SV Wiesbaden 1899 79/6 (10 ov)
Lemar CC Oberursel 46/3 (10 ov)
SV Wiesbaden 1899 won by 33 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague,Sameer Deodhar, signing off.

Losing the toss and being sent in to BAT first, SVW did not get their desired start. Getting both the openers dismissed within the 1st over, SVW's innings seemed to be in deep trouble. Runs dried up and bowlers were controlling the entire proceedings. Shahan Agha made a quick 10 of 5 balls accompanied by Fayaz Khan who was initially slow to get going but managed to contribute a useful 30 off 26 balls with a late flurry of boundaries. There was no rhythm to the batting innings thanks to the brilliant bowling performance of the LCO bowlers. Sher Miran took 2 wickets conceding 12 runs and Atif Shams ripped through the batting with figures of 6/2 from his 2 overs. SVW managed a total of 74/6 but were fortunate enough to get 5 bonus penalty runs because of LCO's slow bowling rate and thus a target of 80 was set for the chasing team.

With a renowned batting line-up, the target of 80 looked more than getable. The deadly bowling line-up of SVW was not ready to give up yet and started to rage fire from the very beginning! LCO lost 2 early wickets and were reduced to 21/2 after 5 overs. With 59 runs needed from 30 balls, Atif Shams looked to hit big but was unable to do so. He top-scored with 26 from 29 balls and none of the other batsmen touched the double figure mark. The bowling was exceptional from SVW. The wickets column does not show much but they were way above than being only economical. Skipper Khalid Khan bowled a maiden and ended up with figures of 5/1 from his 2 overs. Zadran and Jawed Khan partnered him well conceding 4 and 5 runs respectively. The batsmen could not force their way out and fell way short of their target. LCO finished on 46/3 from their 10 overs.

SVW thus won this low scoring encounter by 33 runs and record their 1st win of the tournament. The bowling attack of SVW is indeed ready to rock this tournament going ahead!   
End of the innings
LCO 46/3 from 10 overs
SVW win by a margin of 33 runs.

9.6 Abdullah Zadran to Atif Shams, SIX! Smacks the length ball over long-on to get the first six of the match. Nothing more than a consolation though!
9.5 Abdullah Zadran to Atif Shams, misses the wild slog on a length ball over the leg stump
9.4 Abdullah Zadran to Sher Hask, dabs the short ball to thirdman for a single
9.3 Abdullah Zadran to Atif Shams, miscues a hoick to the left of the fielder at covers and gets off-strike
9.2 Abdullah Zadran to Atif Shams, FOUR! Hoicks the length ball outside off over covers for his third boundary of the match! Too little too late!
9.2 Abdullah Zadran to Atif Shams, full and wide outside off from Zadran
9.1 Abdullah Zadran to Sher Hask, taps the length ball outside off to point and takes a single
End of the penultimate over
LCO 32/3
Extras given : 4
Another maiden! Fayaz completes an astonishing spell of 2 overs conceding only 2 runs. 48 runs needed from 6 balls
It's done and dusted by now. Last over is nothing more than a formality. LCO should try to lower the margin of defeat keeping the net run rate in mind.
8.6 Fayaz Khan to Atif Shams, similar delivery, similar shot, same result. MAIDEN OVER!
8.5 Fayaz Khan to Atif Shams, makes room for himself and fails to reach the short ball outside off
8.4 Fayaz Khan to Atif Shams, lobs back the length ball to the bowler and Fayaz DROPS a tough chance to his right
8.3 Fayaz Khan to Atif Shams, makes room for himself and misses yet another hoick on the off-side
8.2 Fayaz Khan to Atif Shams, swings and misses on the back of a length delivery over the leg stump
8.1 Fayaz Khan to Atif Shams, misses a hoick on a short ball over the stumps
At the end of the 8th over
LCO 32/3
Shams is batting on 15 runs off 19 balls along with Hask who is on 2 from 7 balls.
48 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 Kashif Zadran to Atif Shams, slogs the full delivery on the stumps to long-on and the fielder DROPS a not-so-tough catch allowing Shams to take a single
7.5 Kashif Zadran to Sher Hask, back of a length delivery outside off pushed away to backward point for a single
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