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Evergreen Cricket Club 116/3 (10 ov)
Malmo Kings Cricket Club 49/10 (7.3 ov)
Evergreen Cricket Club won by 67 runs.
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Sarthak Karkhanis bringing you the live coverage of the ECS Malmo T-10 Match 7. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such games! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
An anticlimactic end to the match, one has to say! Never seen in recent times, a team surrendering so early in the match! But, at last, that's the scoreline which says that the Evergreen Cricket Club has beaten the Malmo Kings Cricket Club by a hefty margin of 67 runs and registered their second successive win in the tournament!

Chasing 117 runs in a T-10 competition is not an easy task by any means, but it seemed as if the Malmo Kings Cricket Club never wanted to challenge the score! With a wicket of the first ball, they appeared hopeless and threw their following wickets away! Though the ECC bowlers bowled beautifully yet one has to say that they were equally supported by the MKCC batsmen with their batting tactics! Wickets kept tumbling like a pack of the cards and soon MKCC lost the plot. Thus, they were bundled out on a mere total of 49 and handed a 67 runs victory to the ECC!
7.1 R Ahmed to R Safi, OUT! And he has been stumped off a googly! Tried getting to the pitch of the ball and advances in this bet! Misses it completely and the keeper does the rest! That's the match! The MKCC is bowled out on a mere score of 49!
6.5 Z Kaini to C Hussain, OUT! Soft dismissal! Length ball and the batsman has chipped that one straight to the fielder at short midwicket! Played that one in a half-hearted spirit and hence loses his wicket!
6.4 Z Kaini to C Hussain, 1 run to long off
6.3 Z Kaini to C Hussain, dot ball
6.2 Z Kaini to R Safi, tries to loft it and it lands in no man's area
6.1 Z Kaini to R Safi, dot ball
MKCC needs 71 off 24 balls now with 2 wickets in hand!
5.5 R Ahmad to C Hussain, dot ball
5.4 R Ahmad to C Hussain, dot ball
5.3 R Ahmad to M Yosefzai, STUMPED! Steps out to a flighted delivery, misses it and ends up being stumped. The googly does the trick and sends the batsman packing back to the dressing room!
5.2 R Ahmad to M Yosefzai, 4 runs as he drives the full delivery outside off for a boundary through covers
5.2 R Ahmad to M Yosefzai, wide ball outside off
5.1 R Ahmad to J Mushtaq, 1 run taken
The game is almost dead for MKCC! They need 78 in 30 balls with 4 wickets in hand!
4.6 M Mohammad to M Yosefzai, dot ball
4.5 M Mohammad to N Shirzad, BOWLED! Another wicket falls and they continue to fall like a pack of cards. The batsman swings his bat, tried going over the cow-corner region but to no avail and ends up losing his wood. 6 down MKCC and Shirzad has to depart!
4.4 M Mohammad to J Mushtaq, SIX! Good looking shot from Shirzad! The bowler dropped this one short and Shirzad pulls his front leg back, gets into position and pulls it with a full swing of the bat over square leg for a maximum!
4.4 M Mohammad to J Mushtaq, short ball on the legside! The fielder fails to collect and the batsman charges for a single
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