4th Match, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
STA won by 38 runs.
That's it from match number 4 of BBL 12. This is the duo of Divyansh and Bidipto signing off. The second match of the day is on, you can follow it by switching tabs. Goodbye
Match Summary-

Melbourne Stars win by 38 runs.

Hobart Hurricanes: 145/9 (20.0)
Matthew Wade 35 (35) | Tim David 24 (17)
Luke Wood 3/25 (4.0) | Adam Zampa 3/27 (4.0)

A magnificent win by the Stars, and they give a nice tribute to the late Shane Warne, a legend of Melbourne Stars and Australia. They have retired his Number 23 jersey. 

They had a huge total to defend, all thanks to the century of Clarke in the first innings. The bowlers did well to restrict this power-packed batting line up and also take 9 wickets in the end. 

Wade scored 35 runs at the strike rate of 100, he was helped with cameos from David, Short and McDermott. But none of the batters got going as they failed to get even close to the total.

Wood took the wickets of David and Neesham in the same over and took away their last hope of chasing it down. He took 3 wickets in the end, alongside his captain, Zampa who took 3 as well. Coulter-Nile with 2 wickets in the middle overs, and two important ones. Boult got a wicket in his last over, but he was expensive in the end. Webster complimented the others by bowling economically, and the batsman gave away their wicket to the other bowlers under pressure put by Webster.

145 /9 score
cricket bat icon Paddy Dooley *
5 (5)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith
7 (3)
cricket ball icon Trent Boult
1 /41
19.6 Trent Boult to Patrick Dooley, FOUR RUNS! BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER! MELBOURNE STARS GET THE WIN! Short down leg, Dooley stays back and heaves it away with a swivel, to the right of fine-leg, off the back foot, and gets it away to the boundary to finish the match. 
19.5 Trent Boult to Patrick Dooley, over the wicket, short and slow over leg and a miss of the swing across the line on the back foot! Dot ball. 
19.4 Trent Boult to Riley Meredith, good length ball on off, hit hard to cover from the crease by making room, for a single this time. 
19.3 Trent Boult to Riley Meredith, round the wicket, good length ball on off and thrashed through point from the crease to deep point, for a couple. 
19.2 Trent Boult to Riley Meredith, FOUR! Full on off and this is driven really hard from the crease by backing away a bit, through the covers, for a boundary! 
Riley Meredith, RHB, comes to the crease.
19.1 Trent Boult to Joel Paris, FANTASTIC CATCH! Over the wicket, short over leg, Paris makes room, slashes it over backward point, or so he thought, as the fielder kept his eyes fixed on the ball, jumped over him and took a fine diving CATCH to get the left-hander!

Joel Paris c (sub) Hinchliffe b Trent Boult  5 (6b, 0x4, 0x6)
Trent Boult, (3.0-0-30-0) is back into the attack.
Zampa with a wicket and a review that overturns his second wicket in the over. But still a brilliant spell by him. The game is over as they need 50 from 6 balls.
134 /8 score
cricket bat icon Joel Paris *
5 (5)
cricket bat icon Paddy Dooley
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Adam Zampa
3 /27
18.6 Adam Zampa to Joel Paris, full on off, hit around to wide long-on from the crease, for a single to keep strike. 
18.5 Adam Zampa to Patrick Dooley, full and slow on off, Dooley walks across and shovels it to fine-leg on a couple of bounces, for a single. 
18.4 Adam Zampa to Patrick Dooley, good length flatter ball on leg, and a miss of the slog-sweep here! Dot ball. 
For the first time Zampa might be thinking that why did it spin that much. It just misses the leg stump.
18.3 Adam Zampa to Patrick Dooley, LBW! Full on middle-and-leg, Dooley goes across, tries to hit it over short fine-leg, misses, gets hit on the pads and the appeal for leg-before gets upheld! But Dooley REVIEWS! 

It is a fair delivery. There is no bat on ball but ball tracking shows that the ball is missing the stumps in its way! Review successful! 
Patrick Dooley, LHB, comes to the crease.
18.2 Adam Zampa to Nathan Ellis, OUT! Slightly short on middle-and-leg, Ellis punches it off the back foot, but in the air, with a nice extension of the arms, but unfortunately for him, straight down the throat of Boult at long-on, running around to his left!

Nathan Ellis c Trent Boult b Adam Zampa 0 (1)