120/7 (10)
CLJ won by 26 runs.
Player of the match: Vasu Saini
That is all we have from the eliminator then. Cluj going through as United's campaign comes to an end. This has been Rajarshi and myself (Rishab) for the moment. More action coming your way from the finals day. It is also the double-header day in the IPL. So, Super Saturday is only getting started folks. Do stay tuned to catch all the action! 
Right then, Cluj stay in and United are now out of the tournament with that. Cluj did well with the bat to come out and put those runs on the board to give them an upper hand in the contest. United started well in the first over with Ramesh Satheesan on charge and it looked as though we were in for an exciting chase. 

However, Satheesan was sent back soon and from there on, United just fell apart and just couldn't find their way back in the chase. Cluj did well in those middle overs with some tidy bowling and they also picked wickets throughout to ensure that they did not allow United to come back. 

A good all-round game for Cluj with that and this will give them immense confidence given how they had a poor outing yesterday. They are the defending champions and are now through to the second qualifier. They will have to make it to the finals the hard way but they have given themselves another opportunity to do so!
Done and dusted as reigning champions Cluj keep their chances of regaining the trophy alive. They have come out all guns blazing, as they are know to and have knocked United out. A disappointing finish for Ramesh Satheesan and his men with that! 
94 /6 score
cricket bat icon Aftab Ahmed Kayani *
11 (5)
cricket bat icon Shantanu Vashisht
2 (2)
cricket bat icon Lahiru Sandaruwan
5 (2)
cricket ball icon Sohel Shaikh
0 /11
9.6 Sohel Shaikh to Aftab Kayani, Kayani hits this through point, the ball rolls to the point fielder, they take a brace, and Cluj are through to the second Qualifier! They have beaten United CC by 26 runs!
9.5 Sohel Shaikh to Lahiru Sandaruwan, down to long-off for one
9.4 Sohel Shaikh to Lahiru Sandaruwan, FOUR, Sandaruwan smashes this past point for four
9.3 Sohel Shaikh to Aftab Kayani, single taken without any harm this time!
Lahiru Sandaruwan, RHB, comes to the crease
9.2 Sohel Shaikh to Aftab Kayani, OUT! RUN OUT! Absolute chaos! Who's out? It's a photo finish! Both batsmen dived for the same end! Kayani pushed this one to mid-wicket, there was plenty of indecision on the second run, Kayani set off for the second Vasisht wasn't sure, Kayani stopped, Vasisht then took a couple of steps, Kayani saw that and committed himself, Vasisht paused, and then, in the most comical of scenes, both of them were in a race to get to the crease at the striker's end! What made it ever funnier was that the throw came in to that end itself, the keeper dislodged the stumps there, and then tossed it to the bowler, who completed the run out eventually!

Shant Vashist run out (Arun Kumar/Satwik Nadigotla/Sohel Shaikh) 2 (2b, 0x4, 0x6)
9.2 Sohel Shaikh to Aftab Kayani, wide, just about wide down the leg side
Sohel Shaikh comes into the attack
9.1 Sohel Shaikh to Shantanu Vasisht, single to mid-wicket
A successful over for Saini with a couple of wickets and he has bowled smartly here. Cluj have bounced back brilliantly to defend this total and as we go into the final over, this is just a formality to be completed. United on the verge of being knocked out!
83 /6 score
cricket bat icon Aftab Ahmed Kayani *
7 (2)
cricket bat icon Shantanu Vashisht
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Vasu Saini
2 /16
8.6 Vasu Saini to Aftab Kayani, SIX, United CC know the game is gone, they are celebrating the little things! Kayani swings at this slot delivery and connects juicily, the ball sails over the mid-wicket boundary!
8.5 Vasu Saini to Shantanu Vasisht, Vasisht is off the mark
Shant Vashisht, RHB, comes to the crease
8.4 Vasu Saini to Zaid Khalil, OUT! CAUGHT! Easy as you like for Devre, he has his second catch this over! Khalil tried to smash this downtown, the ball got a bit big on him, and he found the fielder at long-on!
Zaid Khalil c N Devre b Vasu Saini 2 (3b, 0x4, 0x6)
8.3 Vasu Saini to Zaid Khalil, slower ball, Khalil swings and misses