Who are Anthony Edwards’ Parents?

Anthony Edwards was born in Atlanta Georgia on 5th August 2001. Edwards is also widely known as ‘Ant-Man’ which was a nickname given by his father when Edwards was three. He became the first overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft and was selected by the Minnesota Timber Wolves.

In his early days, Edwards wasn't a basketball lover. Instead, he played youth football for the Atlanta Vikings. He was a star player and played lots of different positions on the gridiron. He was actually one of the top running backs in the country when he was ten years old.

He developed an interest in basketball after watching his brother play the game and thought that it was cool. During his high school days, Edwards worked in various youth camps and after all the work he put in and with the support of his family, he is now a top star player with a 5-year rookie contract extension that could reach $260 million.

Anthony Edwards’ Parents

Anthony Edwards' father is Roger Caruth and his mother is Chrisha Yvette Edwards.

Edwards, being the last of three kids, was close to his mother and his family. When he was in 8th grade he lost his mother due to cancer. Yvette passed away at 43 on 5th January 2015. Eight months later while still recovering from such a huge blow life dealt him another hand. He lost his grandmother due to cancer as well. Edwards wears the No. 5 jersey as a way of paying respect and honouring his mother and grandmother who both died on the fifth of the month.

Anthony Edwards was quoted as saying “And my grandma, she was like our backbone, she did everything for us. When we didn't have money or lights and couldn't pay the bills, she would always come through” (Source: FirstSportz). Edwards had pictures of his mom and grandma alongside him on his NBA draft night.

Anthony Edwards's father Roger Caruth is out of the picture. Yvette supported and raised Edwards and his two siblings with the help of their grandmother Shirley who formerly worked at the post office. Roger gave Edwards the famous nickname Ant-Man which got Edwards a shoe deal with Adidas and Marvel. He is now under the guidance of his older brother Antoine and sister Antoinette. They had one more sibling named Arielle who passed away young.


Q. What happened to Anthony Edwards's parents?

A. Anthony Edwards was born to Yvette Edwards and Roger Caruth. While his father was not in the picture since his early days, Edwards lost his mother due to cancer when he was in the 8th grade.

Q. What is Anthony Edwards's grandmother's name?

A. Edwards'sgrandmother's name is Shirley. She supported and helped raise Edwards along with his 2 other siblings.

Q. When did Anthony Edwards’s mother pass away?

A. Edwards’s mother Yvette Edwards passed away due to cancer on 5th January 2015.

Q. What is Anthony Edwards's ethnicity?

A. Confirmation of Edwards and his parent's ethnicity is not public. He is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia.