Watan Zalmi CC 76/8 (10 ov)
Linkoping CC 77/5 (9.3 ov)
Linkoping CC won by 5 wickets
Right, this is Shrey Gupta along with my colleague Sarthak Karkhanis signing off! We hope you enjoyed the coverage of ours! Stay safe and stay tuned to Sportskeeda as the big final of the ECS Gothenburg T-10 series is on cards! The Seaside CC will be squaring off with Jonkoping CA for the coveted title! The live coverage starts at 8:30 pm IST!
Wow! What a match we have witnessed! Went down to the last over, and Linkoping finally sealed the game and the bronze medal in this competition as well! They have thrashed the Watan Zalmi CC by 5 wickets!
After winning the toss and batting first, the Watan Zalmi batting unit started falling like ninepins! Their half the side was reduced at a mere score of 15 runs! This was when the Herculean effort of Fahd and Saifi saved them from utter shame and helped them post a competitive total of 76 runs!
With 76 runs on board, Zalmi knew that they had got more than what they could have ended up getting, but the truth wasn't hidden from them. On a good bouncy pitch, they also knew that they were a tad 10-15 runs still short from a match-winning total!
Still, they started off well with the skipper taking up the mantle, and striking on the very first ball of the innings! But, they needed some more of them as at the end the combined batting effort of Linkoping helped them seal the match!
9.3 W Ilyas to M Moeez, FOUR! That's what you call confidence! In a tense situation, Moeez with nerves cool as cucumber backs himself and sealed the game in some grand fashion! Back of a length delivery outside off and it is smashed for a boundary towards point. That's it! LKP has won this one!
9.2 W Ilyas to P Ballakuraya, a single taken as he angles the good length ball towards deep backward point
9.2 W Ilyas to P Ballakuraya, wide ball outside off. The runner has a word with the batsman, maybe asking him to get a single!
9.1 W Ilyas to P Ballakuraya, outside off on the good length its bounced a bit but a dot ball
LKP needs run-a-ball now! Tight match! Definitely much in LKP's favour, but you never know!
8.6 T Khan to M Moeez, FOUR! full toss outside off and cut with full power for a boundary. That was struck really hard. That will definitely ease some pressure off the batting team! Need 6 off the last over now!
8.5 T Khan to M Moeez, back of a length delivery on the middle stump and two runs taken. Bit of fumble there by the fielder!
8.4 T Khan to M Moeez, dot ball
8.3 T Khan to P Ballakuraya, a quick single as he pushes the one on full length for a single
8.2 T Khan to P Ballakuraya, full delivery and he has smashed it over covers but just 2 runs. A miscued shot of the fourth stump delivery, went up in the air for quite some time but lands safely!
8.1 T Khan to P Ballakuraya, outside off on the good length and he is beaten by the extra bounce
This match is turning out to be a nail-bitter! LKP needs 15 off 12 balls now!
7.6 N Mohammad to P Ballakuraya, outside off on the full length, and a single taken
7.5 N Mohammad to A Asghar, OUT! Wicket as its struck right in front! The bowler goes up for the appeal and umpire takes no time to raise his finger up! Half the side back in the hut for Linkoping!
7.4 N Mohammad to M Moeez, on the offstump and a single over the bowler's head 
7.3 N Mohammad to A Asghar, good length ball and it's cutaway for 3 runs as the fielders manage to keep it in. The umpire asks whether it's a boundary or not, but the fielder denies!
7.2 N Mohammad to M Moeez, a single taken 
7.1 N Mohammad to A Asghar, no run
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