ST-W won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Issy wong
Smriti Mandhana has been as exquisite and elegant as she is known. What impressed us most was the leader she has become due to her shrewdness in approaching the innings coupled with the match-awareness which was elevated even more by the nature of her shot selection. 

The start for the innings was not ideal as Sammy Jo-Johnson lofted one in the air which Alyssa Healy was quick to judge and grab with both her hands. Phoebe Litchfield perished soon courtesy of an absolutely perfect catch from Shafali Verma at mid-on. 

It is when Corinne Hall joined Mandhana at the crease, things got streamlined and they just took one over at a time. Hall just took her time initially but when she got in, she cashed on it. She scored 19 before she was knocked over by Cheatle. Mandhana was going really well and got out when Thunder needed just 5 more runs as she lofted one to Ashleigh Gardener in the deep.
Maitlan Brown was a tad expensive going for 22 runs in her first couple of overs. Lauren Cheatle was the silver lining as she returned with match figures 3-15 for her 4 overs. What impressed most was the composure she showed during her spell and it seemed as if she had 180 runs for her team to defend.

Isabelle Wong is the Player of the Match

Isabelle Wong: Really enjoyed bowling today in the first innings and other bowlers backed up really well at the other end and all of it goes so much under the radar and I think I've spoken a lot about these dot balls and building pressure on the batters and that will bring the wickets. And I was lucky to be the one taking wickets but all of it was due to the pressure that was built. (On the competition) I think obviously it is the derby and those are the big games you need to be aware of and make sure you come out on the right side and is always really satisfying and as a team means a lot. And we have a couple of games left and the focus is on how good we can be in them and how much can we keep winning.  
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As far as this match is concerned, we encountered a low-scoring clash of the Sydney Derby and it was the Sydney Thunder who came out victorious. We hope you enjoyed the coverage of this match as much as we had the privilege of bringing it to you. So until next time on behalf of my exceptionally talented co-commentator Ankit Sharma, this is me Anavit Naik bidding you goodbye! See you around!
Sydney Thunder Women beat Syndey Sixers Women by 6 wickets
15.2 Nicole Bolton to Deepti Sharma , FOUR! Sharma sweeps that, and knocks the Sixers out of contention for the top 4! Tossed up delivery, drifting down the leg side. Sharma goes for the paddle sweep, and times it really well. Plays it to the pace of the ball, and guides it fine down fine leg region for a boundary. 
15.1 Nicole Bolton to Tahlia Wilson , full length delivery, on the pads. Wilson dances down the ground, and drills it towards deep mid wicket for a single. Could have been two, but Sharma says no. 
Only 4 needed now. Mandhana wanted to finish things quickly and ended up lofting it in the deep
91 /4 score
cricket bat icon Tahlia Wilson
3 (9)
cricket bat icon Deepti Sharma *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Stella Campbell
1 /16
14.6 Stella Campbell to Deepti Sharma , good length delivery, on the fifth stump line. Sharma thumps it to extra cover but picks nothing. 
14.5 Stella Campbell to Tahlia Wilson , full length on the pads. Wilson tries to flick it, but misses. Gets some pad on it to deflect it down to fine leg for a single. 
14.4 Stella Campbell to Tahlia Wilson , full length this time, but still wide outside off stump. Wilsone steers it towards point again, and settles for a dot ball. 
14.3 Stella Campbell to Tahlia Wilson , good length delivery, with some width on offer. Wilson tucks it towards point, but picks nothing. 
Deepti Sharma, left-hand bat comes to the crease at no.6 and will be off strike
14.2 Stella Campbell to Smriti Mandhana , OUT! CAUGHT! Slower one this time, full and just wide enough to trouble the batter. Mandhana goes lofting it, and ends up chipping it towards deep cover. Gardner comes in and gets under it to hold onto it. 
14.1 Stella Campbell to Smriti Mandhana , FOUR! SMACKED! From around the wicket comes Campbell, serves it up in the good length region. Mandhana makes some room and hammers this straight and over the bowler. No one at long off or long on to cut this one, as it rolls away to the fence. 
14.1 Stella Campbell to Smriti Mandhana , wide again. This time Mandhana sits in her crease, but Campbell again, sends it gliding down past the off side tram line. 
14.1 Stella Campbell to Smriti Mandhana , wide ball! Too many today, from Campbell. Tries to keep it away from the left hander, who was charging down the track, But ends up bowling it wide outside the off side tram line. 
Stella Campbell comes back into the attack