Nicosia Tigers CC 137/1 (10 ov)
Nicosia XI Fighters CC 87/6 (10 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC won by 50 runs.
Nicosia Tigers CC won by 50 runs

NCT scored a mammoth total of 137 runs on the board for the loss o just one wicket. Their openers Roman Mazumder and Yasir Khan scored half-centuries to make their team to settle for a huge total. During the first innings NXIFCC's bowlers were not up to the mark as they leaked several runs due to bad bowling and extras. A chase of 138 looked really hard from the initial stage of the innings but Benojir Ahmed tried his best put scoring 44 runs for his team but he didn't get any other player who helped him out while chasing the total. The team scored only 87 runs for the loss of six wickets in reply to the total of 137. NCT's bowlers once again proved themselves with key spells during the game. Almost all bowlers delivered economical spells for the team. Shabbi Ul Hassan finished his spell with 2/12 and will be hoping to continue his form in the upcoming matches also.

That's it from today's matches of ECS Cyprus T10. It's me, Farzan and my colleague, Maanas signing off. Have a nice evening, Good Bye!
9.6 R Kumar to J Morol, OUT! Length ball on the leg stump that raps the batsman on the pads and deflects to the keeper. The batsmen take off for the suicidal single and the keeper whips off the bails to dismiss the Shukur!
9.5 R Kumar to A Shukur, full ball on the middle stump drilled down the ground for a single
9.4 R Kumar to M Rahman, OUT! CASTLED! Full ball on the middle stump spinning away and the batsman plays all around it but misses. Crashes into the stumps and the batsman has to walk back!
9.3 R Kumar to J Morol, OUT! Loopy full ball outside off and the batsman goes for the big slog sweep. The mid-wicket fielder misses the catch and the batsmen get a single.
9.2 R Kumar to M Rahman, length ball on the body pushed to long on for a single.
9.1 R Kumar to J Morol, length ball outside off tapped to cover for a single.
It's all just formalities now as the game has slipped out of Nicosia XI Fighters CC's hand but they will eyeing to make a comeback during their next game. NXIFCC 83 for the loss of four wickets after 9 overs.
It's all over! We can't expect Nicosia XI Fighters CC to make a comeback from this point of the game. NXIFCC 80 for the loss of four wickets after 8 overs. 58 needed in 12 balls!
End of 7 overs, Nicosia XI Fighters CC are 74/4. Shabbi Ul Hassan bowls an excellent spell of 2/12. The next over will decide whether the chase the is one or if it's done.
The target looks quite unachievable now as 70 runs is required in 24 balls. They'll have to hit every ball out of the park to end up on the winning side. NXIFCC 68 for the loss of two wickets after six overs. 
We're midway the innings with NXIFCC having scored 49 runs for the loss of two wickets. They require 89 runs in 30 balls.
We are experiencing some technical issues with the stream due to which we are unable to bring to you the ball-to-ball commentary. We regret the inconvenience caused.

Stay tuned for updates!
End of 4 overs, NXIFCC 43 for the loss of two wickets. Too many wides this over again but the team won't be worried about that as they are in a strong position and might win this game easily. 
3.6 H Rahman to S Chowdhury, single taken!
3.6 H Rahman to B Ahmed, 2 WIDES!
3.6 H Rahman to B Ahmed, 5 WIDES!
3.5 H Rahman to S Chowdhury, single taken!
3.4 H Rahman to B Ahmed, single taken
3.3 H Rahman to B Ahmed, no run!
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