Vancouver Vibes 217/5 (20 ov)
Kings 11 Kelowna 106/10 (18.4 ov)
Vancouver Vibes won by 111 runs.
106 ALL OUT! VV have won the match by 111 runs a very good margin. What a dominant performance it was from the Vancouver Kings, racing past 200 and picking up wickets back to back. The Kings XI again were nowhere close in this game and end the season without a win in any of their games. Pargat Singh picking up three wickets for 20 runs. Muhammad Kamal bowling a double wicket maiden. Ambrish Kalia opened the batting well for the Kings XI but did not find anyone to support and the Kings XI once again fell like 9 pins. 

That's it from the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is me Azhar along with my colleague Dwijesh signing off!
18.4 Davinder to Parminder, WICKET! Parminder is the last one to fall as Davinder has his wicket! With that Kings 11 fall to their fourth loss of the tournament and the Vibes register another win in the BC Cricket Championship 2020!
18.3 Davinder to Parminder, dot ball!
18.2 Davinder to Gill, IN THE AIR AND DROPPED! Gill attempts an almighty heave and skies one in the air and gets away with it!
18.1 Davinder to Parminder, Parminder takes a single with a nice-looking drive to mid-on!
At the end of the 18th over Kings XI are 104/9. Maiden wicket over. Kamal picks up two wickets. 
17.6 Kamal to Gill, another dot as Kamal bowls a double-wicket maiden!!
17.5 Kamal to Gill, full ball outside off, beats Gill all ends up!
17.4 Kamal to Gill, dot ball!
17.3 Kamal to Irfan, WICKET! Irfan has to depart as Kamal gets his second wicket in this game!
17.2 Kamal to Irfan, dot ball as Irfan takes a full ball on the pads!
17.1 Kamal to Gurvansh, BOWLED! Kamal is too quick for Gurvansh, who cannot get his bat down in time to meet a very full ball on the stumps!
100  up for the Kings XI ! At the end of 17 overs the Kings XI are 104/7. VV are just 3 wickets away from victory. Impossible for Kings XI to win this for sure. 
16.6 Davinder to Parminder, full ball on off-stump, Parminder defends it back to Davinder as the over comes to an end!
16.5 Davinder to Parminder, short ball on middle and leg, Parminder plays it to the leg-side for a four!
16.4 Davinder to Parminder, another dot ball!
16.3 Davinder to Parminder, dot ball as Parminder is beaten on the cut!
16.3 Davinder to Parminder, wide ball outside off as Kings 11 reach the 100-run mark!
16.2 Davinder to Parminder, full ball outside off, Parminder looks to go big but misses!
16.1 Davinder to Gurvansh, a length ball on middle and off, Vansh heaves it away for a single!
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