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Jamal Murray's girlfriend

Born on 23rd February 1997, Jamal Murray plays for the Denver Nuggets in the NBA. The point guard also represents the Canadian National team. Murray played college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats before being drafted into the NBA by the Nuggets in 2016. Jamal started off his rookie season on a high note and has maintained consistency ever since, but his performance in the 2020 playoffs highlighted his exceptional talent. 

Who is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend, Harper Hempel? 

Harper Hempel

Harper Hempel, born 30th August 1997, hails from Kentucky, USA. She graduated from Gatton School of Business at the University of Kentucky. Harper completed her majors in Marketing and Digital Media. She was also part of the Kentucky Women's volleyball team. She played for around three years till she graduated senior year. She is quite a popular social media personality. Harper loves to travel. Her social media account shows photos of her traveling around the world. 

Harper's father, Rich Hempel, is also part of the basketball world. He co-founded a company called eCoach which is designed to offer high-level sports instruction to NBA coaches virtually to lower training costs in the basketball industry. 

She has kept her life relatively private, considering she was a college athlete dating an NBA star. The couple, however, were pulled into controversy when hackers released a private video of the couple on Jamal's social media account. Following this, both Jamal and Harper deleted their social media accounts and kept their personal lives private. 

Are Jamal and Harper still together?


Image Source: The Sun

Yes, Jamal and Harper are still together. Both of them kept their lives as private as possible. On both accounts, they neither share personal of each other. Their personal accounts have photos of themselves, friends, and family, but no posts that link the couple to each other. Currently, the couple has had to spend some time apart due to COVID restrictions after Jamal left to take part in the NBA playoffs. The players are required to stay within their bubble to prevent exposure to the virus. Their current situation forced Harper, Jamal's girlfriend, to celebrate her 24th birthday without her boyfriend. According to recent reports, the couple is set to reunite soon after the Nugget's loss to the Lakers. 

How did Jamal and Harper meet? 

Jamal and his girlfriend, Harper Hempel, met during their time at the University of Kentucky. Hempel studied marketing and was a vital member of the Kentucky Women’s Volleyball team. Jamal and Hempel started dating during their time in Kentucky, and they have been going strong ever since. After Jamal was drafted into the NBA, he had to move away to stay in Denver, however, Harper stays back in Kentucky to complete her college and continue playing volleyball. However, the couple has stayed strong despite the distance. 

How long has Jamal Murray been with his girlfriend? 

Jamal and his girlfriend Harper have been dating ever since Harper was a sophomore at the University of Kentucky. 

What does Harper Hempel do for a living? 

As a graduate, she has started working. Harper, who is also a photographer, owns a company in Kentucky. Simultaneously, she also works as a social media consultant. Harper has various sources of income. As of March 2020, Harper is working as a Social Media Community Manager of Fact & Fiction. However, the controversial video took a significant toll on her career and mental health. In August 2019, she had joined All Social Jessie as a social media marketing manager. Her current net worth stands at $100 thousand. 

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