Kurt Warner Super Bowl Wins

Kurt Warner has a fascinating NFL story as he was undrafted after graduating from college in Northern Iowa. He signed for the St. Louis Rams (now known as Los Angeles Rams) in 1994 and won his first and only Super Bowl with them. Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) was the first Super Bowl win for both Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams. He went on to appear in another Super Bowl with the Rams in 2002 (Super Bowl XXXVI) but lost it. Kurt Warner went on to play for the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals before retiring. He also helped the Cardinals reach their first-ever Super Bowl appearance in 2009 (Super Bowl XLIII). Warner was awarded as the Super Bowl MVP in his Super Bowl win and is the only undrafted NFL player to be named Super Bowl MVP.

Full NameKurtis Eugene Warner
TeamSt. Louis Rams (1998-2003), New York Giants (2004), Arizona Cardinals (2005-2009)
Super Bowl Win YearXXXIV (2000)

How Many Super Bowls has Kurtis Warner Won?

Warner has won only one Super Bowl in his 12-year playing career. Kurt Warner led the St. Louis Rams (now the Los Angeles Rams), to their first Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XXXIV. Warner helped the Rams reach a Super Bowl after 20 years and won the match against the Tennessee Titans.

Kurtis Warner Super Bowl wins and losses

Kurtis Warner had a difficult start to his NFL journey, but he made it to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame after his career. The quarterback won his only Super Bowl match in Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) in a match where he threw two touchdown passes. He also created a then Super Bowl record by throwing a total of 414 passing yards. The match ended 23-16 and Warner made a decisive 73-yard touchdown pass to Isaac Bruce to break the tie in the last quarter.

Warner made another Super Bowl appearance in 2002 (Super Bowl XXXVI) with the Rams, against the New England Patriots. The Rams lost the match 20-17 although Warner had managed an impressive 365 passing yards along with a touchdown pass and a rushing touchdown.

Warner’s final Super Bowl appearance was in 2009, as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. He helped the Cardinals reach their first Super Bowl (XLIII). The Cardinals lost the match to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here is a list of Kurt Warner’s wins and losses:

XXXIV: St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee Titans 16 (2000)

XXXVI: St. Louis Rams 17, New England Patriots 20 (2002)

XLIII: Arizona Cardinals 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 27 (2009)

What is Kurt Warners’ Super Bowl Record?

Kurt Warner ended his career with a Super Bowl record of 1-2. He won his first Super Bowl (XXXIV) and lost in his other two appearances (XXXVI and XLIII). He is the only undrafted player to win an NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl MVP award. Warner is one of the few players to reach a Super Bowl with more than one team.

What Super Bowls did Kurt Warner play in?

Here are the Super Bowls where Kurt Warner has played:

XXXIV: St. Louis Rams vs.Tennessee Titans (2000)

XXXVI: St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots (2002)

XLIII: Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (2009)

What team did Kurt Warner win the Super Bowl against?

Warner has won the Super Bowl against the Tennessee Titans in 2000.

Super Bowl XXXIV: Rams 23, Titans 16 (2000)

What teams did Kurt Warner lose the Super Bowl against?

Here are the teams against whom Kurt Warner has lost the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl XXXVI: Rams 17, Patriots 20 (2002)

Super Bowl XLIII: Cardinals 23, Steelers 27 (2009)