183/7 (20)
184/8 (19.2)
SL won by 2 wickets
Player of the match: Kusal Mendis
Right, so that'll be that in terms of our cricketing coverage for the day. The people of Twitter have had plenty to talk about this exhilarating game, and Anuj has compiled the best tweets among the lot in one article! Click on the link below to read the same! It's a new day already, and so, we look forward to bringing you plenty of cricketing action today! Four ECS matches, a couple of Caribbean Premier League games, and a virtual knockout Asia Cup match between Pakistan and Hong Kong await us! For now, this is Rajarshi, along with Pradeep, signing off! Good night!
Kusal Mendis, Player Of The Match: In the first 6 overs, I went with my normal game and in the four following overs, I went for my shots. (On the no ball) It was a good option, I got to bat again! I wanted to finish the game and stay until the end, I had two chances, and I felt like it was my day and I ended up scoring 60 runs. I've practised a lot in Sri Lanka in the last 6 months to 1 year. I know more about my job, and what the team wants me to do. I'm learning something every day, and I get good support from my teammates. I do everything I can to help my team. Thank you to all Sri Lankan supporters, thank you very much!
Dasun Shanaka, Sri Lanka captain: At the middle period, I thought it was tough, but after Kusal and I were in the crease I thought it was achievable on this wicket. The openers did a really good job today, we lacked that in the other game. We needed that opening partnership. Today, the upfront batsmen did well, that was the key, and we successfully chased down this total. (On thoughts about promoting himself up the order) I had thought about it, but from the point of the team, I had to sacrifice my place and come down as a finisher. People ask why don't I bowl more often, it's for the team. I'm always happy to help the team in as many ways as I can. After Chamika was run out, I felt that the game was out of reach, but Asitha Fernando, with his two shots, that he delivered to finish the game, these young cricketers in the Sri Lankan team have a lot of potential.
Shakib Al Hasan (Captain, Bangladesh): Death bowling we're looking to improve, that part we missed out and cost us the game. In the last two overs, they were eight down and needed 18 runs and they got it with five balls to spare, that shows we're poor at the death, we're good in the middle overs. Lots of credit to Sri Lanka, Kusal played a tremendous knock and Shanaka supported well. We wanted to pick wickets, fast bowlers were getting it, trying to put pressure, having said that, we needed to execute our plans and should've defended 180. If you look at our last six months, we're not being competitive, World Cup will be a different challenge, we need to work on lot of areas if we have to do well. (About the crowd support) Everywhere we go, we get this kind of support, we feel sorry for them, they support us in our ups and downs, I hope they continue to support and we can give something back.
Chris Silverwood (Coach, Sri Lanka): Couple of big overs under the belt, obviously Mendis did so well, the skipper did so well and we took the game away from them and kept along with the required run-rate and Bangladesh never got ahead of us. Needed to be calm, very good surface, if we had hung on long enough, we could get runs with wickets in hand, last 10 overs it was crucial, that's what we did. No rocket science, it was all suggestions, lot of teams do it today, it's suggestions from the side to the skipper.
Match summary:
Sri Lanka won the toss and opted to bowl

Bangladesh 1st innings 183/7 (20 Overs)
Afif Hossain 39(22) | Chamika Karunaratne 2/32 (4)

Sri Lanka 2nd innings 184/8 (19.2 Overs)
Kusal Mendis 60(37) | Ebadot Hossain 3/51 (4)

Sri Lanka win by 2 wickets with 4 balls to spare and advance to the Super 4s.

The celebrations in the Sri Lankan camp and among the two batters in the middle say a lot! Sri Lanka deserved this victory, they've emerged as one of the more promising T20I sides in the recent past, and now they advance to the Super 4s to play India, Afghanistan and either one of Pakistan or Hong Kong! Bangladesh, despite having been the better side for most part of the game, committed elementary errors throughout their defense of their total, and they pay the price! 

Sri Lanka's opening pair of Pathum Nissanka and Kusal Mendis weren't able to connect in the first over of two in the chase, but the intent was there from them. It started to materialize from the fourth over, when Nissanka started to tee off having received some ordinary lengths from Mustafizur. Kusal Mendis got in on the act against Shakib the next over, but the opening stand didn't last for long; Nissanka was undone by a short delivery from Ebadot Hossain and was pouched at mid-wicket. Ebadot also accounted for Charith Asalanka in the same over, and Sri Lanka suffered successive setbacks and were on the back foot.

