214/10 (48.3)
217/5 (45.3)
WI won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Brandon King
That's it from me, Rajarshi, and my co-commentator Pradeep, as we sign off from our coverage of the 2nd ODI. The third game starts in less than 40 hours, and even though it is a dead rubber in the context of the series, there are 10 points to play for on that day as well. To enjoy our coverage of the first day's play between England and New Zealand, switch tabs as Pragadeesh and Pratyush take you through to the end of the day's play. For the time being, from us, it's goodbye!
Match summary:

Netherlands 214 all out (48.3 Overs)
Scott Edwards 68(89), Akeal Hosein 4/39 (10 overs)

West Indies 217/5 (45.3 Overs)
Brandon King 91*(90), Bas de Leede 2/46 (8 overs)

West Indies win by 5 wickets with 27 balls to spare

The Netherlands had every chance to go out there and script something special when they set out to the field in the quest to defend 215. The opening bowlers, Logan van Beek and Ryan Klein stuck to their plans, they hit the hard length and tried to get some deviation off the surface. Mainly inward deviation, something that accounted for Shai Hope eventually. The centurion from the previous game played one off Bas de Leede down the wrong line to one that seamed back in. His opening partner, Shamarh Brooks, had departed before him, nicking an out-going delivery off Logan van Beek, and was caught smartly at slip. 

A couple of deja vu's followed, much like last game, de Leede trapped Nkrumah Bonner in front and Aryan Dutt cleaned up Nicholas Pooran just as the West Indies skipper showed signs of aggression. It was then time to introduce Netherlands' latest find, 19-year old Shiraz Ahmed. The impact was instant from him, Mayers left an under-edge to a skiddy googly and Scott Edwards held on to a superb catch.

The match was heavily titled towards the Dutch at this point, but then, Brandon King and Keacy Carty got together and set on towards a rebuild, one that took the West Indies over the line eventually. They were still over 70 runs away when there was a communication breakdown between the duo, followed by a very risky single, none of which were capitalized upon by the hosts due to some lax fielding and tough luck. King played with utmost maturity, taking up the anchor role. The first few deliveries at the crease weren't too pleasant for Carty, but he managed to hold the other end up, and soon enough, we got to see an array of delightful strokes off his bat. 

The Netherlands kept rotating their bowlers as the target kept reducing over after over, but nothing was going right for them. The flow of runs were stemmed at one stage, but two big overs released all the pressure, and once the requirement of runs crept under 30, the duo decided to finish things off in a jiffy. King ended with an unbeaten 91 to his name, as Keacy Carty put a half-tracker from Aryan Dutt over the mid-wicket boundary to seal the deal.
Nicholas Pooran (Captain, West Indies): Thanks the god. Obviously very happy, we came to Amsterdam to be successful and have achieved that feat today, it wasn't a perfect game but guys did well with wonderful partnership to pull off a win, very happy for Brandon and Keacy today. Spinners did well in the middle overs, pulled things back and was great to finish on a high in the end, we won the key moments in the game. It means a lot to us, we want to keep winning, it's not just about winning, enjoy the moments as well.
Pieter Seelaar (Captain, Netherlands): Obviously we didn't put up runs on the board, the platform was good. West Indies were brilliant at the backend, their spinners were tough to get away with, we were looking to get to 240 or 250 and we had them reeling at 5 down for something, just didn't apply enough pressure. Shiraz getting the wicket of the first over was brilliant, we dropped off too quickly, the energy wasn't there throughout. You want to win, it was disappointing, we take a lot of pride in as well and we started really with the ball, made early in roads, not good enough in the end.
Brandon King has been adjudged the Player of the match for his splendid innings!

Brandon King (West Indies):
I try to perform for the team, fortunately it came off well today. The pitch was good to bat, nothing to complain, I was just trying to keep it simple, nothing expansive. Take the team out of the bad position and pull victories for the team is what you play for.
And the honours of hitting the winning runs went to Keacy Carty, and he finished things off in some fashion! Rocks back and muscles it, possibly straight from where a voice rang out, asking for a boundary towards that side at the start of the over! West Indies take the series 2-0 with one game to play!
45.3 Aryan Dutt to Keacy Carty, SIX! GAME, SET AND MATCH! That's a half-tracker and Carty picks up the length and DISPATCHES it way over deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum to finish things in style. West Indies win the series with a game to go!
45.2 Aryan Dutt to Keacy Carty, that holds up a bit on the surface, short on the off-stump, Carty on the backfoot decides to block it.
45.1 Aryan Dutt to Keacy Carty, drops it short on the fourth stump, Carty on the backfoot punches it straight back to the bowler.
211 /5 score
cricket bat icon Brandon King *
91 (90)
cricket bat icon Keacy Carty
37 (63)
cricket ball icon Logan van Beek
1 /39
44.6 Logan van Beek to Brandon King, full delivery on the outside off, King on the backfoot creams it but finds the short cover fielder for no run.
44.5 Logan van Beek to Brandon King, looking to finish things off, short on the outside off, King on the backfoot mistimes it straight back to the bowler.
44.4 Logan van Beek to Brandon King, FOUR! Shiraz charges in  to take the catch but that bounces and turns away from the him for a boundary. King flicks that one over the square-leg region and picks up a boundary.
44.3 Logan van Beek to Keacy Carty, short delivery on the outside off, Carty on the backfoot pulls it into the ground towards deep square-leg for a single.
44.2 Logan van Beek to Keacy Carty, short on the outside off, bangs it in as Carty on the backfoot cuts it but finds the point fielder for no run.
44.1 Logan van Beek to Brandon King, length delivery on the outside off, King gets forward and eases it to the deep covers for a single.
205 /5 score
cricket bat icon Brandon King
86 (86)
cricket bat icon Keacy Carty *
36 (61)
cricket ball icon Aryan Dutt
1 /27
43.6 Aryan Dutt to Keacy Carty, skids a short delivery on the outside off, Carty on the backfoot punches it straight back to the bowler.
43.5 Aryan Dutt to Keacy Carty, short and extra-bounce as it turned into Carty, on the backfoot he turns it to backward square-leg and takes the bottom hand off.
43.4 Aryan Dutt to Keacy Carty, short and turning into Carty as he goes on the backfoot and clips it to square-leg fielder for no run.