan, Player of the Match: It was just the self-belief that I had in my mind. I had the strength and belief in my shots. 16 in the last over and it was a new bowler as well so we just needed to play proper cricket. 

I keep enjoying myself bowling there and you should not take pressure on yourself. I enjoy being in the middle whenever the team needs me and perform for the team. You have to enjoy every moment either in bowling, batting or fielding and that gives you extra energy and brings the best out as well. 
Shadab Khan, Captain, Islamabad United: When I was bowling, I had one over left for myself to bowl to the right-handers. But Ben Dunk batted through and there was dew as well. The wicket got easier to play the spinners than earlier as the dew kept coming and the ball got wet as well. I had confidence in Hussain Talat and if I get the chance I will bowl him again in these situations.

We have to play cricketing shots. We have to put past the Karachi phase. The set batsmen have to play till the end as it is not easy for the new batsmen to bat here. It might get easier for the batsmen as the dew gets in. If you are defending such a total and take it to the end, it means that you have bowled and fielded well.

The results are not in our hands but the efforts are. We will keep trying to give our 100%. Unfortunately the result was not in our favor tonight but if we keep putting in the efforts, it will be in our favor as the tournament progresses. 
And that's that! Lahore Qalandars have pulled this off. What a fantastic finish to this contest and what a way to kick start the PSL again! Brilliant from Rashid and this man can do everything, Islamabad doing really well to pull it back and it's probably the final decision that has cost them the game. That will also take the Qalandars to the top of the table for the night! 
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Hussain Talat
19.6 Hussain Talat to Tim David, LAHORE WIN! Short ball this time, strange call with the field up. David gets a top edge that falls safely and they get the better of ISLU at the end! What a game of cricket!
19.5 Hussain Talat to Rashid Khan, full length ball outside the off stump, Rashid drives this one away to the cover fielder and they take a single. It is going down to the final ball then! 1 off 1, Super Over?
19.4 Hussain Talat to Rashid Khan, good length ball angling in and cramps him for room, Rashid still manages to turn it away to the leg side and they run hard to come back for a couple. 2 off 2!
19.3 Hussain Talat to Rashid Khan, EDGED! FOUR! Three fours in a row, Rashid can do no wrong today. Length ball wide of off stump, Rashid tries to slap it over covers again, gets an outside edge that goes over short third man to the fence. This game has turned on its head. 4 off 3 it is!
Interesting call to get Hussain Talat to bowl the final over and this is proving costly!
19.2 Hussain Talat to Rashid Khan, FOUR MORE! RASHID KHAN YOU BEAUTY! Length ball outside the off stump, Rashid slaps this one away again, to the extra cover fence. Oh my, how has the tide changed in the last three balls. 14 off the last 3 balls!
19.1 Hussain Talat to Rashid Khan, FOUR! What a start, Rashid is here. Full and wide of off stump, Rashid goes down on one knee and sends this one away over extra cover and gets a boundary. Game on here! 12 off 5
Hussain Talat to bowl the final over! 
Lahore need 16 off the last over!
Shadab would have been banking on Hasan to seal the deal and he seems to have pretty much done it with this over. Crucial dots to go with the wicket and this seems to be going away from the Qalandars now. Only a miraculous final over can get them to a win. Looks like it could still be on, brilliant way to finish the over from David. This is some intense drama alright! 
128 /5 score
cricket bat icon Ben Dunk
17 (18)
cricket bat icon Tim David *
22 (14)
cricket ball icon Hasan Ali
2 /27
18.6 Hasan Ali to Tim David, SIX! OH MY! David keeps Lahore in the hunt, full and in the slot. David pumps this one away over the bowler's head and it goes all the way. What an end to the over. Wow!!
18.5 Hasan Ali to Tim David, full length ball on off stump, David makes room and plays this one away to the cover fielder. Dot ball!
Rashid Khan, Right-Hand Bat, comes to the crease, at the non-strikers!
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