Padova Cricket Club 107/4 (10 ov)
Royal Roma Cricket Club 112/6 (9.4 ov)
Royal Roma Cricket Club won by 4 wickets
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Royal Roma CC beat Padova CC by 4 wickets

This was a jail break for Royal Roma CC considering how they chased down the total. Chasing the total of 108 runs, they lost 2 wickets in the first over and exposed their soft underbelly- their middle order. Anil Kumar and Umar Shahzad joined forces and struck the ball really well and counter attacked the Padova CC bowlers. They strung a successful partnership of 52 runs among them.

Anil Kumar was dismissed soon after the partnership crossed 50 runs. Umar Shahzad had an extended stay at the crease, remaining unbeaten till the end, but had a frequent change of partners at the other end. Rajwinder Singh came in the final few over and finished off the match with a huge hit as Royal Roma finished on 112/6 after 10 overs, 4 runs more than the target needed to chase down.

Padova CC had their bowlers going for plenty of runs through out the match. Their bowlers kept recurring the chances for their side, but their fielding unit let hem down every now and then. Their captain, Nuwan Sameera was the pick of the bowlers as he snapped up 2 wickets in the powerplay and also stuck with the important wicket of Anil Kumar
9.4 Damith Kosala to Umar Shahzad, SIX! Umar has finished it in style! Full-length on the legstump, Umar has smoked it over the deep mid-wicket boundary!
9.3 Damith Kosala to Rajwinder Singh, full-length ball, plays all around it and the ball brushes his pads and goes to offside and they take a single. 2 runs needed in 3 balls!
9.2 Damith Kosala to Rajwinder Singh, short ball again, the batsman tries to pull it and misses.
9.1 Damith Kosala to Rajwinder Singh, short and wide outside off, smashes it to deep mid-wicket and they run quick two!
9.1 Damith Kosala to Umar Shahzad, short ball and it's almost over the head of the batsman and it's been called a wide! They also steal a bye!
Big last over coming your way as RRCC need 7 runs off the final 6 deliveries. Gets your nails ready as this match goes down the wire
8.6 Akash Handun to Umar Shahzad, full-length ball, swings hard but fails to connect and they take a bye!
8.5 Akash Handun to Umar Shahzad, full-length outside off, smashes it in the air to long off, the fielder comes running in and dives forward to take the catch but just falls short and they take two.
8.4 Akash Handun to Umar Shahzad, full-length in the slot and Umar latches onto it and smashes it to deep mid-wicket boundary! That's a very important boundary! Gets the ball full and straight and gets the ball running to the ropes and gets it down to 10 runs needed in 8 balls
8.3 Akash Handun to Rajwinder Singh, full-length outside off, smashes it hard to deep mid-wicket but will get only a single.
8.2 Akash Handun to Rajwinder Singh, short ball outside off, Rajwinder has pulled it mightily in the gap to deep mid-wicket boundary. Rajwinder Singh gets the ball in the arc there and he pulls it fine enough to the ropes for a boundary
8.2 Akash Handun to Rajwinder Singh, sprays it very wide outside off and the umpire calls it a wide!
8.1 Akash Handun to Shoiab Awan, full-length on the stumps, the batsman tried to swing hard and missed it! That looked plumb as the umpire raises his finger for a lbw! Full and straight from Handun there, Awan looks to play it across the line but misses the ball and is trapped plumb in front of the sticks. 6th wicket falls for RRCC
Update: RRCC are on 85/5 after 8 overs
We are facing technical difficulties, we will be back with the ball by ball commentary soon!
Nuwan Sameera gets the wicket of Anil Kumar in the over, but that doesn't seem to have bother RRCC as they are on 83/4 after 7 overs. Umar Shehzad stands like a pillar between the two sides and Padova CC will hope to get his wicket to win the match from here on
6.6 Nuwan Sameera to Umar Shahzad, back of a length ball, the batsman makes room to cut it away but misses it completely.
6.5 Nuwan Sameera to Anil Kumar, OUT! Full-length outside off, smashes it in the air to the off-side and the bowler comes running in to catch it and finally manages to hold onto it.
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