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Msida Warriors CC 101/5 (10 ov)
Southern Crusaders CC 82/7 (10 ov)
Msida Warriors CC won by 19 runs.
Warriors win by 17 runs

In all honesty, the Crusaders never really found themselves in control of the chase. Except for Z Yousaf, none of the batters looked in control of their shots as they quickly gave away their shots by playing some very reckless strokes. The bowling on contrary was fantastic as the bowlers never really gave the batters much room to play their strokes freely.

If not for Z Yousaf's efforts (30 of 21), the loss could have been of a much bigger margin for the Crusaders. M Bilal (17 of 12)  showed some positive intent down the order even though he failed to get support from the lower order. 

On the bowling front, every bowler bowled very economically with none of the bowlers conceding more than 20 runs in their spells. The picks of the bowlers were however M Antony and R Nair, who chipped in with 2 vital wickets which allowed the Warriors have control over their game.

Going forward, the Crusaders would have to ensure their batters don't play reckless strokes and throw their wickets away but stick on the crease by finding the right areas and right lengths to play their shots. The Warriors on the other hand would be looking to take forward the momentum into their upcoming games and perform in a similarly dominant fashion.

So that was the end of the coverage of the game. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news and more match commentaries from games all across the globe. This is my colleague Lavil Saldanha, and I, Arpit Shrivastava signing off. Stay safe!
9.6 Rahul Nair to L. Senavirathna, misses the ball and the pair get a single and with that, MSW win the match by 18 runs and register their first win
9.5 Rahul Nair to L. Senavirathna, length ball tapped back to the bowler, no run
9.4 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, CAUGHT!! Hit the ball high in the air, had no wings and the ball went in the fielder's hands. A safe catch and no more batsmen remain
9.3 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, RUN OUT!! I. Perera. Bilal hits it the air, but long on grasses it, the ball falls short and the run-out causes Perara to go
9.2 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, DROPPED! The full-length ball hit hard by Bilal. The ball goes high in the air and the extra cover grasses it
9.1 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, back of a length delivery, Bilal looked to have a piece off the ball, but misses
A six to start off the over would certainly ease the pressure a little. A terrific comeback by the bowler to finish off the over. The Crusaders now require a humongous 23 runs of the final over.
We are facing technical difficulties and should be back soon with the last over. Stay tuned
8.1 Salu Thomas to Muhammad Bilal, SIX!! Full and straight, Bilal hits the ball hard and gives the ball the wings to travel it all the way over the ropes for maximum
The required rate is quickly rising up as the two new batters struggle to find their footing in the middle. And yet another batsman departs. 30 required of the final 2 overs as the pressure is now squarely on the Crusaders.
7.6 Rahul Nair to Eardley Chandiram, CAUGHT!! Full-length ball outside off Chandiram looked to hit the big shot, gets the top edge and the ball lands in the fielders hands
7.5 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, length ball tapped to the fielder for a single
7.4 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, FOUR!! Back of a length delivery., Bilal hits it to the deep midwicket for a cracking and a much needed boundary
7.3 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, length ball tapped back to the fielder, no run
7.2 Rahul Nair to Eardley Chandiram, leg byes on the pads and the pair gets a single
7.1 Rahul Nair to Muhammad Bilal, length ball outside off, gets the toe of the bat to the third man for a single
The big wicket of Z Yousaf has been nabbed as he departs after playing a terrific knock and showing promises of guiding the team to victory. The momentum has yet again shifted towards the Warriors as the over conceded just 6 runs. It's 63-4 after 7 overs.
6.6 Salu Thomas to Eardley Chandiram, length ball tapped back to the bowler, no run
6.5 Salu Thomas to Zeeshan Yousaf, CAUGHT!! Full-length ball looping, Yousaf falls for the loop and tonks it high in the air. The long on comes in and pouches it safely
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