Empire Blades 82/3 (10 ov)
SKK Rapids 86/0 (6.5 ov)
SKK Rapids won by 10 wickets
That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the match between the SKK Rapids and Empire Blades. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
SKK Rapids beat Empire Blades by 10 wickets!

SKK Rapids as the name says were rapid with their chase all thanks to Jordan O'Brien who got off their team to a blistering start, the second over went for 26 runs and that almost sealed the game for them, he clobbered 5 SIX'es and 4 boundaries in that breathtaking innings from him! Jake Goodwin gave good company by scoring 23(17) with 3 boundaries, he was a mere spectator on the other end enjoyed the onslaught by his partner! In the end commanding win for them!

Empire Blades were out of sorts with the ball as well, they had no answers to Jordan O'Brien's rampage from the start, Richard Savage was the recpient of that 26 run over and from then on it was just mere formality to finish off the match! Empire Blades really need to sort out their batting first as they need someone to score a quickfire 20 or 30 to get them to a total where their bowlers have a chance to defend! 
A resounding victory for SKK Rapids here, they finish the match in no time! SKK Rapids finish with 86/0 in 10 overs! A 10 wicket victory!
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Jordan O'Brien taking this away from Empire Blades, he's in ominous form, picks up his 50 in just 20 deliveries! SKK are 75/0 after 6 overs! They just need 8 runs in 24 balls!
5.6 R. Mohammad to J. O'Brien, Another couple of runs to end the over!
5.5 R. Mohammad to J. O'Brien, SIX! There's no stopping O'Brien!
5.4 R. Mohammad to J. O'Brien, Two more runs taken
5.3 R. Mohammad to J. O'Brien, FOUR! Full delivery on middle stump hit to deep mid-wicket for a boundary!
5.2 R. Mohammad to J. O'Brien, Length ball on off-stump, O'Brien misses the pull but the ball runs away to thirdman off the pads
5.1 R. Mohammad to J. Goodwin, Full toss on middle stump pushed to long-off for a single
Another excellent over for SKK Rapids, 14 runs coming from that over! SKK are 58/0 after 5 overs! They need 25 runs in 30 balls!
4.6 R. Agarwal to J. O'Brien, SIX! Length ball on the stumps smacked to the fielder at long-on and the DROPPED catch spills over the fence!
4.5 R. Agarwal to J. Goodwin, Steps out and smacks the length ball to long-on
4.4 R. Agarwal to J. Goodwin, Length ball outside off hit to deep covers for two runs
4.3 R. Agarwal to J. Goodwin, Length ball on off-stump tapped back to the bowler
4.2 R. Agarwal to J. O'Brien, Full delivery driven on the off-side for a single
4.1 R. Agarwal to J. O'Brien, SIX! Easy pickings this for O'Brien over cow corner! The 50 is up for SKK!
Jake Goodwin spoiling that over with a boundary with what looked like a good over in the end! SKK are 44/0 after 4 overs! They need 39 runs in 36 balls!
3.6 H. Kumar to J. Goodwin, Full delivery just outside off, Goodwin inside edges the drive towards the bowler, no runs
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