149/10 (19)
100/10 (18.4)
AS won by 49 runs.
Player of the match: Wes Agar
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Player of the match: Wes Agar: We know we can bowl really well. In any T20 game, we know the batter's can get away easily, but we stuck to our strength. Kept changing the bowlers, and used the variation to stay on top. It's a matter of putting the pressure on the opposition, and we've got a strong bowling attack to do just that. We've defended low totals before, and we knew we could do it today as well. Everyone chipped in and we could come out on top. I prefer keeping it simple, and use that as my go to first, then going into the game I change it up, use my variations and adjust as per the game goes. Rashid is brilliant, he can just do everything. Picks up wickets when you need them the most, and controls the run rate as well. It's a big advantage having a player like him, who can change the game within a few deliveries. 
Melbourne Renegades 100 all out in 18.4 overs (Sam Harper 33 off 31 balls, Wes Agar 3/17 off three overs, Rashid Khan 2/17 off four overs) lose to Adelaide Strikers by 49 runs.

It was a game that saw all 20 wickets fall across the two innings - perfectly sums up the issues that both these sides have with the bat. The team that batted slightly better eventually came up trumps and by some margin too!

The Renegades were off to a flier courtesy Mackenzie Harvey and Sam Harper. Chasing a total that was clearly below-par, the young duo went about their business in a positive manner to put the hosts on the back foot. Peter Siddle was clearly trying a number of things on the field, employing as many as six different bowlers across the first six.

A moment of confusion of the highest order saw Harvey run himself out though and that's where the pressure got to the batters in the middle-overs. The Bash Boost point was comfortably lost but the Renegades still remained on course for the final target. The boundaries were far too hard to come by though against a Strikers attack that had its tail up.

Wickets fell at regular intervals as the inexperienced Renegades lineup was put under the pump. Once the set Sam Harper departed, all hopes were pinned on veteran Mohammad Nabi but alas, even he pounded one straight into the hands of deep mid-wicket to all but seal the fate of his side.

Thereafter, it was a procession with wickets tumbling one after another. Not for the first time was the Domino Effect on display today and in the end, the Renegades just about scraped through to triple-figures before being bundled out inside the 19th over.

It was a thoroughly professional bowling display by the Strikers with that wizard named Rashid Khan leading the way again. Wes Agar accounted for three wickets of his own and was the standout bowler while Daniel Worrall sent down an impeccable spell while accounting for two wickets. Skipper Peter Siddle too, did his bit in keeping the scoring rate in check while Englishman George Garton showed yet again as to why he could be a valuable player for the side going forward.
That is that! A straight one targeting the stumps to mop up the last wicket and Dan Worrall caps off a resounding victory for the home side. Adelaide Strikers win by 49 runs!
18.4 Daniel Worrall to Zahir Khan , OUT! BOWLED! That will officially be the game! Full length delivery, stump to stump, served up straight on the off stump. Zahir makes some room, and tries to produce a shot. Gets nowhere close to the ball, as the ball whiskers past the outside edge, and knocks off the off stump. 

Zahir Khan b Daniel Worrall 0 (3b, 0x4, 0x6)
Around the wicket goes Worrall.
There comes the 100 for the Melbourne Renegades!
18.3 Daniel Worrall to Reece Topley , full length, into the leg stump. Topley manages to tuck this down towards long on. Zahir was interested in the second run as well, but is sent back. 
18.2 Daniel Worrall to Reece Topley , fuller this time, wide outside off stump. Topley swings it for a straight shot, but gets no bat on it, as the ball skids through to the keeper. 
18.1 Daniel Worrall to Reece Topley , slower one, good length, with some extra bounce on it. Topley makes some room, and tries to carve out some sort of shot. Gets no bat on it, as it goes through to the keeper. 
Daniel Worrall [3-0-17-1] is back into the attack. He will bowl over the wicket.

12 deliveries to go now - the Strikers couldn't bat out their 20 overs and it doesn't look like the Renegades might either!
99 /9 score
cricket bat icon Reece Topley
8 (9)
cricket bat icon Zahir Khan *
0 (2)
cricket ball icon Peter Siddle
1 /11
17.6 Peter Siddle to Zahir Khan , full length, wide outside the off stump this time. Zahir swings into thin air again, as the ball drifts past his outside edge. Nowhere close to the ball, and not moving his feet at all, Zahir Khan. 
Surely a noise there? The commentators on air felt so too even as the keeper and the bowler didn't quite.
17.5 Peter Siddle to Zahir Khan , OHHH! THERE WAS SOME NOISE! Full length, angled down the leg side. Zahir comes down the leg side, and swings his bat in the air. Ball skids past the outside edge. 
Zahir Khan, LHB, is the last man out in the middle. He will take strike.
That's probably the worst delivery Peter Siddle would have bowled in his career to pick up a wicket. It has been that kind of night though for the Melbourne Renegades who now run the risk of getting bundled out just below 100.
17.4 Peter Siddle to Kane Richardson , OUT! CAUGHT! Skipper gets skipper! A slow full toss for the right hander, who was charging down the track. Richardson ends up chipping it into the air, and gifts a sitter to mid off. Siddle might not have intended the full toss, but surely will be happy that it has worked out for him. 

Kane Richardson c George Garton b Peter Siddle 4 (8b, 0x4, 0x6)
17.3 Peter Siddle to Reece Topley , full length, into the legs again. This time Topley gets a thick inside edge, onto the pads. Ball deflects away to the on side, and scatters for a quick single.