121/6 (20)
122/5 (19.3)
NED won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Bas de Leede
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Scott Edwards (Netherlands Captain): We are known as a side that plays hard until the last few balls. It was great to get the second win. We did well in terms of frontloading the runs. We knew that Namibia have really good death bowlers under these conditions. It's well and truly in our hands and we know it's all about winning the third game
Gerhard Erasmus (Namibia Captain): It's never nice to be on the losing side when it's so close but the Dutch side had their quality on the day. With the bat, it was difficult and they bowled really well in the important stages and that was the reason why we were 10-15 runs short in the end
Bas de Leede is the Player of the Match again for his stellar all-round show. Here's what he has to say: I think I could take a bit of experience from here two days ago when I almost did the same thing. Nice to back it up again. Some of the boys might feel bitter that I'm scooping up all their wickets towards the end but they'll have to live with it (grins). We lost wickets at the wrong time and looking forward to Sri Lanka we definitely have to work on it. The self-belief has always been there. It's nice to get two tight games going your way and go into the third game with two wins. I guess it opens up a bit more freedom for the side.
Netherlands won by 5 wickets
Vikramjit Singh 39(31) | Jan Frylinck 43(48)
Bas de Leede 2-18(3) | JJ Smit 2-24(4)

What looked like a straightforward chase for the Dutch had its twists and turns, and eventually, this contest went till the last over to find out the winner. But in the end, the better team won the game and Nambia surely wouldn't have any complaints despite their incredible fightback in the last five overs.

Vikramjit helped the Dutch to get off to a flying start in this two-paced wicket and surely, his innings at the top were vital for the Netherlands to cross the line. It was smooth sailing until O'Dowd got out but the Dutch collapsed in the mid-way as they lost three wickets for just a solitary run.

They showed a bit of urgency to chase the target and improve the net-run rate but that move backfired miserably. Bas de Leede shouldered the responsibility and kept his composure under intense pressure to help his team get their second win
What a low-scoring thriller it turned out to be eventually. Credit has to go to Namibians for not giving up until the last second
19.3 David Wiese to Bas de Leede, DOWN THE GROUND! THE NETHERLANDS ARE HOME! Very full at the stumps and de Leede jams it down the pitch past the stumps before bowing his head and running like there's no tomorrow. Pringle responds likewise and tears back himself as the fielder has some work to do in intercepting it in the deep. Enough for the Dutch to romp home though after a huff and a puff towards the end. Namibia have fought valiantly but in the end, Netherlands win by 5 wickets with 3 deliveries to spare!
19.2 David Wiese to Bas de Leede, OOH! Digs it into the track outside off stump, kicks off with extra bounce a de Leede looks to pull before bailing out of it in the process. Was it too high? The square leg umpire doesn't think so and it seems like a fair call
19.1 David Wiese to Bas de Leede, FOUR! HITS THE BOUNDARY CUSHION! Oh Erasmus is crestfallen as he dives in vain! Slower back of a length delivery on off stump and de Leede makes room to flat-bat it off the bottom half of his blade over mid-off. The best athlete on the park is giving the chase and he does so valiantly but alas, the ball has enough legs in it to dribble past Erasmus' dive
Can David Wiese be a hero for his team?
Netherlands need 6 runs to win from 6 balls
The Netherlands were 90-1 at one stage, and now, believe it or not, this match is going to the final over. 
116 /5 score
cricket bat icon Bas de Leede
24 (27)
cricket bat icon Tim Pringle *
8 (9)
cricket ball icon Jonathan Smit
2 /24
18.6 JJ Smit to Tim Pringle, slower full length delivery outside off stump, Pringle has a free swing of his blade and miscues it comfortably over the covers before it rolls along as the batters complete two with ease. 6 needed off the last over!
18.5 JJ Smit to Bas de Leede, full length delivery on off stump, de Leede pumps his swing on the up to deep mid-wicket for a lone run
18.4 JJ Smit to Tim Pringle, RUNS INTO THE STUMPS! Jeez it's all happening out there! Length delivery around off stump and Pringle pushes it to mid-off before making a dash for the other end. Erasmus' throw evades the stumps but a direct hit would have meant curtains for Pringle. The latter though, runs zig-zag and puts in some effort to get home with a dive and ends up crashing into the stumps as a result!
18.3 JJ Smit to Tim Pringle, JUST OVER! Slower one angling in full into the stumps, Pringle clips it from his crease as it just evades the outstreched hand of short mid-wicket who leaps in vain. Rolls into the deep and the batters sprint back to complete a valuable second run
18.2 JJ Smit to Bas de Leede, full and wide of off, de Leede shuffles across his stumps and leans forward to guide it to deep cover for a single
18.1 JJ Smit to Tim Pringle, MISFIELD! Length delivery slanting into middle and leg stump, Pringle gets across to knock it along the mid-on region but short mid-wicket fails to stop it on the dive. Enough for the batters to cross over and get de Leede back on strike
JJ Smit (3-0-16-2) comes back into the attack