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Trevor Lawrence's Brother
Trevor Lawrence - Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans

Trevor Lawrence is the current starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Lawrence was the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and was selected by the Jaguars. Playing in his third season in 2023, there are a lot of expectations on his shoulders as he has come to the league with an outstanding reputation during his days leading the Clemson Tigers.

The NFL has been a bit of a struggle for Lawrence, but that is not entirely on him. It's been a tough task for the Jaguars to slowly but surely put together a roster capable of going deep in the playoffs. The Jaguars are still a team making in the progress and are probably a couple of pieces away from genuinely challenging for the Lombardi Trophy. But, till then, a lot rests on the shoulders of the tall 6 foot 6 quarterback from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Full NameChase Lawrence
Weight295 lbs
Famous ForArtist, Brother of Trevor Lawrence
Born InKnoxville, Tennessee
GirlfriendBrooke Lawrence (wife)
ParentsAmanda Lawrence (mother) and Jeremy Lawrence (father)

Trevor Lawrence's Brother
Trevor Lawrence (L) with his Brother Chase (R) - Image courtesy - Chase Lawrence's Instagram

Who is Trevor Lawrence’s brother Chase Lawrence?

Chase Lawrence is the elder brother of the charismatic quarterback. Trevor Lawrence has two siblings, a younger sister Olivia Lawrence, and an elder brother Chase Lawrence.

Chase Lawrence looks extremely similar to Trevor Lawrence the only difference being that Trevor is clean-shaven while Chase sports a hipster look. Chase is a few feet shorter than Trevor but their facial features make them look like twins. Chase's look has often been called the hippie version of Trevor as he is an artist who has a laid-back approach.

Although both brothers share different passions and have different lifestyles altogether, there is no denying how close of a bond they share. According to Trevor's sister-in-law, Brooke, the brothers are truly the best of friends. They both are inspirations to one another and also have a positive influence on each other.

What is Chase Lawrence famous for?

Chase Lawrence first came to the limelight during the days leading up to Trevor Lawrence’s 2021 NFL Draft day. Chase Lawrence is, however, known for his art. He is an artist who is very talented in his field of work and specializes in oil paintings and sculptures.

What is Chase Lawrence’s Net Worth?

Chase Lawrence’s exact net worth is unknown. He has a successful art career along with his wife Brooke Lawrence. However, with the level of talent that both of them possess, it is safe to say that the couple must be doing quite well financially.

What does Chase Lawrence do for a living?

Chase Lawrence has a very successful career in the field of art. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kennesaw State University in Georgia. His wife Brooke Lawrence is also an artist who has a matching degree to her husband Chase. They both specialized in drawing and painting. The couple have a combined art account on Instagram known as @bclawrenceart. Their company website is

Chase Lawrence paintings and sculptures

Trevor Lawrence's Brother
Painting by Brooke & Chase Lawrence - Image courtesy - brookechasestudio Instagram

Trevor Lawrence's Brother
Sculpture by Brooke & Chase Lawrence - Image courtesy - brookechasestudio Instagram

Trevor Lawrence's Brother
Painting by Brooke & Chase Lawrence - Image courtesy - brookechasestudio Instagram


Q. Does Trevor Lawrence have any siblings?

A. Trevor Lawrence has an older brother named Chase who is an artist. He also has a younger sister, Olivia Lawrence, who is still in school. 

Q. Who are Trevor Lawrence's parents?

A. Trevor Lawrence's mother is Amanda Lawrence and his father is Jeremy Lawrence.

Q. Is Trevor Lawrence married?

A. Trevor Lawrence is married to Marissa Lawrence whom he met in high school. 

Q. What does Trevor Lawrence's brother do?

A. Trevor Lawrence's brother, Chase Lawrence is an exceptionally talented artist who specializes in paintings and sculptures.

Q. Where did Trevor Lawrence go to college?

A. Trevor Lawrence went to Clemson University and played as a quarterback on the Clemson Tigers football team.