Sharjah Bukhatir XI 107/6 (10 ov)
Dubai Pulse Secure 46/10 (8.4 ov)
Sharjah Bukhatir XI beat Dubai Pulse Secure by 61 runs
Player of the match: Kashif Daud
That's all we have got from this match between Sharjah and Dubai as I, Sudheer, and my co-commentator, Bala, are signing off. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more matches from the Emirates D10 Tournament. Cheers and have fun.
That's a comprehensive win for Sharjah winning the match by 61 runs and they have hattrick of wins. Sharjah bowlers were just too good for Dubai's young and inexperienced batsmen. No batsman of Dubai looked settled in the middle as they were chasing a challenging total combined with their inexperienced batting line-up. Only one batsmen managed to get to double figures as others had a very short stay at the crease. Sharjah bowlers were exceptional as almost each bowler picked at least one wicket. Kashif Daud was the star as he picked 4 wickets in his two overs and Umair Ali got 3 wickets to his name. Rohan Mustafa got two while Hafeez Rahman got a wicket. Dubai have now lost 3 of their 3 matches so far and they need a huge revival to their set up to compete in this tournament.  
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 0 2 W Bowler: Rohan Mustafa Score: 0/0
8.4 Rohan Mustafa to Nilansh Keswani, OUT! Goes back to a good length ball, it skids off the surface giving him no chance to adjust and pins him on the back pad in front of the stumps. That is as plumb as you can get
8.3 Rohan Mustafa to Nilansh Keswani, goes for the ramp but Mustafa slows it down. Gets no pace to work with though he manages to ramp it over the keeper
8.2 Rohan Mustafa to Nilansh Keswani, full outside the off-stump, squirts it through to the fielder at backward point
8.1 Rohan Mustafa to Nilansh Keswani, full ball on the off-stump, defends it back to the bowler
It's almost all over for Dubai as 9 wickets are down. Rohan Mustafa comes to bowl his 2nd over and will look to finish the match here 
Over: 8 | Summary: W 0 1 0 0 W Bowler: Kashif Daud Score: 44/9
7.6 Kashif Daud to Vinayak Vijayan, OUT! Plays down the wrong line. Fuller ball angling in on the off-stump, he tries to defend it but brings down the bat through the wrong line and ends up getting beaten
7.5 Kashif Daud to Vinayak Vijayan, short ball angling into the throat of the batsman, stands tall and defends it off the back foot
7.4 Kashif Daud to Vinayak Vijayan, full outside the off-stump, pushes it with the open face of the bat straight to cover point
7.3 Kashif Daud to Nilansh Keswani, full ball on middle and leg, clips it away off the pads to get off the mark
7.2 Kashif Daud to Nilansh Keswani, short ball at the body, pulls it straight to the fielder at short fineleg
7.1 Kashif Daud to Ehtesham Siddiq, OUT! Full and straight, right in the blockhole. He swings across the line, giving himself no chance to make any contact. The ball castles onto the middle stump
Umair Ali finishes his spell with 3 wickets under his belt. Dubai are staring down the barrel with just 3 overs remaining in the innings and they need 65 to win.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 1 1 1 W 0 Bowler: Umair Ali Score: 43/7
6.6 Umair Ali Khan to Vinayak Vijayan, good length ball outside the off-stump, doesn't bounce as much as he anticipates and gets beaten
6.5 Umair Ali Khan to Muhammad Hassan, OUT! Length ball angling into the batsman, he plays a nice pick up shot. Times it too well in the end and holds out to the fielder at the boundary
6.4 Umair Ali Khan to Ehtesham Siddiq, length ball outside the off-stump, hoicks it aerially to wide long-on. Excellent field in the deep keeps it down to a single
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