203/10 (48.5)
204/9 (47.2)
ENG-W won by 1 wickets
Player of the match: Natalie Sciver
This has been Pradeep and myself (Rishab) and I'm sure we do need a breather after this nerve-wrecking contest. This has quite been the norm at this World Cup now. More crucial games to come. Meanwhile, lots more cricket coming your way for the day as well. Sunday is only getting started so do make sure you stick around. Goodbye for now folks!
What a game this has turned out to be eventually. We have seen some absolute cliffhangers in this tournament and this only adds to the list. England were cruising and at one point, the only question was how quick will they get home. However, New Zealand refused to give up easily and pulled the game dramatically back and how. They almost pulled it off too as it could have gone any way towards the end. New Zealand will be proud of their effort with the ball despite this defeat and where it puts them in the tournament now. 

As for England, they will be happy to have won a must-win game and they stay to fight another day. However, the manner wasn't convincing and they have a lot of work to do coming to their batting. They lost a similar game against West Indies and this could have shut the doors for them had it ended in the same way. They have been fortunate enough that they did not have many runs to get in the end and they scampered through. 

This has been an absolute thriller and New Zealand turning the game on its heads from nowhere has to be the highlight of this contest. England have relied too much on their top order, so much so that the middle order collapsed once again when exposed. They are going to have to better that if they want to go further ahead in the tournament. A word for Frances Mackay who was brilliant with the ball for New Zealand, really bringing in the belief and energy when they needed it the most. 

This World Cup is only getting better and better with teams fighting it out to make the cut and every game, almost, has been intense, which only adds to the drama and excitement of the tournament!
Heather Knight: We are sticking to the tradition of the tournament. Credit to Kiwis for making it interesting. The one's we lost have been close but really nice to get over the line in a must win game. The bowlers were outstanding. I think the top order has to soak the pressure in and finish the job. Charlie is a wicket-taker and she has had an impact. She's brilliant and has picked up wickets at key times. I think there is a bit of relief and we will reflect on what we could have done better. I think we are building nicely and we have players performing well. It still hasn't clicked and we haven't played our best cricket but hopefully we do it in the next two games.
Sophie Devine: I am incredibly proud of the girls to take it as deep as we did. We were 40-50 runs short. It's really hard to answer. We lost a few close games and we win those then it was a completely different story. There are a billion different things that we could have done but there are many positives to take out . We are looking forward to the final game as we have one last opportunity. This group might not be together after the tournament so we want to enjoy the last couple of days. 
Natalie Sciver, Player of the Match: It has changed as little bit and it really put the pressure on us ( on rain having an impact on the pitch). It's about partnerships and one of us staying there and taking it home. Unfortunately none of us did that. It's crazy that we just got over the line. There have been so many close games in this tournament and I am in shock. I didn't mind facing too many balls as I knew I had to be out there. It was a difficult wicket to find consistency but I am happy with the bowling. 
GAME SET MATCH! England are through eventually but what a contest this has been. Kudos to New Zealand for the fight and courage that they have shown to pull this game back which seemed as good as over long ago. True character and this has been an absolute classic. Thrilling contest and some brilliant cricket. Heartbreak for the White Ferns though!
47.2 Brooke Halliday to Anya Shrubsole, DROPPED! ENGLAND WIN! Agony for White Ferns as their chances look bleak after this loss. Full toss on the middle and off, Shrusbole looking play into the on-side but goes uppishly past the diving short mid-wicket fielder, it was a tough chance, gets that single that was needed and England still dream with the chance here but New Zealand misses out on this must win encounter!
Anya Shrubsole has played the shot of her life here. That will bring all smiles in the English dressing room!
47.1 Brooke Halliday to Anya Shrubsole, FOUR! SHOT! SHRUBSOLE YOU BEAUTY! SCORES ARE LEVEL NOW! Length delivery on the outside off, Shrubsole leans into it and creams that one through the covers and in the gap, what timing on that, runs away and picks out the ropes!
Interesting choice this!
Brooke Halliday [3.2-0-13-1] comes back into the attack
Who will take the ball now for New Zealand?
Every run will be a relief for England now. They just have to manage to hang around as they do have enough time to score the runs and get over the line. New Zealand cannot afford to give away freebies. They have fought so well and they do not want to give this away easily now. 5 more off 18 needed!
199 /9 score
cricket bat icon Charlotte Dean *
0 (3)
cricket bat icon Anya Shrubsole
2 (8)
cricket ball icon Frances Mackay
4 /34
46.6 Frances Mackay to Charlie Dean, drops it short, turning into Dean as she rocks and punches it straight to short cover. England need 5 off 18 deliveries now!
46.5 Frances Mackay to Charlie Dean, pushes through a short delivery, just outside off, Dean on the backfoot keeps it out.
46.5 Frances Mackay to Charlie Dean, WIDE! OH MY! Drifts a short delivery down the leg-side and Umpire signals that a wide.
46.4 Frances Mackay to Anya Shrubsole, TIGHT SINGLE TAKEN! Nails another yorker, Shrubsole opens the blade, digs it out towards short third-man, the fielder charges to it and has a shy at the stumps but Dean makes it in time!
46.3 Frances Mackay to Anya Shrubsole, OH! Leading edge into the off-side but falls safely, length delivery on the off-stump, Shrubsole looking to work it into the on-side, closes the face of the bat too early.
46.2 Frances Mackay to Anya Shrubsole, OH! Nails the yorker, darted it on the stumps, right up in the blockhole, Shrubsole does well to bring her bat down in time to dig it out.