Two more wickets fell in quick succession, and Bangladesh's hopes of sealing a berth in the last four kept building up. Dasun Shanaka, Sri Lanka's crisis man in such situations, walked in and took a while to settle himself as Mendis, having been given several reprieves throughout his innings, went for his shots and proceeded to complete a fine half-century. By the time Mendis departed, Dasun Shanaka was on a roll, so Sri Lanka had their hopes up all along. There was a bit of pressure created by Bangladesh after that, and they managed to account for Shanaka as well as the Sri Lankan skipper tried to clear long-on but failed!

It then came down to Chamika Karunaratne and the tail to get Sri Lanka home. Karunaratne challenged the Bangladesh fielders in the deep on occasions in the penultimate over, but with two balls remaining, Theekshana tapped one straight to Shakib, called him through for the run, and even if Karunaratne hadn't hesitated, he would have been miles short as Shakib pinged the stumps down from close range. It seemed like all was over for the Island nation, but then, Asitha Fernando swung his long levers - twice, found the gap on the leg side and got them to the brink! The Bangladesh bowlers, despite doing so well today, lacked one aspect, minimizing extras. Sri Lanka got home with three balls to spare after Theekshana scampered back to the danger end to complete a brace, and the umpires found out that Mahedi had overstepped. Overall, the Sri Lanka-Bangladesh game lived up to the hype, with the Lankans coming out on top!
SRI LANKA EMERGE TRIUMPHANT UNDER PRESSURE! BANGLADESH FALTER YET AGAIN! CHAMIKA KARUNARATNE DOES THE NAAGIN DANCE RIGHT IN FRONT AMONG THE PLAYERS AT THE SRI LANKAN DRESSING ROOM BALCONY! We've had a great, great game of cricket, and Sri Lanka, despite suffering setbacks in the chase so often, clinch the win and advance to the Super 4s, Bangladesh are out of the 2022 Asia Cup!
19.3 Mahedi Hasan to Asitha Fernando, length delivery on the off-stump, Asitha down on one knee again and swats it down to long-on, they sprint back for the brace. HANG ON, SRI LANKA WIN as Mahedi has overstepped here, called a NO-BALL! MY WORD, what a game this and Bangladesh players stand in disbelief, they cannot believe it. Sri Lanka into the Super 4s and Bangladesh crash out of Asia Cup!
19.2 Mahedi Hasan to Asitha Fernando, FOUR! ASITHA FERNANDO, YOU BEAUTY! What a shot that from Asitha. Length delivery on the stumps, he goes down on one knee and hammers it to cow corner, long-on doesn't bother getting to it, a boundary. Just 3 needed now!
19.1 Mahedi Hasan to Maheesh Theekshana, fires the length delivery into Theekshana, steps down the track to hoick but misses, thuds on the pad and they sneak in a leg-bye.
Drama, what drama! The final group game is living up to its hype! 8 off 6 to determine a place in the super 4s!
176 /8 score
cricket bat icon Maheesh Theekshana
0 (1)
cricket bat icon Asitha Fernando *
4 (2)
cricket ball icon Ebadot Hossain
3 /51
18.6 Ebadot Hossain to Asitha Fernando, FOUR! SHOT! This game is not over by any means. Back of a length on the outside off, Asitha on the backfoot swats it over the extra-cover ,runs away and picks the ropes. What a shot that and the dressing room is pumped up!
18.6 Ebadot Hossain to Asitha Fernando, WIDE! Full but goes wayward on the outside off, Ebadot has to reload.
Asitha Fernando, RHB, comes to the crease
18.5 Ebadot Hossain to Maheesh Theekshana, RUN-OUT! DIRECT-HIT AND KARUNARATNE HAS TO GO! Shakib you beauty, there was no way they are going to get that single and Shakib takes time, aims all the three stumps and darts into it. Theekshana gets a leading edge into the off-side, Karunaratne getting back to strike desperately but Shakib was too quick as well and Karunaratne perishes!

Chamika Karunaratne run out (Shakib Al Hasan) 16 (10b 1x4)
18.4 Ebadot Hossain to Chamika Karunaratne, OH! Change of pace, back of a length into Karunaratne on the middle and leg, looks to flick but misses, thuds on the thigh and they sneak in leg-bye.
18.3 Ebadot Hossain to Chamika Karunaratne, that is a good catch, running to his right from long-off and holds on to it, goes off balance to go over the ropes but he parries it back as they hare back for the brace. Karunaratne clobbers it straight down the ground.
18.3 Ebadot Hossain to Chamika Karunaratne, FOUR! SHOT! There's the boundary that Sri Lanka needed. Walks across off-stump for the back of a length delivery, hoicks it wide of short fine-leg fielder to his left, runs away and picks out the ropes. Guess what, Ebadot has overstepped, it's all nerves folks, MY GOODNESS!