Bergamo United Cricket Club won by 5 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Gaurav Kadam, signing off.
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, RPCC got the best start they could have wished for. They reached 44/0 after 4 overs and were looking set for a big total on the board with Rajmani Singh taking charge of their attack again. But down the middle of the innings, Ravi Paul came back into the bowling attack and simply turned the match on its head. He went through the top-order and dismantled any flow that was there to the batting innings. Mehmoor Javed scored 15 runs from 18 balls and Afzal contributed 10 runs from 5 balls. Rajmani Singh scored 40 runs from 23 balls before getting dismissed and along with him the hopes of a 100 plus total also vanquished. From the bowling department, Ravi Paul and Faraz Ali took 3  wickets each while Ibna Hossain also chipped in with 1 wicket. RPCC toiled hard and managed 90/7 from their 10 overs.
Chasing 91 and that too in a semi-final can be a bit tricky. But BUCC batters took the sensible approach and went along the innings beautifully and reached 55/1 at the halfway stage. They hit the balls on their merit and in spite of a late flurry of wickets BUCC held their innings firm. Needing 7 from the last over, BUCC batters showed their metal and reached home with 1 ball to spare. Opener Ahtasham Javaid scored 31 runs from 15 balls while Rizwan Tahir added 26 runs from just 19 balls. Mubashir Amin also produced a useful knock of run-ball 12. From the bowling department, Attiq Ur Rehman and Rajmani Singh took 2 wickets while Jabrar Afzal also took 1 wicket. BUCC stuck in there and reached 91/5 from 9.5 overs.

And thus at the end of this low-scoring thriller, BUCC win the match by 5 wickets and qualify for the finals.
End of the innings
BUCC 91/5 from 9.5 overs

BUCC win by 5 wickets and qualify for the finals!
9.5 Rajmani Singh to Ravi Paul, good length on the stumps and Paul pulls it down to the deep mid wicket region! The fielder misfields and the pair are able to take the couple and with that, BUCC have won the match!
9.4 Rajmani Singh to Umar Baig, quicker one outside off as Baig misses the shot and the batsmen are able to sneak another bye run there!
2 runs needed from 2 balls
9.3 Rajmani Singh to Ravi Paul, shorter one at Paul who missed on the shot and the non-striker took off and the umpire decides not out on the run-out appeal!
9.2 Rajmani Singh to Ravi Paul, DROPPED IT! WHAT A MISS! Good length on the pads and Paul went for the lob towards square leg! The fielder in the deep had a lot of time to position himself for the catch but drops it and the pair take a brace!
4 runs needed from 4 balls
9.1 Rajmani Singh to Umar Baig, full outside off as Baig runs it down to the long on fielder for a single to start the over.
6 runs needed from 5 balls.
End of the penultimate over
BUCC 84/5
Extras Given : 1
7 runs needed from 6 balls
8.6 Attiq ur Rehman to Rayhan Ibna Hossain, CAUGHT! Banged in short and Hossain goes for the big swing again! He gets the top edge down to the third man region and the fielder has taken the catch there. We are in for a nail-biter!
8.5 Attiq ur Rehman to Rayhan Ibna Hossain, SIX! WHAT A HIT! Banged in short outside off as the new man Hossain goes for the big slog over square leg and just clears the rope for a maximum. That has gone all the way. Pressure releasing hit and what a way to get the asking rate back to run-a-ball.
8.4 Attiq ur Rehman to Rayhan Ibna Hossain, good length at the body as Hossain pulls it down to the deep mid wicket region and the fielder does well to keep it inside with his feet to stop two certain runs!
8.3 Attiq ur Rehman to Rayhan Ibna Hossain, SWING AND MISSED AGAIN! Good length outside off as Hossain swung hard at the ball but misses out on it!
8.2 Attiq ur Rehman to Mubashar Hussain, BOWLED HIM! That one was banged in straight at the stumps and back of the length as Hussain swings but misses and has the stumps rattled. Another batsman bites the dust! Is it the semi-final pressure that is getting reflected! What a collapse is this!
8.1 Attiq ur Rehman to Mubashar Hussain, SWING AND A MISS! good length outside off as Hussain misses out on the shot and a dot ball to start the over!
At the end of the 8th over
BUCC 76/3
15 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 Rajmani Singh to Umar Baig, slower one outside off as Umar went for another big shot but misses the length and a dot to end the over!
7.5 Rajmani Singh to Umar Baig, SIX! Dropped short outside off and the new man Baig goes for the big heave over the long-on fielder and manages to clear the ropes with ease for the maximum on the hat-trick ball! Umair Baig does not want to hang around. Outrageous!
7.4 Rajmani Singh to Mubashir Amin, CAUGHT! Full outside off as Amin goes for the wild swing and has toe-ended the edge to the keeper! 2 in 2 for Rajmani Singh here! Is there a twist in the tale?
7.3 Rajmani Singh to Rizwan Tahir, CAUGHT! Slower one outside off as Tahir reaches out for the loft and holds out to the man in the covers who took a good catch to dismiss the man in-form. Tahir departs scoring 26 runs from 18 balls, but is it just a bit too little too late?
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