Prague CC Kings 73/5 (10 ov)
Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 6 runs.
Prague Barbarians Vandals wins this match by 6 runs!

Quite the roller coaster of a match this as at the start Prague Barbarians Vandals were on top as their opening bowlers plucked 2 early wickets. The Prague CC Kings were in a bit of a pickle as they were 7/2 and Aakash Parmar and Smit Patel tried to get their side back on track as they created a partnership of 28 runs.

For Prague CC Kings, Smit Patel was the only one who stayed there till the end. Unfortunately for Prague CC Kings, they lost wickets right at the crucial moments of the match which probably was the reason for their loss.

The Penultimate over bowled Ali Waqar was the game changer for his side as he plucked the wicket of Halil Ahmad. He in that over also conceded just 6 runs which created pressure on Prague CC Kings as they needed definite boundaries coming into the last over.

Towards the end, Sabawoon Davizi closed it out beautifully as he did not concede a boundary. The top wicket-takers for Prague Barbarians Vandals were Abdul Hossine Farhad and Ali Waqar who took 2 wickets each!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Prague Barbarians Vandals and Prague CC Kings. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside Gaurav Kadam, signing off till then take care and stay safe!!

9.6 S. Davizi to K. Mehta, pitched back of length and on the stumps as Mehta misses the shot again and Davizi ends with a dot ball.

Prague Barbarians have beaten Prague CC by 6 runs
9.5 S. Davizi to K. Mehta, short and outside off as Mehta tries to heave it over the covers but misses!  A big hit will tie the game here as 7 runs are required!
9.4 S. Davizi to K. Mehta, on the up as Mehta hits it towards mid on and the pair are somehow able to get two runs for their efforts.
9.3 S. Davizi to S. Patel, Patel is beaten by the length but the keeper is unable to collect it well, and the pair scramble for the run. The batsmen will need to find a boundary here somehow. Still, 9 needed!
9.2 S. Davizi to S. Patel, pitched outside off as Patel hits it through the covers and the fielder does well to sweep it for two runs. Down to 10 runs now!!
9.1 S. Davizi to S. Patel, pitched outside off as Smit has as swing and gets the edge down to the fine leg fielder and they scramble for two runs. Still, 12 runs needed from 5!
At the end of the 9th over PCC are 66/5. A great penultimate over by Waqar as he plucked the wicket of Hilal Ahmad in the over. For PCC, this has now become quite an uphill task. The loss of wickets have pushed them onto the back foot. They now need 14 runs from the last over!
8.6 A. Waqar to S. Patel, pitched back of the length as the batsmen try to steal the run. The wicketkeeper is able to hit the stumps but Mehta has just made his ground there! That was close!
8.5 A. Waqar to K. Mehta, pitched full as Mehta is able to get the bat on it and the pair scramble for the run. The ball hit the stumps on the other end!
8.4 A. Waqar to K. Mehta, pitched up again as the batsman swings and misses it completely! Dot ball for Waqar!
8.3 A. Waqar to K. Mehta, pitched on the leg stumps as the batsman is hit on the pads and the pair go for the run. The fielder overthrows it as Patel dives in for the second run. Good running from the two!
8.2 A. Waqar to H. Ahmad, BOWLED! pitched up and full as the batsman attempts a stroke towards the leg side and is beaten! A crucial wicket by Waqar here! PCC still 18 runs away from the win here!
8.1 A. Waqar to H. Ahmad, pitched in yorker length as Ahmad does well to dig it and play it towards the mid-wicket region for two runs.
At the end of the 8th over PCC are 60/4. A fantastic over by Farhad as he bowls beautifully through the over and creates pressure on Mendon. Mendon tries to play a pressure release shot and losses his wicket. Only 2 runs came off the previous over. PCC need 20 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 A. Farhad to H. Ahmad, angled in at the stumps as Ahmad is able to push it towards mid wicket for a quick single. That brings the end of a solid over by Farhad!
7.5 A. Farhad to K. Mendon, OUT! CAUGHT! The pressure has gotten to the batsman! Mendon plays it to the off side on the up and is caught at the point region! Farhad is rewarded for his consistency with the line!
7.4 A. Farhad to K. Mendon, a repeat of the previous delivery as Farhad continues to bang it short and is able to beat the outer edge of the batsman. Three dot balls in a row and the pressure is now mounting on the batsmen!
7.3 A. Farhad to K. Mendon, back of the length again as Mendon is unable to connect and is beaten by the pace!
7.2 A. Farhad to K. Mendon, short and outside off as Mendon attempts a big swing but misses it. Good pace from Farhad here!
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