Royal Roma Cricket Club won by 44 runs.
That wraps up proceedings then! Milan have fallen well short of the 127-run target. Their batting never took off and in the end it was a comfortable win for RRCC. Rome now progress onto the next stage of the tournament while Milan end up at the bottom of the points table.

Sami Ullah was the only batsman from MKCC who showed some promise with an unbeaten 28-ball 31, but in the end his team fell short of the target by 44 runs. Rome bowled excellently and wickets were shared around amongst the bowlers. Rajwinder Singh was excellent too as he conceded just 5 runs from his 2 overs.

Overall, its been a dominating win for Royal Roma, they've picked up their 4th win from 6 games in the tournament. Mubarak Hossain has been named the Man of the Match for his efforts with the bat after he top scored for RRCC with a 12-ball 25. 

That's that from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 11 of ECS T10 Rome. Goodbye from Abhinav and Anurag!
Over: 10 | Summary: 4 1 4 1 1 6 Bowler: Milap Singh Score: 82/5
9.6 Milap Singh to N Paththuwadura, SIX! tossed up delivery in the batsman's arc who stands tall and plays through the line to deposit the ball deep over the long on region for a MAXIMUM! 
9.5 Milap Singh to Sami Ullah, back of length delivery outside off, the batsman rocks back in his crease and slaps the ball to the right of backward point for a single 
9.4 Milap Singh to N Paththuwadura, tossed up delivery on offstump and miscued to long off where the ball lands just short of the fielder. Singletaken nonetheless!
9.3 Milap Singh to N Paththuwadura, SIX! fuller length ball on the stumps, the batsman sits on one knee and clobbers the ball over deep midwicket for a maximum!
9.2 Milap Singh to Sami Ullah, fuller length delivery on offstump, played down to the extra cover fielder for a single 
9.1 Milap Singh to Sami Ullah, FOUR! fulltoss down the leg and the batsman has no hesitation in putting it away to fine leg for a boundary!
65-5 after 9 overs. Its curtains for Milan here, just the formalities left now. Final over coming up
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 4 1 1 W 4 Bowler: Kulwinder Ram Score: 65/5
8.6 Kulwinder Ram to Hasitha Bellanthuda, TIMBER!flighted delivery on middle stump, the southpaw sits on one knee to sweep the ball to deep square region but misses the line of the ball and see his stumps lying shattered on the ground!
8.4 Kulwinder Ram to Sami Ullah, short of length delivery on middle and leg stump line, the batsman pulls it behind square for a single 
8.3 Kulwinder Ram to Hasitha Bellanthuda, another tossed up delivery on stumps, hit straight to the deep midwicket fielder for a single 
8.2 Kulwinder Ram to Hasitha Bellanthuda, FOUR! flighted delivery wide outside off, the big southpaw uses his high backlift to drive the ball down the ground for a boundary!
8.1 Kulwinder Ram to Sami Ullah, slow tossed up delivery, tucked away to cow corner for a leisurely single by the batsman 
54-4 after 8 overs. Rajwinder Singh has finished with figures of 0-5! 12 fair deliveries and its game over for Milan as the asking rate has gone past 36
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 0 1 0 1w 0 1 Bowler: Score: 0/0
7.6 Rajwinder Singh to Sami Ullah, banged in short and the batsman swivels in his crease to pull the ball straight to the deep square leg fielder for a solitary run!
7.5 Rajwinder Singh to Sami Ullah, slow, loopy delivery on the fourth stump line and the batsman is outfoxed by the change in pace!
7.5 Rajwinder Singh to Sami Ullah, bowled wide outside off, WIDE called by the umpire!
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