8 Fortnite map codes for free XP as of Chapter 3 Season 1

There are tons of Creative Mode maps that dish out free XP (Image via Home of Games / Epic Games)
There are tons of Creative Mode maps that dish out free XP (Image via Home of Games / Epic Games)

Fortnite players can do wonderful things with its Creative Mode, including providing a ton of XP.

A lot of these Creative maps with massive XP rewards are considered glitches and sometimes see action taken on them by Epic Games. Others stay in place and have players run through many obstacles to get free XP.

Regardless of how they make players pull off obtaining the free XP, they are all super popular. Eight sprouted up during Chapter 3 Season 1, allowing players to rack up the XP.

8 Fortnite Creative maps that provide free XP in Chapter 3

8) Code: 2568-6023-6426


This Fortnite Chapter 3 Creative Mode map was themed around Christmas time. All players had to do was spawn into the Creative map, find the giant present, interact with it, and that would gain them tons of XP.

7) Code: 2544-1155-6548


The map code takes players to the Pros Headshot Creative island. In a private game, players need to load in, turn to the back corner, and shoot an assault rifle at it. After a few bullets hit, hundreds of thousands of XP points will be granted.

6) Code: 4827-3917-7735


FFA World War is the name of this Fortnite Creative map that rewards players in Chapter 3 Season 1 with loads of XP. Players can jump on the creator button in the center of the main room or enter a secret room for multiple XP gains.

5) Code: 9387-1654-4858?v=49


This Creative map is slightly different from the other ones on the list. While it has XP gains, it doesn't require players to go to it to gain XP. Instead, the code needs to be added to a rift to assist XP farming on a different map.

4) Code: 1248-2909-6151

This code is the second in the video for number five. After adding it to the rift and then this code to the second rift, the Fortnite Creative maps will load and players can enter this. The first map code triggers this second one where players can grab a bunch of XP while being tossed around by a crashpad.

3) Code: 4827-3917-7735v18


The first map in the video allows players to get an incredible amount of XP. It is very similar to another Creative map code on the list but requires less work for more XP. Players need to jump on the box in the main room and interact with an invisible button on the way to reap the rewards.

2) Code: 0841-1148-6409

This is the second code in the video for number three. It has a new objective but is one of the more interesting and fun XP map glitches. Fortnite players need to emote on a specific vending machine to get a load of XP.

1) Code: 2647-5405-3162


After entering the Fortnite Creative hub map, players need to start the game. Once they spawn, they need to grab a coin and build across the gap. There is a small box where players can deposit coins and will then be teleported elsewhere.

Interact with the next location, hop in a quad crasher, and zoom down the pathway. Speak to the Jonesy NPC, press the button, then keep going to fight the monster. Eventually, players will receive XP in this rather involved process and can stay on the map until they reach the daily limit.

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