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Sharjah Bukhatir XI 126/7 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 111/6 (10 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI won by 15 runs.
Sharjah Bukhatir XI win the match by 15 runs. Adnaan Khan's half-century went in vain as his teammates could not support him to perfection. Gopalakrishnan was the star for Sharjah as his spell of 2/8 did not allow Dubai to gain the momentum early in the innings. Rizwan CP's 1/15 backed him up well. 

In the first innings, the trio of Rizwan, Mani, and Ahmad had destroyed the Dubai Pulse Secure. Fahad Nawaz's three-wicket haul brought Dubai back in the game, but unfortunately, two low-scoring overs in the second innings led to their defeat. 

Alright then, that's it from us here at Sportskeeda. This is me, Vinay Chhabria and my colleague, Abhinav Singh signing off!

9.6 Ali Anwaar to Fahad Tariq, short of length delivery, rising really up to the batsman who swiveled around and tried to hoick over the midwicket area but as has been the luck of DPS today, misses it rather comprehensively. With that, the DPS inning comes to an end!
9.5 Ali Anwaar to Fahad Tariq, slow ball bowled outside off, Tariq went back in his crease and clobbered the ball over long-on for a gargantuan SIX!
9.4 Ali Anwaar to Adnaan Khan, banged in short and muscled to short square leg area for a single!
9.3 Ali Anwaar to Adnaan Khan, overpitched and Adnaan has sliced it mercilessly to cover point for a powerful boundary. Too little too late you'd reckon!
9.2 Ali Anwaar to Adnaan Khan, short ball bowled outside off away from the batsman who misses it rather comprehensively 
9.1 Ali Anwaar to Fahad Tariq, full ball and slashed straight down the ground for a single, Adnaan back on strike
DPS - 99/6 after 9 overs. The way they have batted in the previous two overs, they can well chase down 28 runs off the final six balls. 
8.6 Syam Ramesh to F Tariq, length delivery outside off, and batsman plays it straight to mid-off for a single!
8.5 Syam Ramesh to F Tariq, banged in short and deposited straight over the Umpire's head for a MAXIMUM! DPS turning the heat on!
8.4 Syam Ramesh to F Tariq, fuller delivery, the batsman couldn't get under it and played straight to the bowler!
8.3 Syam Ramesh to Adnaan Khan, fuller delivery and clobbered straight to long off for a single. JEEZ!
8.2 Syam Ramesh to Adnaan Khan, full ball, in the slot and ADNAAN has hit that straight as an arrow. The ball sails over the bowlers head for a MASSIVE SIX in the DUBAI skyline
8.1 Syam Ramesh to Adnaan Khan, full delivery outside off and sliced to deep backward point for a boundary 
21 runs came off the 8th over, but the wicket of Usman Munir will give Sharjah a sigh of relief. DPS - 81/6. Need 46 runs in the final two overs. 
7.6 Tahir L to U Munir, OUT, short ball, Munir tried being too cheeky and attempted a paddle over short fine leg but couldn't clear him and the fiddler made no mistake there! Munir departs
7.5 Tahir L to U Munir, flighted delivery but in the slot, the batsman takes full toll of it and heaves the ball over long off for a SIX
7.4 Tahir L to Adnaan Khan, full ball but this time the ball finds the fielder at long on, SINGLE taken
7.3 Tahir L to Adnaan Khan, short ball yet again, Adnaan goes back in his crease and hits the ball in the same region for a similar result
7.2 Tahir L to Adnaan Khan, slightly short of length and hit powerfully between the midwicket and long on fielder for a boundary 
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