Salzburg CC 117/3 (10 ov)
Cricketer CC 89/9 (7.4 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 28 runs.
Player of the match: Ranjit Singh-1
Salzburg CC win by 28 runs!

That brings us to the end of our coverage of this game from the ECS T10 Vienna between Salzburg CC and Cricketer CC. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest scores and updates from the world of sports. This is Abhinav Kumar signing off alongside my colleague and friend, Pratyush Rohra. Thank you for joining us, goodbye and please stay safe and do not venture out of your homes!
That's all she wrote for Cricketer CC, as they end at 89/9 after 7.4 overs and with Abas Sediqi injured and unable to bat. That means Salzburg CC have won this game by 28 runs!

The only batsman who showed some fight for Cricketer CC was Khan-Agha Hamdard, who smashed a rapid 33 runs from just 9 balls, studded with 5 towering sixes, but apart from him and some small double-digit contributions from Basheer Ahamadzari, who scored 15 runs from 8 balls and Jaweed Zadran, who got 13 runs from 8 balls, there was nothing else from the other batsmen, who kept themselves engaged in a race as to who reached the dugout quicker.

The Salzburg CC bowlers did well to exert the scoreboard pressure on the Cricketer CC batsmen and their bowling figures more or less reflect that. Mubashar Ali & Saadii Cheema wrecked the batting order apart taking 3 wickets apiece, with Mubashar Ali being 3/17 in 2 overs and Cheema having 3/23 in 2 overs. There was a wicket apiece for Zeeshan Goraya, Ali Shah and Muhammad Shahbaz, with Goraya bowling really well upfront with 1/3 in 1 over, Shah getting 1/9 in his 1 over while Muhammad Shahbaz had 1/8 from 0.4 overs. The only bowler who got taken apart for runs was Rahmanullah Panchayan, who had a disastrous 1 over spell for 0/29.

With this win, Salzburg CC have made it 5 wins out of 7 and have made their candidature for a top-2 spot even stronger.
7.4 Muhammad Shahbaz to Khan-Agha Hamdard, CAUGHT! GAME OVER! A touch fuller on the stumps, Hamdard rocks back but can't get the elevation on that shot. It's right down the throat of the fielder at deep mid-wicket, who makes no mistake after watching several go over his head. Hamdard's entertaining cameo comes to an end, keeping everyone at the edge of their seats!

In case you're wondering, Abas Sediqi is out injured and won't be batting. Salzburg win by 28 runs!
7.3 Muhammad Shahbaz to Khan-Agha Hamdard, SIX! WHERE HAS HAMDARD BEEN? Back of a length on the stumps, Hamdard loves that as he rocks back and crunches this over mid-wicket for a maximum
7.2 Muhammad Shahbaz to Khan-Agha Hamdard, good length delivery down the leg-stump, Hamdard goes for the big heave but gets beaten
7.1 Muhammad Shahbaz to Khan-Agha Hamdard, back of a length delivery outside off-stump, hammers his pull shot towards long-on and scampers back for the second run
That over might bring some cheer in the Cricketer CC dugout, as Panchayan has been hammered for a massive 29 runs from the over and after 7 overs, Cricketer CC are 81/8 and need another 37 runs in 3 overs. Suddenly, the game is looking quite interesting now.

Another change in bowling, with Muhammad Shahbaz coming into the attack.
Over: 7 | Summary: 6 6 1w 1w 6 6 1 2 Bowler: Rahmanullah Pachayan Score: 81/6
6.6 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Usman Gol, back of a length delivery outside off, dabbed down to third man for a single but an overthrow gives them two! Salzbrug are slightly rattled after 29 runs came off that over!
6.5 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, full delivery outside off-stump, Hamdard goes for another big hit and gets a leaning edge back over the bowlers head, for a single
6.4 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, MAKE THAT FOUR! Full delivery angling into Hamdard, it's in the slot for him to clear his front foot and mows it over mid-wicket, the fielders are spectators right now
6.3 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, SIX! THIRD OF THE OVER! Back of a length into Hamdard again, he's been battering those one and he's done it again! Over mid-wicket it goes
6.3 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, another wide outside off-stump. Trying to keep it away from his arc.
6.3 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, back of a length delivery wide of off-stump. Overcompensating a bit.
6.2 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, SIX MOREEE! Back of a length into the batsman again, Hamdard clears his front foot and hammers it over mid-wicket for a maximum!
6.1 Rahmanullah Pachayan to Khan-Agha Hamdard, SIX! Back of a length delivery following the batsman, easy pickings as he rocks back and pulls this over square leg, for a maximum
A brilliant over from Mubashar Ali, who concedes only 4 runs and also takes 2 wickets, with Cricketer CC being 52/8 after 6 overs and needing another 66 runs in 4 overs.

Another bowling change, with Rahmanullah Panchayan coming into the attack.
Over: 6 | Summary: 2 W 0 0 W 2 Bowler: Mubashar Ali-1 Score: 52/6
5.6 Mubashar Ali to Usman Gol, full length delivery outside off-stump, Gol attempts to drive that one but gets an outside edge to beta the fielder at short third man, to collect a brace
They are collapsin', they are...Cricketer CC are crashing to an embarrassing defeat here and Ahmadzai is the latest to head back into the dugout, with their score now at 50/8 after 5.5 overs.

Usman Gol is the new batsman at the crease.
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