Pakistanska Foreningen 103/5 (10 ov)
Sigtuna CC 77/4 (10 ov)
Pakistanska Foreningen won by 26 runs.
SO that's it from the middle PF winning by 26 runs in the end. In terms of T10 games, it's a huge margin. Rehman showed his mettle with 8 ball 15 which included a hat-trick of boundaries but soon after he perished, the STCC innings folded. No significant contribution from the other batsmen and as a result STCC suffer their first defeat of the tournament. PF will be incredibly happy with the result as they had clinched the previous match in the day by a solitary run too. Happy days for the PF camp!
Anyway, that's it from our side. Until next time, my partner Habil Ahmed and I Abhinav Singh signing off. Till then stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. See you all very soon. Cheers lads!
9.6 T Hussain to A Safi, swing and a miss. And it is all over!
9.5 T Hussain to A Afzal, gets an inside edge on to the pads and he gets a single. It's good to see that STCC batsmen are collecting every single run possible to make up for the run rate that is going to take a beating after the match
9.4 T Hussain to A Safi, shortish length on the offside and it is hit away for a single
9.3 T Hussain to A Safi, full toss on the leg stump and it is smashed away towards the square leg boundary for four. Too little too late surely. Stop the PRESS! We have a boundary at last! But it has come too late
9.2 T Hussain to A Afzal, comes down the track and he hits the slower one to deep midwicket for one run. Not enough sir!
9.1 T Hussain to A Afzal, swing and a miss! Another dot, we have seen them a lot after the wicket of Rehman
34 required off the last 6 deliveries. PF have choked the STCC batting in the end. Do we have a Yuvraj in the middle for STCC??
8.6 T Hussain to A Safi, short and outside off and it slapped over point but the fielder doesn't even make and attempt to catch it as they get two.
8.5 T Hussain to A Afzal, down the leg side and the batsman misses with the flick but they run a leg bye. Down the leg side and the batsmen misses it
8.4 T Hussain to A Afzal, short delivery and it is guided behind point for a couple. Hussain bowling it in the right channel
8.3 T Hussain to A Raza, BOWLED 'EM! The batsman misses with a big swing and is cleaned up. Can't blame Adnan for slogging wildly like that
8.2 T Hussain to A Safi, shorter delivery finds the top edge and they take a single. Adnan had nearly given up on the run, fortunately keeper missed the stumps
8.1 T Hussain to A Safi, straight delivery and it is hit down the ground only to be cut off by long on. Safi tried to hoick it but could not find the boundary
12 legal deliveries remaining, STCC need 42 from it. Looking like a lost cause for STCC. Tasdaq in with his last over
7.6 Z Aslam to A Raza, tries to heave the length ball on the leg side but he is not able to get a hold of that one.
STCC are looking devoid of any inspiration. They have made a mess of the chase
7.5 Z Aslam to A Faisal, shorter delivery that he tries to hit over midwicket but only finds the fielder on the edge of the circle
7.4 Z Aslam to A Safi, length ball on a straighter line and it is played to long on for one. No boundary in the over yet!
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