New Zealand Women 178/10 (45.1 ov)
England Women 181/2 (33.4 ov)
ENG Women won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Tammy Beaumont
Should be very exciting to see whether New Zealand are able to bounce back in the next ODI, or will it be the English to yet again come out n top. That's all from here. Do join us next time, till then switch tabs for other cricketing action! I have been Ankit along with Vasisht as we take your leave! 
With an under par score on the board, England were already favourites to win this game, especially with that dominant top 4 in their batting line up. They started off positively, with good intent of not losing wickets and scoring slowly, gradually picking up the pace. Wyatt did lose her way after a strong start, but Beaumont and Knight joined hands to see their team through the tricky phase with spinners being introduced. Beaumont too fell, late in the chase, but Sciver and Knight made sure no other casualties are caused and wont he game with many overs to spare. Overall a very good performance from England, even when they were playing after a long haul. 
A pretty one sided affair today in Christchurch with the visitors dominating proceedings throughout the game. The home captain won the toss and elected to bat, with the aim of putting up a big score and defending it, but failed miserably and were toppled over for just 178 runs. England started off well, getting early couple of wickets, followed by wickets in regular intervals to keep hampering the chances of a big score. Hayley Jensen and Brooke Halliday, the debutants did extremely well to notch up their respective half centuries, but got no support from the seniors. Although their heroics were the reason why The White Ferns were able to reach to 178. 
Heather Knight (winning captain): Really happy, a very good preparation before this game and the girls did well, took wickets upfront created chances and struck immediately. Been a long wait so was keen to get back on the ground and play well. Really happy to start off with a big win. Really tough with what's going on around the world and to everyone watching from home, stay strong and thank you for all tour support. 
Sophie Devine (losing captain): Nowhere near with the bat, and their batsmen did really well with the chase and even the bowlers did well upfront picking up wickets. Debutants did well playing the first game under pressure so credits to them. Hopefully Tahuhu is better and is not suffering a major injury. I've been well, improving each day and will be back to bowl soon. 
Payer of the game: Tammy Beaumont: It was actually hard work seeing off the spin, couple of right calls with the DRS but a good effort in the field and the bowler's making our work easier. Sweep shots have come in handy to dictate the game against the spinners and its come to good use, so really made use of them. Really looking forward to the next world cup to try and defend out title and we got to aim for that with a settled squad, so that's what we're after. 
Sciver gets a boundary to win the game in a stylish manner. England win by 8 wickets and have been dominant throughout the game in all departments. 
33.4 A Kerr to Natalie Sciver, FOUR! and it's a WIN for England! touch short and that's all Sciver needed to scythe it past point. 
33.3 A Kerr to Natalie Sciver, nice air on that Sciver mildly deceived, no run 
33.2 A Kerr to Natalie Sciver, pulls it but no timing to get it past short square
33.1 A Kerr to Natalie Sciver, full on leg, Sciver goes back to it and drops it next to her, no run 
England are within touching distance of their target, with Knight picking up another couple of boundaries off the inexperienced Jonas, who walks away smiling, again a good sight to see. Tahuhu has limped off with the physio supporting her to the dugout. Just 2 runs needed to win for England. 
177 /2 score
cricket ball icon Fran Jonas
32.6 Fran Jonas to Heather Knight, FOUR again! The skip's in no mood to drag this out as she dances down to pummel that length ball clean and straight down the ground
Lea Tahuhu has gone down grabbing on to her left leg, looks to be in severe pain, with her teammates also signalling she's done. Could be a big blow if this injury is serious. 
32.5 Fran Jonas to Heather Knight, FOUR! swings across the line and it's just willow on that! Read the length in a flash and dispatches it between the mid wicket and square leg fence. Not very good news at the rope as Tahuhu does her hamstring bad in an attempt to save it.
32.4 Fran Jonas to Natalie Sciver, pushed through and punched away for one
32.3 Fran Jonas to Natalie Sciver, sweeps that with expertise to deep square to collect two
32.1 Fran Jonas to Heather Knight, OH in no woman's land! nicely tossed up inviting Heather to loft it over extra cover, no timing as it loops up and splits the field 
Six runs added in the over as England inch closer and closer to the target. It's Sciver this time to time the ball to perfection, notching up another boundary under her belt. Doesn't look like England will loose a wicket from here, with just 14 runs needed to win, but the White Ferns can pull off some surprises when least expected. 
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