Indian Royals 83/4 (10 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura 84/1 (8.4 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Zulfiqar Shah
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Malo secure their 9th win in the tournament and they are currently standing 2nd on the table and almost secured a place in the playoffs while Indian Royals need to win two of the remaining 3 games to have any chance to enter the playoffs in this ECS T10 Portugal Tournament.
A comprehensive victory for Malo CC as they chase down the total of 84 runs inside 9 overs and win the match by 9 wickets with 8 balls to spare. Both these two batsmen did the perfect job of seeing the team home without losing any more wickets as they were able to score boundaries at regular intervals and keep the required run rate under control at every instance.

Zulfiqar Shah gave a perfect start with the bat in this chase as he kept the boundaries coming and got out for 33 runs from just 18 balls with 2 bix sixes in his innings. Once Zulfiqar got out, Mian Mehmood took the mantle of scoring some quick runs as he scored 27 runs from 23 balls while Najam Shahzad joined in the final stages with a four and six from his bat as he finished on 16 runs to his name. It was a comfortable chase for them and never looked like they were under pressure in chasing down this total.

Indian Royals bowlers couldn't get a start they were looking for as they leaked too many runs at the start and never got the opportunity to come back into the game given they didn't have too much to defend on the board. Royals' spinners did a decent job in the middle overs to create pressure as Amandeep was rewarded with a wicket. Others couldn't do any damage and failed to make any impact on the game.
8.4 Syed Ali Naqi to Mian Mehmood, WINNING RUNS!! Full and on the stumps, Mian flicks this one towards fine leg and scampers through for the single
8.3 Syed Ali Naqi to Mian Mehmood, full and outside off once again, Mian looking to tap this one towards covers misses out
8.2 Syed Ali Naqi to Mian Mehmood, full and wide outside off, Mian looking drive this one through the covers swings and misses
8.1 Syed Ali Naqi to Najam Shahzad, full and on the stumps, Najam works this one towards mid-wicket and scampers through for a single. SCORES ARE TIED!!
Syed Ali Naqi to bowl the 9th over.

Just two more runs required for Malo CC as these two batsmen have done well after losing the wicket of Zulfiqar Shah as they got couple of fours and six from the previous over and made things easy now.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1b 1 4 6 1 4 Bowler: Sukhwinder Singh Score: 82/1
7.6 Sukhwinder Singh to Mian Mehmood, SIX!! Tossed on the full and int he slot, Mian clears his front leg and belts that one over front of square leg for another maximum to end the over
7.5 Sukhwinder Singh to Najam Shahzad, tossed on the full and pushed towards mid-wicket for a single
7.4 Sukhwinder Singh to Najam Shahzad, SIX!! Full and in the slog again, Najam this time goes down town and lofts this one over long-on for a maximum
7.3 Sukhwinder Singh to Najam Shahzad, FOUR!! Full and in the slot, Najam decides to flex his arms and whacks this one towards deep mid-wicket boundary ropes on the bounce
7.2 Sukhwinder Singh to Mian Mehmood, tossed on the full and pushed towards mid-on and Mian scampers through for a single
7.1 Sukhwinder Singh to Najam Shahzad, tossed on the full, Najam looking to hammer this one misses, the keeper misses and he sneaks through for a single
Sukhwinder Singh to continue.

A six from the bat of Mian Mehmood and that brings the required rate to just around 6 runs per over as he moves into the 20s and looks to take his team home.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 1 6 1 1 0 Bowler: Ishwar Singh Score: 65/1
6.6 Ishwar Singh to Mian Mehmood, tossed on the full and played straight to mid-on fielder by Mian
6.5 Ishwar Singh to Najam Shahzad, tossed on the full and flicked towards mid-wicket
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