189/10 (40.3)
192/0 (30.5)
IND won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Deepak Chahar
That'll be all from today but the second one-dayer will take place at this very venue on Saturday - don't forget to join us for our coverage of the same while keeping yourselves up to date with all the other cricketing action from around the globe. You can hop over here to catch our coverage of the 2nd ODI between Netherlands and Pakistan while if you're keen on some Test cricket, the Lord's Test between England and South Africa is also on as we speak. Here's where you need to head for the same. Thank you so much for tuning in for this contest - this is the duo of Lavil and Sooryanarayanan taking your leave for now. Buh-bye and see you around!
A happy captain and a happy team. KL Rahul wins his first game as captain of India and it must feel sweet coming at a venue where he made his ODI debut six years ago. A clinical display all the way by the visitors and they've drawn first blood in the series. Zimbabwe will know that they have their task cut out but expect them to come out with the same body language that they displayed against Bangladesh not too long ago.
KL Rahul (India Captain): (100 percent fit now?) Yes yes, as good as it can be. I'm on the field so I'm happy. (Playing a lot of cricket takes its toll?) It does. We do play a lot of cricket and injuries are obviously going to be a part of it. Being away from the game is hard and doing rehab everyday is boring. We'd rather play cricket 365 days than do that. We were all together actually - me, Kuldeep and Deepak, we were recovering at the NCA in Bangalore. Picking up early wickets was really crucial - there was a bit of swing and the bowlers said that there was a bit of seam movement as well if you bowl back of a length. It was great to see that discipline which helped us pick up 4 or 5 wickets. For a few of us it feels really good to be back in the dressing room. As the Indian team we've been in good form, winning in West Indies and England. Few guys getting opportunities, few guys returning from injury - it's nice to be on the field.
Deepak Chahar is the Player of the Match for his figures of 3/27 in his quota of 7 overs

Deepak Chahar:
The landing area was a bit hard, my spikes weren't settling in properly. Playing after more than 6 months, I was a bit nervous and then managed to get the rhythm. Before coming here, I played a couple of practice games. When you're playing for the nation, you need to give your 100%. My mind and body weren't coordinating for the first half of the spell and then I managed to get it all back. I slipped as I wanted to bowl a bouncer and couldn't bowl it well as I didn't have a proper footing and slipped
Regis Chakabva (Zimbabwe Captain): The Indian bowlers bowled really well. They really put the pressure on us. I thought we started off well in the first 5 overs but we sort of lost our way from the 8th to 15th over. It was really good to see Richie and Brad give us a really good partnership towards the end. It always pains when you know that if you had batters scoring runs at the top it would have been better. We needed to have one or two big partnerships. We sort of had that going a little bit but we didn't have enough today. (Difficult to bowl once the sun started beating down?) You could say that. I thought our bowlers tried to come hard at them. Obviously Shikhar and Gill batted really well and took us out of the game. We'll obviously have a little chat today, keep our heads up and look to bounce back on Saturday.
Shikhar Dhawan: It has been fun batting with the youngster (Shubman Gill). My plan was to take on the bowlers once I was set. I knew I could accelerate and I looked to play the way I play. There is not much talking with Shubman out in the middle. He is an excellent timer of the ball and goes about his business beautifully, converting his 50s into bigger 50s. The bowling was good. We took 4 wickets in the first 12-13 overs. Chahar came back into the team after 5-6 months and had an instant impact. Siraj was good, Prasidh and Axar too.
India 192/0 (30.5) beat Zimbabwe 189 all out (40.3) by 10 wickets to take a 1-0 lead in the 3-match series.
Shubman Gill 82* (72) | Shikhar Dhawan 81* (113)
Regis Chakabva 35 (51) | Axar Patel 3/24 (7.3)

On either side of that 70-run stand between Richard Ngarava and Bradley Evans, it was sheer dominance by the Indians. That, in essence, tells you what you need to know as far as this contest is concerned. One team turned up and dominated for large swathes, wrapping up a comprehensive victory in the process.

