308/5 (50)
288/10 (49.5)
WI won by 20 runs.
Player of the match: Kyle Mayers
Right then. West Indies usher into their new era with a 3-0 win against the Netherlands. A nice way for Nicholas Pooran to kick off his first series as captain but his real test comes in a few days' time as his side makes their way to Pakistan for an ODI series. As for the Dutch, it's another series of learning and competing against some of the best players in the world. Of course, no championship points for that but they'll hope to get better and focus on the process rather than the results. That'll continue when England comes to their shores in a few weeks time. Talking about the ODI points table, West Indies have got the much-needed 30 points under their belt and moved to 4th spot, after Afghanistan won their contest against Zimbabwe earlier today. Nice to have international cricket back, innit? That's all from this contest though. This is the duo of Pratyush and Pragadeesh, taking your leave. Adios! 
Nicholas Pooran (West Indies captain): Very pleased. It's a new team and it's my first time as captain. It's nice to win the series. We go to Pakistan now but I think the Netherlands played well. I'm very happy for the guys. Most batters made the most of their opportunities. So did the spinners, under some pressure. Everything can't go your way in the game of cricket. There was a phase today where I thought they might take it away but the guys pulling it back, it was nice to see as a captain. We were a bit surprised with the fans at the ground. We had a lot of fun with the crowds and it's good to know we have fans all over. 
Pieter Seelar (Netherlands captain): We've competed in patches and today, we seriously had a chance to beat them. After a tough start, we fought back well. It's one of those games where a bit of experience goes a long way. If you look at what we produced today, it's great but  I'm disappointed with the result, and thought we deserved 10 points. If you look at where we were after 25 overs, I think we had a decent start. [On some positives] O'Dowd and Vikram Singh were fantastic. 20 runs was a bit margin but we fell short of where we wanted to be in the last ten overs. We didn't want to chase 100 in the last 10 overs and that's where we lost the game.
Akeal Hosein is the Player of the Series: Pretty pleased with that effort on a batting friendly wicket. I want to give kudos to NikyP. He made crucial changes that were spot on. We executed our plans. Whatever the team requires at any point in the game, I'm ready to put my hands up.

Kyle Mayers is the Player of the Match: It was a good feeling. I got an opportunity to open the batting and we spoke about getting some big runs under the belt and it happened [the century]. It was a good experience here with the wickets good for batting. I want to make [bating at the top] a permanent fixture. Let's see how it goes.
West Indies won by 20 runs and complete the clean sweep, winning the series 3-0.

Kyle Mayers - 120 (106) | Shamarh Brooks - 101 (115) | Shermon Lewis - 3/67
Max O'Dowd - 89 (121) | Vikramjit Singh - 54 (55) 

Right then. West Indies complete the whitewash as they win the final ODI rather convincingly in the end. It wasn't all that straightforward though with the Dutch nearly pushing them to the limit. After Brooks and Mayers got the visitors to a healthy total, the hosts managed to pull things back towards the end from a stage where 350 looked gettable but credit to the Dutch bowlers at the death.

They carried the same momentum into their innings with Vikramjit Singh and Max O'Dowd leading the way with a sensational 98-run opening stand. That set the tone for the Netherlands and gave them the real conviction that they could chase this down. However, wickets falling in heaps didn't help their cause. 

O'Dowd went into his shell after losing his opening partner, while the middle order failed to provide enough support from the other end. The spin-duo Walsh and Hosein managed to tighten the screws in the middle overs to take the sting out of this Dutch innings and that's where the damage was mostly done.

Looking to take the game deep was the right ploy from the hosts but it started to backfire towards the end. With no one injecting some impetus in the middle overs, the Dutch gave themselves too much to do at the backend of this innings and eventually fell short. The lack of experience perhaps played its part, but it'll take it as another lesson against a top-side. Stick around for what the captains have to say.
49.5 Shermon Lewis to Vivian Kingma, leg cutter from Lewis full outside off, Kingma comes across and takes an aerial route and Bonner moves back and takes a good catch at backward point. The Netherlands were close but not close enough and West Indies completes a clean sweep.
Vivian Kingma c Nkrumah Bonner b Shermon Lewis 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6)
Vivian Kingma, RHB, comes to the crease

Pretty much the last rights for this contest now. Lewis has another to mark his debut. It will be a clean sweep for the West Indies.
49.4 Shermon Lewis to Ryan Klein, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! Slow delivery again at the stumps, Klein once again gave some room and is beaten and the ball crashes into the leg-stump. It's been a procession towards the end.
Ryan Klein b Shermon Lewis 2 (3b 0x4 0x6)
49.3 Shermon Lewis to Ryan Klein, slow back of the length delivery, Klein gives some room and swings but misses
49.2 Shermon Lewis to Ryan Klein, back of a length delivery and it's been pulled towards deep backward square leg for a couple of runs
Ryan Klein, RHB, comes to the crease

Maiden wicket for Lewis on his debut! 
49.1 Shermon Lewis to Pieter Seelaar, OUT! Back of a length delivery, Seelaar tries to heave towards the mid-wicket, but gets a top edge and Lewis take a simple catch.
Pieter Seelaar c & b Shermon Lewis 16 (9b 2x4 1x6)
Excellent comeback from Jayden Seales! He holds his nerve on debut to close out the over. 23 needed in 6 now. The other debutant, Shermon Lewis to close it out now. 
286 /7 score
cricket bat icon Pieter Seelaar
15 (8)
cricket bat icon Aryan Dutt *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Jayden Seales
1 /58
48.6 Jayden Seales to Aryan Dutt, Swing and the miss from Dutt on that occasion
48.5 Jayden Seales to Pieter Seelaar, right in the blockhole from Seales and Seelaar gets some bat on it. They take a single
48.4 Jayden Seales to Pieter Seelaar, short delivery and it's been pulled behind square on the leg-side for a boundary. 
48.3 Jayden Seales to Pieter Seelaar, fuller delivery and Seelaar gives room and creams it through extra cover for a boundary
48.2 Jayden Seales to Pieter Seelaar, length delivery and Seelaar swings and misses