Royal Parma Cricket Club won by 55 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, RPCC continued their supreme form. They went off to a blazing start and reached 71/0 at the halfway stage. Mehmoor Javed got dismissed for 33 runs from 14 balls but his partner in-form Rajmani Singh continued to dominate the proceedings. Harkamal Singh remained unbeaten on 19 runs from 6 balls but it was all about Rajmani Singh who was the man in-form. He blazed through the bowling attack and just fell short of his 2nd century of the tournament. He got dismissed on the very last ball of the innings scoring 94 runs facing just 40 deliveries. From the bowling department, Skipper Joy Perera and Cheema took 1 scalp but every member of the bowling attack was taken apart and ended being way expensive. RPCC managed 151/2 from their 10 overs.
Chasing 152 would never have been an easy task and so it proved to be. MKCC fell prey to the pressure and got reduced to 38/3 after the first 4 overs. Skipper Joy Perera toiled hard but unfortunately got dismissed on 54 runs from just 29 balls. Sami Ullah and Bellanthuda contributed unbeaten knocks of 19 runs and 12 runs respectively but those were really not enough to go anywhere near the target. From the bowling department, Attiq Ur Rehman took 2 wickets while Jabrar Afzal also chipped in with 1 scalp. Skipper Sukhpal Singh was exceptionally economical conceding only 13 runs from his 2 over spell preventing the MKCC batters from breaking free by any degrees. MKCC fell way short and finished on 96/4 from their 10 overs and succumbed to their 3rd defeat in a row.

RPCC thus win the match by a margin of 55 runs and record their 3rd victory of the tournament. They are indeed a force to reckon with.  
End of the innings
MKCC 96/4 from 10 overs

RPCC win the match by 55 runs
9.6 Rajmani Singh to Sami Ullah, slower delivery, it was full, outside off, Sami digs it out around the corner and they have to settle for only a single! THAT'S IT! In the end Royal Parma bowling proved too much for Kingsgrove Milan to chase this mammoth total and lose by 55 runs in the end!
9.5 Rajmani Singh to Hasitha Bellanthuda, change of pace, it was full and Hasitha looked to club it but doesn't time that very well, ends up hitting to the deep square leg fielder, single taken
9.4 Rajmani Singh to Sami Ullah, short delivery, Sami gets on top of that delivery and hits it towards deep square leg region for only a single
9.3 Rajmani Singh to Sami Ullah, FOUR! Excellent shot from Sami, it wasn't that short, Sami waited for it as he gave himself some room and placed it beautifully towards deep backward point, races away to the boundary. Gracefully hit along the carpet and marches on towards the boundary.
9.2 Rajmani Singh to Hasitha Bellanthuda, change of pace, Hasitha walks down couple of steps and takes that one on the full toss, hits it towards mid-on for just a single
9.1 Rajmani Singh to Hasitha Bellanthuda, short delivery, Hasitha walks down couple of steps and hammers it away towards deep covers region, they ended up running a brace in the end
End of the penultimate over
MKCC 86/4
Extras Given : 3
66 runs needed from 6 balls
8.6 Attiq Ur Rehman to Sami Ullah, FOUR! Full delivery, into the pads, Sami flicked it fine and the fielder at short fine-leg has no chance, runs away to the boundary
8.5 Attiq Ur Rehman to Hasitha Bellanthuda, on the good length, Hasitha this time doesn't time very well, hits it towards deep square leg and have to settle for just a single
8.4 Attiq Ur Rehman to Hasitha Bellanthuda, SIX! Full delivery, in the slot, Hasitha goes through the shot and gets enough bat on that to power it all the way for a maximum towards deep square leg region. Beautifully struck by the batsman!
8.3 Attiq Ur Rehman to Sami Ullah, slower one, outside off, Sami taps it on the off-side towards point region for a quick single
8.2 Attiq Ur Rehman to Hasitha Bellanthuda, DROPPED! Slower delivery, Hasitha goes for the hoick and ends up skying towards extra cover, but the fielder looks to take a one handed catch but ends up dropping it, WOW!
8.1 Attiq Ur Rehman to Sami Ullah, RUN-OUT! On the good length, Sami drops it on the pitch and takes off for the single and Attiq runs forward, picks up and hits the stumps directly, Joy is short of his crease here, he has to go. Skipper departs scoring 54 runs from 29 deliveries. He simply got no partner down the other end to hold onto, and had to do all by himself!
At the end of the 8th over
MKCC 73/3
79 runs needed from 12 balls
Even 12 6s will not be enough now!
7.6 Rajmani Singh to Joy Perera, SIX! KABOOM! Short delivery, Joy picked it up early and MUSCLED it away towards deep square leg boundary, goes all the way, much further than anyone would've thought for a maximum, HUGE HIT! But in the context of the match, it is just a bit too little too late!
7.5 Rajmani Singh to Sami Ullah, change of pace, it was full outside off, Sami waits for it and only managed to hit it on the off-side for a single
7.4 Rajmani Singh to Sami Ullah, dropped it short as Rajmani saw Sami dancing down the track, Sami goes for the cut and misses it completely through to the keeper
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