Minhaj CC 113/4 (10 ov)
Fateh CC 94/4 (10 ov)
Minhaj CC won by 19 runs.
That is the end of Sportskeeda's coverage of Match 23 in the ECS T10 Barcelona between Minjah CC and Fateh CC. This is Anurag Hegde and Pradeep Somashekar signing off. 
This is a pretty convincing win for Minhaj CC, in the end they win by 19 runs after managing to restrict Fateh CC to 94/4 from their 10 overs. Chasing a 114 to win, the Fateh CC batsmen never really showed any intent whatsoever. They got off to a pretty mediocre start and kept losing wickets along the way. Their captain, Manjinder Singh Lovely top scored for them with a 16-ball 26 while Rajiv Singh, who never looked comfortable at the crease ended up with 24 not out from 22 deliveries. Minhaj CC’s ploy to bowl spin early on in the innings worked wonders and Majid Hanif was the pick of the bowlers as he picked up 2 for 11 from his 2 overs. 

The first innings was an innings of two halves and while the first half was dominated by the Fateh CC bowlers, Jafar Iqbal and Sarfraz Ahmed instigated a comeback of monumental proportions to propel Minhaj CC to a decent total.

After electing to bat first, Minhaj CC were off to a horrible start as they lost 3 wickets in the first 3 overs while scoring just 23. However, after that the story was all about Jafar Iqbal. He looked in fantastic touch and smashed 71 from 30 deliveries to help rebuild the Minhaj innings before he was run-out on the last ball of the innings. Sarfraz Ahmed played the perfect 2nd fiddle and supported Iqbal with an unbeaten 18-ball 29.

Minhaj CC win by 19 runs
Over: 10 | Summary: 2w 4 1lb 0 1 1 1 Bowler: Amar Shahzad Score: 94/4
9.6 Amar Shahzad to Hargurjit Singh, That's it and Minhaj hold their nerve in the end! Change of pace, Hargurjit walks down couple of steps and hammers it towards long-on, the fielder does well to keep it to just a single in the end! Minhaj CC winning their only second game of the tournament!
9.5 Amar Shahzad to Rajiv Singh, in the blockhole this time on the middle and leg, Rajiv stands back and smashes it towards deep square leg, another single
9.4 Amar Shahzad to Hargurjit Singh, full delivery, it was in the slot, Hargurjit slams it straight to the long-on fielder, they scamper for a quick single in the end
9.3 Amar Shahzad to Hargurjit Singh, change of pace, better from Shahzad, Hargurjit goes for the hoick, it was full, outside off and misses it completely
9.2 Amar Shahzad to Rajiv Singh, slower one, it was short, Rajiv once again shuffles across, goes for the hoick, Rajiv fails to get bat on it, thuds on the pads and they take off for a quick single
9.1 Amar Shahzad to Rajiv Singh, FOUR! Much needed boundary from Rajiv here! around the wicket from Amar, bowls short, Rajiv shuffles across the leg stump and smashes it towards long leg boundary, the fielder had no chance
84-4 after 9 overs. Excellent comeback from Babar Basharat in that over especially after being clobbered for six off his very first ball. It goes for just 7 runs and the writing seems to be on the wall now unless Fateh CC can come up with something incredible. 30 needed from 6 
9.1 Amar Shahzad to Hargurjit Singh, WIDE! Horrible delivery, bowled outside the leg stump line and the keeper had to run to collect, gets Rajiv on strike as well
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 0 0 1 1b 0 Bowler: Babar Basharat Score: 84/4
8.6 Babar Basharat to Rajiv Singh, dot to finish! Full delivery, outside off, Rajiv once again going for the ugly hoick, swung away and is beaten in the end
8.5 Babar Basharat to Hargurjit Singh, getting good swing here for Babar, Hargurjit goes for the hoick, hits the toe end of the bat and takes off for a quick single
8.4 Babar Basharat to Rajiv Singh, low full toss, outside off, Rajiv smashes it over the bowler and the fielder from long-off does well to cut it off, just a single
8.3 Babar Basharat to Rajiv Singh, another dot, good change of pace, it was full, outside off, Rajiv once again closing his eyes and swinging at it, misses it
8.2 Babar Basharat to Rajiv Singh, full delivery, swayed away from the batsman at the last second as Rajiv goes for the swing and misses, dot ball!
8.1 Babar Basharat to Rajiv Singh, SIX! Full delivery, in the slot, Rajiv gave everything at it and CLOBBERED it all the way for a maximum over the long-off fielder and goes all the way for a maximum, need a few more of those
76-4 after 8 overs. That was an excellent over from Sarfraz Ahmed. Went for just 7 runs and picked up a wicket. This game could still go either way but I think Minhaj are favourites to win this game from here. Fateh CC need 38 from 12 balls.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w W 1 0 4 1lb 0 Bowler: Sarfraz Ahmed Score: 76/4
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