Peshawar Zalmi 170/9 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 171/5 (19 ov)
Qalandars won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Hafeez
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Mohammad Hafeez has been named as the 'Man of the Match' for his scintillating 74-run knock.

Hafeez: We lost three wickets, the plan was to soak in the pressure. They had no spinners, they have a one-dimensional bowling attack. Dew played a role too. You need to have power-hitting in white ball cricket, I worked a lot on it. We trust each other in the dressing room.
That is it!! Lahore Qalandars wrap up the chase with one over to spare. They would have never believed this could happen after being reduced to 33-3 by Saqib Mahmood inside the Powerplay. Mohammad Hafeez and Ben Dunk then went onto stitch a 55-run partnership but the latter fell in the 12th over bowled by Mohammad Imran. Even though it was a fine partnership, the required run-rate had got close to ten by then. The next batsman Samit Patel took some time to get going but the veteran Mohammad Hafeez kept on coming up with a boundary or two in each over. Eventually, Samit also started to find some boundaries but he fell off Rahat Ali's bowling on the last ball of the 16th over. Wahab Riaz then came up with a superb five-run over but Hafeez broke open the game with 16 runs off the 18th over bowled by Saqib Mahmood. Peshawar could have still made a match out of it with 20 runs required off the last two overs but Hafeez and David Wiese combined to take 20 runs off the penultimate over bowled by Wahab Riaz. It was particularly curious to see that the Peshawar bowlers continued to persist with length balls despite seeing that the Lahore Qalandars' batsmen were treating with some disdain.
171 /5 score
cricket ball icon Wahab Riaz
18.6 Wahab Riaz to David Wiese, SIX! Wise finishes off in style! Length ball on the middle stump angling away, Wiese shuffles across and pulls that away handsomely over mid-wicket for a huge maximum! With that, the Lahore Qalandars beat the Peshawar Zalmi by 5 wickets and advance to the Second Eliminator!
18.5 Wahab Riaz to David Wiese, SIX! BOOM! Full ball on the pads, Wiese flicks that away for a huge maximum over backward square leg! Not quite the connection that he would have hoped for but will certainly be pleased with the result!
18.4 Wahab Riaz to David Wiese, short ball on the off stump, Wiese shuffles across and pulls that towards deep mid-wicket for a single. However, a fumble by the fielder there allows them to return for the second 
18.3 Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Hafeez, slower yorker on the middle stump, Hafeez drills that towards mid off for a single. 
18.2 Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR! Length ball on the body, Hafeez simply flicks that away for a boundary towards deep backward square leg!
18.1 Wahab Riaz to David Wiese, length ball on the body, Wiese looks to pull that but is struck on the thigh pad. The batsmen scamper across for a single as the ball trickles to keeper. 
16 runs off the over!! Brilliant batting from Mohammad Hafeez and poor stuff from Saqib Mahmood after his scintillating start to the match. LHQ: 151/5 off 18 overs. They require 20 runs off 12 balls
151 /5 score
cricket ball icon Saqib Mahmood
17.6 Saqib Mahmood to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR! STREAKY Full ball outside off, Hafeez swings hard at it and ends up slicing it over the fielder at point for a boundary! A much-needed over for the Qalandars!
17.5 Saqib Mahmood to Mohammad Hafeez, yorker on the off stump, Hafeez gets down and dabs that through the gap between third man and point for a brace. 
Majestic from Mohammad Hafeez!!
Short of a length from Saqib, Mohammad Hafeez lifts it over deep-mid-wicket for a six effortlessly
17.4 Saqib Mahmood to Mohammad Hafeez, SIX! WHAT A SHOT! Length ball on the off stump, Hafeez clears his front foot and nails the pull as he launches that over mid-wicket!
17.3 Saqib Mahmood to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, back of a length ball outside off, Hafeez charges down the track and has a swipe at it. However, he misses completely. Two dots on the trot!
17.2 Saqib Mahmood to Mohammad Hafeez, no run, length ball outside off, Hafeez cuts that straight to the fielder at point. 
Smacked by Hafeez!!
Length ball from Saqib Mahmood and Hafeez has lofted it between extra cover and mid-off for a fantastic boundary
17.1 Saqib Mahmood to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR! SHOT! Length ball outside off, Hafeez shuffles across and smacks that for a boundary towards extra cover! A much needed one for the Qalandars!
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