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Evergreen Cricket Club 87/7 (10 ov)
Malmohus Cricket Club 91/5 (9.2 ov)
Malmohus Cricket Club won by 5 wickets
So, this was me, Shrey Gupta along with my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay bringing you the live coverage of this thrilling game! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for many such live-actions! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
Desolation for the Evergreen Cricket Club!!
If you are down in life, if you feel that nothing in life can bring you back, we urge you to switch to the highlights of this match! What a turnaround! What a match we have witnessed today! MCC who was nowhere in the game at one stage has won this one and defeated the Evergreen Cricket Club by 5 wickets!
Defending a score of 87 runs, the ECC had a dream start! They couldn't have asked for anything better than this, as they reduced the MCC at 15/4 within 4 overs! Despite being a bowler short, they brought the table-toppers on their knees! But, as the phrase goes- clutch at the straws, the MCC didn't have anything except that! And believe it or not, that is what exactly happened! Rizwan Ashraf, at first batted sensibly to put a hold on the fall of wickets, and later on, just decimated the bowling attack! Joined by Sheron Nord at the other end, the duo scored runs a hand over fist in the last overs and took their team home!
9.2 U Nawaz to S Nord, SIX! MCC HAVE DONE IT! What a turn-around we have witnessed here! In the slot outside off and the batsman slogs that over mid-wicket for a huge maximum! What a match this has been! Ecstatic scenes in the dugout and some raw emotions showed by the players! The duo on the field enjoys the shot and the win with a warm hug! That's been a match for ages!
9.1 U Nawaz to S Nord, FOUR! That's tragedy! Absolute tragedy for the ECC! Full ball outside off and the batsman clubs it towards mid-wicket. The fielder slips in the process of collecting the ball and gifts a boundary! The game is almost done and dusted with this one!
Goodness Gracious!! Game on!! Last over and MCC still needs 7 runs to seal the game!
8.6 N Mohammad to R Ashraf, SIX! Stand and deliver by Ashraf. Full ball outside off and he clobbers that over long-off for a maximum!  Ohh!! Someone get the recording tapes and record that one for the ages! That is a shot that you'll hardly ever get to see! Shuffled and middled that one with excellence! Just 7 required off the last over now
8.5 N Mohammad to S Nord, full ball outside off pulled towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
8.4 N Mohammad to S Nord, full ball outside off and the batsman smacks that down the ground for a couple of runs.
8.3 N Mohammad to S Nord, short ball outside off and the batsman slashes at it. Gets the outside edge that goes to third man. The batsmen run a couple of runs.
8.2 N Mohammad to R Ashraf, short ball on the body pulled towards deep square leg for a single.
8.1 N Mohammad to R Ashraf, SIX! Fifty for Ashraf! What an inning he is playing! Length ball on the body and the batsman slogs it over mid-wicket for a maximum! What a way to bring up his half-century! He has brought down the equation by a heavy margin and his team is enjoying it! Huge applause from the dugout!
Poor bowling by Mian and he is very disappointed with him! MCC needs 25 runs in 12 balls and that is very gettable with Ashraf on strike!
7.6 I Mian to R Ashraf, full ball on the stumps pushed down the ground for a single.
7.5 I Mian to R Ashraf, full ball outside off driven down to long off for a couple of runs.
7.4 I Mian to R Ashraf, SIX! Full ball outside off and the batsman slog sweeps it for a maximum towards deep mid-wicket! So, Ashraf is targetting Mian at every ball! He isn't concerned with the match situation. He is anchoring his team's chase single-handedly!
7.3 I Mian to R Ashraf, RUNOUT! full ball outside off and the batsman drives it down the ground. The batsmen run a suicidal second run and a brilliant throw from the long-on fielder fetches them a wicket! Excellent fielding display by the fielder!
7.2 I Mian to R Ashraf, FOUR! Short ball outside off pulled over mid-on for a boundary!
7.1 I Mian to R Ashraf, SIX! Loopy full toss and the batsman punishes that for a maximum! So, Mian still not getting things right in this over too! He is frustrated with him and he has got every reason for being miffed with him! Ashraf is taking him for cleaners!
What an over by Mohammad! The game situation is blowing hot and cold now! MCC needs 45 in last 3 overs!
6.6 N Mohammad to V Krashak, no run, banged in short and the batsman cannot cope with the sheer pace on the ball. 
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