71/5 (10)
49/10 (9.2)
UCC won by 22 runs.
Player of the match: Mustafa Nawab
Who saw this coming at the halfway stage of the innings? Only a few would've given United CC a chance to emerge victorious after posting a meagre total on the board. Even when Naeem Lala smacked Amandeep Bindra for two boundaries in the first over, it looked like Prague CC were about to finish this match in no time.

But there was many a slip between the lip and the cup. Zahid Iqbal set the tone for United CC by getting two wickets in his spell and conceding just five runs. It wasn't a good scorecard reading as the middle order fell for single-digits, and some of the batters just gave catching practise to Mustafa Nawab. Soon after, things got bad to worse for Prague CC in a blink of an eye as Mustafa Nawab chipped in with two wickets before Piyush Baghel added two more scalps in the next over.

This has been one of the most disciplined bowling and fielding performances in ECS cricket as United CC hardly put a foot wrong and deservedly came out on top against the hosts. We have two more matches to go before we wrap up proceedings for the day. Do join us for the live coverage, but for now, this is Pragadeesh saying goodbye on behalf of my colleague Bidipto.Cheers
9.2 Manish Jangid to Dan Casey, full and straight, the batter walked into the shot to slog over long-on, he did not connect, and the stumps got uprooted! BOWLED HIM! And that is a shock defeat for Prague CC!
9.1 Manish Jangid to Prakash Sadasivan, good length ball on middle, turned around to short fine-leg for a run only.
24 needed from 6 balls
Piyush Baghel's over started with a six but he came back well and took two wickets. It's United CC's day as whatever they touched turned to gold.
48 /9 score
cricket bat icon Prakash Sadasivan
8 (4)
cricket bat icon Dan Casey *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Piyushsingh Baghel
3 /12
8.6 Piyushsingh Baghel to Dan Casey, hat-trick ball, full on middle, batter clips it to leg but the non-striker refuses the run.
Hat-trick ball come up

Dan Casey, RHB, walks in at No.11
8.5 Piyushsingh Baghel to Sameera Maduranga, fuller and on off, hit away in the air to cow corner but it turns out to be CATCH to deep mid-wicket! Another WICKET goes down!
Sameea Maduranga, RHB, walks in at No.10
8.4 Piyushsingh Baghel to Dipan Patel, fuller ball on middle, struck back hard to the bowler but he CAUGHT it on the full diving to his right in no time to send the batter packing! WICKET!
8.3 Piyushsingh Baghel to Prakash Sadasivan, full toss on middle, batter steps out and hits to long-on for one.
8.2 Piyushsingh Baghel to Prakash Sadasivan, fuller outside off, and a swing and a miss this time!
8.1 Piyushsingh Baghel to Prakash Sadasivan, full outside off and a massive strike over long-off this time by stepping out for SIX!
31 needed from 12 balls
Piyush Baghel comes back into the attack

Nawab does it on the field as well as with the ball. It's a sensational bowling performance and could turn out to be a pivotal spell in the outcome of the match
41 /7 score
cricket bat icon Suditha Udugala *
5 (4)
cricket bat icon Prakash Sadasivan
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Mustafa Nawab
3 /9
7.6 Mustafa Nawab to Sudita Udugalage, full and straight, the batter missed and the bowler hit! CLEAN BOWLED! 
7.5 Mustafa Nawab to Sudita Udugalage, short over off and it takes off, the shot gets missed! Dot ball.