USFL Teams 2023

United States Football League(USFL)

The USFL (United States Football League) is a professional American football minor league that debuted on April 16, 2022. As of 2023, the league has eight teams in four cities, seven of which are east of the Mississippi River; all eight teams use the logos of teams from the previous incarnation of the United States Football League, which ran from 1983 to 1985.

The entire 2022 regular season was played in Birmingham, Alabama. The postseason games were held at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.

USFL Champion  Team
USFL Champion

USFL Teams 2023

Northern Division
Michigan Panthers Detroit, MichiganFord Field
New Jersey GeneralsEast Rutherford, New Jersey Tom Benson Hall of Fame
Philadelphia StarsPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaFord Field
Pittsburgh MaulersPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaTom Benson Hall of Fame
Southern Division
Birmingham StallionsBirmingham, Alabama Protective
Houston GamblersHouston, TexasSimmons Bank Liberty
Memphis ShowboatsMemphis, TennesseeSimmons Bank Liberty
New Orleans BreakersNew Orleans, LouisianaProtective

Awards and Honors 2022

Kavonte TurpinMVP (Most Valuable Player)
Darius VictorOffensive Player of the Year
Chris OdomDefensive Player of the Year
Mike RileyCoach of the Year
Matt ColburnSportsman of the Year
Birmingham StallionsChampions
Philadelphia Stars Runner-up

How do USFL teams compare to NFL teams?

The USFL (United States Football League) is a professional American football league that operated from 1983 to 1987, and from 2022 again. The NFL (National Football League) is the preeminent professional American football league in the world and has been in operation since 1920.

While the USFL initially gained attention and popularity with its spring season, it ultimately failed due to financial mismanagement and an ill-fated decision to move to a fall season to directly compete with the NFL. The NFL, on the other hand, has remained the most popular and financially successful football league in the world, with a long history of tradition, rivalries, and high-profile events such as the Super Bowl. USFL restarted its operation again in 2022 and is steadily increasing its fanbase, earnings, and viewership.

In terms of gameplay, both leagues featured American football with similar rules and regulations, although there were some differences in certain aspects such as the number of teams and players, the size of the field, and the length of the season. Ultimately, however, the NFL has established itself as the preeminent professional football league in the world, with a massive fan base, lucrative broadcasting deals, and a high level of competition and talent.

How do USFL salaries compare to NFL Salaries?

Before, the salary levels in the USFL were significantly lower than those in the NFL during its time of operation. In the USFL's inaugural season in 1983, the average player salary was around $50,000, whereas the average NFL player's salary was around $150,000.

However, the USFL did offer some high-profile contracts to certain players in order to compete with the NFL for talent. For example, in 1984, the USFL's New Jersey Generals signed Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker to a contract reportedly worth $5 million over three years, making him the highest-paid professional football player at the time.

Now not much has changed since then and the growth of the NFL is off the charts whereas USFL just came back into existence in 2022.

Despite some notable exceptions, however, the USFL as a league was unable to match the salaries and financial resources of the NFL, and eventually folded after just four seasons. Today, the NFL remains the highest-paying professional football league in the world, with an average player salary of over $3 million per year.

The USFL, unlike the NFL, pays each player the same amount. Each active roster player receives $4,500 per game. According to USFL News, that works out to $45,000 for one season if the player stays on the squad for the entire regular season.

A player receives $15,000 ($1,500 per week) if he remains on the practice squad for the entire 10-game regular season. Players are paid $600 per week during the four-week training camp.

Highest Paid NFL players earn about $50 million per year but the highest-paid USFL player earns $2 million per year.

Why are there only 8 teams in the USFL?

The USFL started with 12 teams in its inaugural season in 1983 but later downsized to just 8 teams in 1985. The decision to reduce the number of teams was due to financial difficulties faced by several of the league's franchises.

The USFL's rapid expansion in its first two seasons had led to increased competition for players and fans, which in turn increased operating costs for the teams. Many of the USFL's owners had invested heavily in their teams, hoping to create a long-term, sustainable league that could challenge the NFL. However, some of these owners had overextended themselves financially and were unable to keep up with the rising costs of player salaries, travel, and stadium expenses.

In an effort to reduce costs and improve the league's overall financial stability, the USFL decided to contract 8 teams for the 1985 season. This move allowed the league to concentrate its resources on fewer teams and invest in stronger, more competitive franchises that could help sustain the league in the long run. Despite these efforts, however, the USFL continued to struggle financially and eventually folded after its 1985 season.

In 2022, The USFL restarted and decided to bring back all 8 teams after the league was purchased by FOX network for $150 Million.

What were the Criteria for Selecting Cities and USFL Team Names?

The criteria for selecting cities and team names for the USFL varied but generally included a combination of factors such as market size, population density, geographic location, and ownership interest.

When selecting cities, the USFL sought out markets that were not already served by NFL teams but had strong football traditions and potential fan bases. The league also looked for cities that had stadiums and infrastructure that could support a professional football team, and owners who were willing to invest in the team and the league.

In terms of team names, the USFL encouraged creativity and originality among its owners, allowing them to choose names that reflected the local culture, history, or identity of their respective cities. Some teams chose names that were related to local landmarks, symbols, or industries, while others opted for more abstract or imaginative names that reflected the team's personality or style of play.

Overall, the USFL was relatively flexible and innovative in its approach to selecting cities and team names and encouraged owners to take risks and be creative in building their franchises. However, the league's financial instability and eventual demise suggest that these factors alone were not enough to sustain a successful professional football league.

Who owns the USFL teams?

The league is currently owned by National Spring Football League Enterprises Co, LLC, a joint venture between founder Brian Woods and Fox Corporation's sports unit, Fox Sports in the United States.


Q. Who are the owners of USFL?

A. The league is currently owned by National Spring Football League Enterprises Co, LLC, a joint venture between founder Brian Woods and Fox Corporation's sports unit, Fox Sports in the United States.

Q. What is the point of the USFL?

A. The ideas behind the USFL were conceived in 1965 by New Orleans businessman David Dixon, who saw a market for a professional football league that would play in the summer when the National Football League and college football were in their off-season

Q. What are the USFL teams?

A. The USFL has eight teams in 2023, six of which come from the 12 original teams in 1983. The Stallions, Michigan Panthers, New Jersey Generals, New Orleans Breakers, Philadelphia Stars, Houston Gamblers, and Pittsburgh Maulers all return for their second season.

Q. Is the USFL coming back in 2023?

A. The 2023 USFL Season kicks off on Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16 with four thrilling games. First, the Philadelphia Stars will take on the Memphis Showboats at 4:30 PM ET followed by a New Jersey Generals vs Birmingham Stallions match-up at 7:30 PM ET.

Q. Who is the richest USFL player?

A. Young is the highest-paid player in the USFL, earning $2.4 million per year. According to league sources, when Steve Young joined the United States Football League as quarterback for the Los Angeles Express two years ago, he became the highest-paid athlete in the game.

Q. Does the USFL make any money?

A. For every game a player is on a team's 38-person active roster, they will receive $4,500. Additionally, the USFL pays the team that wins the game an $850 bonus. These payments create a USFL 10-week base season salary of $45,000. Furthermore, an undefeated USFL team would earn $53,500 from the regular season alone.