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Spanga United CC 97/8 (10 ov)
Stockholm Tigers 83/8 (10 ov)
Spanga United CC won by 14 runs.
That's it! Spanga United have induced a remarkable turnaround. They were down and out after the initial assault by F Ahmed but pulled things back nicely in the second half to cruise to a comfortable win. For Spanga, it was all about J Johannes who single handedly won the match for Spanga. He ended his match with figures of 3-13 to go along with a brutal knock of 31 off 9 balls. With this Spanga have kept their hopes alive in the tournament. Stockholm on the other hand will be disappointed to let things slip from their hands. First they let Spanga score a formidable total due to some poor fielding in the last 5 overs of their bowling then fell apart like a pack of cards after a blistering start in the second inning. So with this we come to an end of the our coverage of this match but keep tuned in to Sportskeeda as much more action is coming your way. Till then, here me, faham Haider signing off along with my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay
Spanga United beat Stockholm Tigers by 14 runs
9.6 F Azeem to S Rahman, OUT! Full ball and the batsman plays a nothing shot straight towards the fielder at cover, who takes an easy catch. With that, Spanga United win the game by 14 runs!
9.5 F Azeem to S Rahman, short ball pulled towards square leg for a double.
9.4 F Azeem to S Rahman, SIX! In the slot and that is dispatched over mid-wicket for a maximum!
9.3 F Azeem to S Rahman, no pace on the ball and the batsman misses his shot completely. No run!
9.3 F Azeem to S Rahman, wide ball down the leg side
9.2 F Azeem to S Rahman, FOUR! short ball hit to long on for a four!
9.1 F Azeem to T Ahmed, single taken off the bye as the keeper cannot collect the ball
Stockholm CC 67/7 after 9. Stockholm has fallen apart like a pack of cards. 31 needed off the last over
8.6 S Johansson to S Rahman, full ball lofted to deep mid wicket for a couple of runs.
8.5 S Johansson to S Rahman, big swing and a miss by the batsman. No run!
8.4 S Johansson to T Ahmed, full ball on the body hit to mid-off for a single.
8.3 S Johansson to S Rahman, length ball flat batted to long off for a single.
8.2 S Johansson to H Rahman, OUT! Full ball and that is lofted to long off where the fielder takes a brilliant running catch. The game is all but over.
8.1 S Johansson to H Rahman, full ball hit back to the bowler. No run!
Stockholm CC 63/6 after 8. Cricket is a funny game, very unpredictable. Spanga out of no where are dominating this. 35 needed of 12 deliveries now.
7.6 J Johannes to R Hoque, OUT! Full ball outside off and the batsman edges the ball off the toe of the bat. A huge appeal by the keeper and the bowler and the umpire finally obliges after a long time!
7.5 J Johannes to R Hoque, DROPPED! Length ball and gets a top-edge only to be put down by the fielder at fine leg.
7.4 J Johannes to H Rahman, length ball that hits the batsman on the body. They run a single.
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