There was some movement up front for Ngarava and Victor Nyauchi but they didn't help their cause by spearing it on either side of the wicket. Of course, Shikhar Dhawan and Shubman Gill were kept on their toes thereafter as they seemed to show signs of rust. The start was sluggish but all those extras, as well as the lack of a consistent radar by the seamers meant that they could get stuck into the chase.

There was a half-chance at square leg that was left unconverted and thereafter, once the spinners came on and conditions eased out for batting, there was only one result possible. Zimbabwe's bowlers just weren't penetrative enough and with a modest total on hand, it was never going to be easy for them.

Both batters switched gears and notched up their respective half-centuries. That said, it was a strange innings on Dhawan's part - he took 76 deliveries to reach the landmark but somehow seemed to decelerate, continuing to swing like a rusty gate in the process. He might have scored the winning runs but it certainly was a rather bizarre innings from the experienced southpaw.

It was none of the kind from Gill though - he was timing it like a million dollars, showing just why he's so highly-rated among the new chips on the block. It was another sublime innings and his acceleration eased the load on his more senior partner, with the duo waltzing towards the finish line thereafter.

So India take a 1-0 lead with an extremely dominant display that see them complete a record 13th consecutive win against Zimbabwe - their best streak against any opposition. Stick around as we hear from the captains and the Player of the Match shortly...
And there you go! As easy as that and it's been that simple really for the visitors. A stroll in the park as they complete an annihilation of some kind! India win by 10 wickets with 115 deliveries to spare!
30.5 Bradley Evans to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! INDIA WIN! Short from Evans, it was going down the legside and Dhawan needed no second invitation to pounce on that one. Pull it towards backward square leg and the ball runs away to the boundary ropes for a four to seal the deal. Handshakes all around as India win the match by 10 wickets and lead the 3-match ODI series 1-0.

Trivia: This is also the third time India has recorded a 10-wicket win over Zimbabwe
Back around the wicket...
30.4 Bradley Evans to Shubman Gill, length delivery going down the legside. Gill clips that one towards fine leg and gets a single
30.3 Bradley Evans to Shubman Gill, back of a length delivery outside the off stump. Gill looked to cut that one away but isn't given that much width. He settles for a little check shot towards backward point
30.2 Bradley Evans to Shikhar Dhawan, short ball a bit too big for Dhawan. The southpaw manages to middle that one and plays it towards deep square leg and add a single to the total, helping his side inch closer to victory
30.2 Bradley Evans to Shikhar Dhawan, APPEAL FOR CAUGHT BEHIND, BUT GIVEN WIDE! Whoa, that was funny! A back-of-a-length delivery going down the legside. Dhawan looked to pull that one away but misses. Evans appeals but the umpire signals it as wide
30.1 Bradley Evans to Shikhar Dhawan, back of a length delivery on the line of the off stump. Dhawan looked to pull that one away but is rapped on his forearm. No run
Bradley Evans [3.0-0-21-0] is back into the attack. He will bowl around the wicket.

Just one big hit away now are the visitors. It's been a canter and a half alright! Can Dhawan seal it in style?
186 /0 score
cricket bat icon Shikhar Dhawan
76 (110)
cricket bat icon Shubman Gill *
82 (70)
cricket ball icon Sikandar Raza
0 /33
29.6 Sikandar Raza to Shubman Gill, length delivery on the line of the off stump. Gill pushes that one towards covers for a dot ball to end the over
29.5 Sikandar Raza to Shikhar Dhawan, length delivery on the line of the middle and the off stump. Dhawan taps that one down the ground towards extra cover and gets a single
29.4 Sikandar Raza to Shikhar Dhawan, FOUR! Full and quick on the line outside the off stump, Dhawan times his shot to perfection on that occasion as the ball runs along the ropes and evades the diving fielder for a boundary