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139/9 (20)
140/5 (19.1)
Melbourne Stars won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Joe Clarke
The Strikers will look to have some competition at the bottom of the table here after they have been demolished by the batters. The Stars have shown no remorse to the bowlers as they managed to chase down the target just in the nick of time in the last over but boy that did not come easily! The Strikers started off beautifully using the exact same tactics as the Stars did and the spin saga continued as the batters were getting dismissed and the runs were not coming off the bat, but all it took was one expensive over as Conway gave away a lot of runs and from then on it was a neck to neck contest.

The Strikers kept taking the wickets from time to time and it was in the midst of all this when Clarke stepped in to save the day, as he made an amazing 83 runs off 58 balls and got the team to win this one. The batters were finding it difficult to middle the ball towards the death overs as Rashid Khan proved to be economical yet again but that was surely not enough to stop the home side, as they managed to score the runs from time to time and the new batters did not take a lot of deliveries to hit those shots out of the park which resulted the much needed win for the Stars after being down and out on the points table.

Thank you so much for joining us for yet another exciting game of BBL. This is Pradeep and myself (Pranav) signing off. Until next time.

 Melbourne Stars won the game by 5 wickets!
Joe Clarke has been adjudged the Player of the match for his sensational knock to take his team home tonight!

says, it's nice to get a win tonight after what we've been through last week, having players missing out due to covid, nice to collect all four points. Ten minutes in the nets and the weather was good, so, I was cooked last night and no idea but I made sure I was in bed early last night. I have been playing well, it's nice to contribute and ensure we collect all points. Just hope after this win, we have more people coming in to watch when we play in Melbourne!
Melbourne Stars won the game by 5 wickets!
19.2 Matthew Short to Qais Ahmad, WIDE! THAT'S IT, IT'S ALL OVER! Stars pick up all their points in this match. Remarkable game this was, Qais Ahmad finishes the game in style! Fires a short delivery way down the leg-side, Qais gets inside the line and let's it go and the Stars go home in the last over!
19.1 Matthew Short to Qais Ahmad, SIX! THAT'S THE GAME FOR THE STARS! Drops it short on the middle and off, Qais clears his front foot and DEPOSITS that one well over the deep mid-wicket fence for a huge maximum! SCORES ARE LEVEL NOW!
Clarke's wicket has ensured that this match goes to the last over! The fielder running towards gully from square leg.
133 /5 score
cricket bat icon Joe Clarke
83 (58)
cricket bat icon Beau Webster *
14 (20)
cricket ball icon Peter Siddle
2 /26
18.6 Peter Siddle to Beau Webster, takes the pace off, back of a length on the middle and off, Webster on the backfoot ends up tapping it straight back to the bowler.
Qais Ahmad, RHB, is the new batter in.
18.5 Peter Siddle to Joe Clarke, OUT! IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Change of pace doing the trick for Siddle, short on the off-stump, Clarke comes forward and swats it down to long-on, doesn't get hold of it, Kelly comes around and pouches it and it's GAME ON here in MCG!

Joe Clarke c Kelly b Siddle 83 (58b 3x4 4x6)
18.4 Peter Siddle to Joe Clarke, SIX! BAM! Full and straight, Clarke comes down the track, gets it in the slot and then SMOKES it straight down the ground for a maximum, UNBELIEVABLE SHOT! 
18.3 Peter Siddle to Joe Clarke, OH! Excellent change of pace, back of a length into Clarke, as he goes to heave it across the line and misses, whiskers past the leg-stump to the keeper.
Clarke calling for a change of gloves as he is allowed to continue! Peter Siddle having a chat with the umpire as he is smiling and yet disappointed as they need 13 off 10 on a free hit!
18.3 Peter Siddle to Joe Clarke, STRAIGHT TO MID-OFF AND TAKEN! Just one question, Is that a NO-BALL? Umpire's are having a chat in the middle. Full toss and just though it's waist height, Clarke gets surprised and then mistimes it straight to mid-off who takes it. Soft-signal is NOT OUT, it's clearly above the waist height and the TV umpire confirms that's NOT OUT! NO-BALL, FREE-HIT COMING UP!
18.2 Peter Siddle to Joe Clarke, takes the pace off, short on the off-stump, Clarke heaves that one powerfully but the sweeper comes around to cut it off, they scamper back for another brace.
18.1 Peter Siddle to Beau Webster, length delivery on the outside off, Webster sits deep inside the crease and cracks it down to long-off, picks up a single, gets Clark back on strike!
The Stars are just a big hit away to make this match a one sided affair!
123 /4 score
cricket bat icon Joe Clarke *
75 (53)
cricket bat icon Beau Webster
13 (18)
cricket ball icon Harry Conway
1 /37
17.6 Harry Conway to Joe Clarke, SIX! BANG! Poor delivery, length on the pads, Clarke comes forward and then DISPATCHES it way over the deep backward square-leg fence into the crowd for a massive six! Conway can't believe it!
17.5 Harry Conway to Beau Webster, short delivery, bit of too much width, Webster on the backfoot bunts it past the covers to pick up just a single.
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