163/5 (20)
164/5 (19.3)
SS-W won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Erin Burns
Phew! That was one wild ride of a game, wasn't it? The pendulum swung one way and then another before the Sixers finally got the momentum at the backend of their innings to pull off the ultimate heist to win this contest. That allows them to cement their spot at the top of the table with not many games to go in the tournament. The battle for the Top 4 promises to be a thrilling one in the coming days and of course, we'll be right here to unravel all of it for you. For now, though, that's all we have. This is the duo of Pratyush and Pradeep, signing off. Buh bye!
Erin Burns has been adjudged the Player of the Match for her sensational knock that took her team over the line! Here's what she has to say: I'm absolutely buzzing, I'm so stoked that we got over the line,  it's always a good battle against the Heat. Up and until this season we had to go on over from two or three seasons, to get two in two in home and away games is obviously unbelievable. You kind of dream to play in such situations as a player, it was beautiful seeing Ecclestone hit all those boundaries and sixes, had the best spot at the other end. Knew well how Sophie strikes, knew always that at the backend we can catch up, she was gutted that she got only a single of the last over the 19th over. Look I think, if you look at the Sixers list last year, anyone would've argued that we wouldn't have made it to the finals this time, bit of a shock not to do as well last time, we just had a really good vibe about the group and we always back our skills and back our order, confidence is growing game on game, it's setting it up nicely for the backend of the game.
Sydney Sixers won by 5 wickets!

Erin Burns - 51* (32) | Kate Peterson - 4/17
Jess Jonassen - 28 * (21) | Jess Kerr - 1/29

Scenes. The absolute scenes. There's something about this Sydney Sixers unit, isn't it? They struggled to find the pieces to their jigsaw last season but they look like a solid unit this year, don't they? When was the last time you saw Ellyse Perry celebrate wins like that? That tells you the mood in the camp, more than anything else.

It was Kate Peterson's 4/17 that helped them pulled things back in the first innings before Jess Jonassen managed to get Brisbane Heat to a solid total. In reply, the Brisbane Heat were all over the Sydney Sixers like a bad rash in the Powerplay, having them tottering at 18-2 with Healy and Perry back in the hut.

Suzie Bates fought admirably in the middle, taking the fight to the Heat with a well-constructed knock of 41 before she was dismissed by Amelia Kerr. At that moment at 67-4 in the 11th over, it seemed like the Sixers were down and out of this contest but they rose to the occasion and how.

On her 100th WBBL apperance, Erin Burns showed what she's all about with a blistering half-century and had enough support from the other end in the form of Sophie Ecclestone. Their 92-run stand off 45 deliveries got Sydney over the line, chasing down 61 runs in the last five overs.

Sydney Sixers just know how to produce thrillers and get over the line. It's a champion side with champion players and that's just what they do! What a humdinger of a game again. Stick around for the presentation.
Sophie Ecclestone jumps and punches the air in delight before embracing with Erin Burns. What a partnership this was. What a game this was. Sydney Sixers take a huge step in cementing the top spot and they've got two wonderfully talented players to thank for that win. They've stolen this from the jaws of defeat!
19.3 Nicola Hancock to Sophie Ecclestone, SIXERS HAVE DONE IT! Erin Burns and Sophie Ecclestone are heroes of this game for them and they qualify for the next stages of the WBBL, what a thriller of a contest this has been. Length delivery on the fifth stump, was another slower one and Ecclestone leans smacked it wide of sweeper and they jog back for the brace and they are elated, why not, they have pulled off a heist here!
19.2 Nicola Hancock to Sophie Ecclestone, FOUR MORE! Ecclestone, what a player, what a batter, my goodness. Change of pace, short on the off-stump, Ecclestone waits and absolutely clobbers it to deep mid-wicket, long-on had no chance. Just 2 needed now!
SOPHIE ECCLESTONE, YOU BEAUTY! Hancock came around the wicket to search for the yorker but she dished out a full toss instead. 6 needed from 5 now. What a game this has been!
19.1 Nicola Hancock to Sophie Ecclestone, SIX! KABOOM! Ecclestone DEPOSITS the full toss into the grass banks over deep mid-wicket, what a shot, my word and Sixers are almost there and Heat losing the nerve at the end.
Sydney Sixers need 12 runs off the final over. Nicola Hancock [3.0-0-18-1] is back into the attack. Who will win this game? Have your say.
152 /5 score
cricket bat icon Erin Burns
51 (32)
cricket bat icon Sophie Ecclestone *
35 (22)
cricket ball icon Amelia Kerr
1 /39
18.6 Amelia Kerr to Sophie Ecclestone, full toss and Ecclestone misses out as she skips down the track and mistimes the swipe to deep mid-wicket for just one.
18.5 Amelia Kerr to Erin Burns, length delivery on the stumps, Burns once again dances down the track, hammers it straight down the ground, long-off is fine and keeps them for just one.
What a way to mark her 100th appearance in the WBBL. Erin Burns, take a bow! Sixers need 14 off 8 balls now. Surely, this game's theirs to lose from here on?
18.4 Amelia Kerr to Erin Burns, FOUR MORE! FIFTY FOR BURNS! On her 100th appearance in WBBL, she's pulling off a heist for Sixers. Length delivery on the off-stump, Burns down the track looks to hoick but gets a thick outside edge, down to third-man for a boundary.
18.3 Amelia Kerr to Erin Burns, SIX! SENSATIONAL FOR SIXERS! Length delivery on the off-stump, Burns skips down the track and looks to hoick but at first thought it was miscued it but goes just clears the fielder at long-off for a maximum.
18.3 Amelia Kerr to Erin Burns, WIDE! Tries to bowl wide of off-stump, goes outside the tramline in the end, called a wide.
18.2 Amelia Kerr to Sophie Ecclestone, length delivery on the middle and leg, Ecclestone skips down the track and hoicks it over mid-wicket, sweeper gets there and keeps them for one.
18.1 Amelia Kerr to Sophie Ecclestone, OH! That is an excellent stop from Knott at long-off, comes diving towards the ball to her right and keeps them for a brace as Ecclestone smacks the length delivery down the ground.
Amelia Kerr [3.0-0-23-1] is back into the attack